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  1. @Palanaeum I am from Taiwan. I think 'ha' in Alethi is similar to 呢(ne) in Mandarin, which conveys wondering. Those words are called "Auxiliary word." (I used google to translate the word.Hope it is right.) Auxiliary word usually put in the last word of a sentence and is used for conveying or emphasizing emotion in Mandarin and Taiwanese. The word itself doesn't have any meaning. We both write and speak auxiliary words. For example, we can use 啊(a) to emphasize that sentence is important, 嗎(ma) for asking question, 吧(ba) for conveying uncertain, 囉(lo) to emphasize the situation in that sentence. (I've tried my best to explan those words in English, but be aware to that sometimes we still need to comprehend other sentences in the conversation to get the right meaning for auxiliary word.) By the way, Taiwanese people Really Really likes to use auxiliary words.We can have a conversation with over 80% sentences end with an auxiliary word. Although sometimes it is just too much and annoyed.