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  1. Okay, I know I said goodbye already but I have two more things to say.

    First, I had a dream the other night that I was in Tel’Aran’Rhiod not sure if I spelled that right. But I found that ironic and not sure if I used that word right but you get what I mean. A dream about the world of dreams.

    Second, @Experience, I don’t think I ever thanked your dad for chatting with me for like an hour at the minicon and convincing me to read the Skyward novellas. They were very good and I attribute my reading them to him. So thank him for me.

  2. Hello friends and fellow Sanderfans, or I suppose this is a goodbye (for now). On Monday I am starting my training to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After I’m done with training I’ll be going down to preach the gospel in Argentina. Anyways, it has been an awesome twoish years since I joined and I look forward to more in the future, but goodbye for now. I’ll be back September 2024! You are all awesome people! Adiós. 

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      See you later! Good luck! ^_^

    3. Robin Sedai

      Robin Sedai

      Goodbye for now!

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      The Wandering Wizard

      Goodbye and best of luck!

  3. Man. I’m giving my missionary farewell talk tomorrow. I wish I had the confidence to quote Sanderson. It’s about Job and why bad things happen to good people. I was tempted to pull from Wax’s discussion with Harmony in Bands.
  4. *salute*
  5. Don't get me wrong. I love the Wheel of Time. I think the ability to inspire strong emotions (such as hate) is the mark of a good book. Well, unless the hate is hate of the book itself... Anyway. Aes Sedai are the worst. Even the best of them like Egwene and Nynaeve fall prey to the arrogance, overconfidence, and blindness that all Aes Sedai are prey to. Every one of them thinks they know so much, and refuse to admit when they are wrong. Elaida is a horrible person, but she is just an extreme version of what every Aes Sedai is. They all have that spark of arrogant tyrannicalness. Just for one example. When Asha'man start bonding sisters, this upsets the Aes Sedai. I think this upset is warranted due to the non-consenting nature of the bond. However, the Aes Sedai aren't as concerned about that as they are the mere fact that it is women who are the warders and not men. They refuse to see themselves as equals. Even when the Asha'man come and try to make recompense they don't think that an even number bonded would be a fair deal because in their minds Aes Sedai are superior beings. I know the sea folk are frustrating. I understand all the Gawyn hate. The Seanchan are pretty terrible. The Asha'man have problems of their own. Sevanna is almost as bad as Elaida. But for me, the Aes Sedai are the worst out of all of them. Thank you for listening to my ranting. I would love to be proven wrong on these points. Maybe someone could help me understand the Aes Sedai better, and not grow as frustrated when they do literally anything.
  6. The other one who hates Perrin is Byar (I’m also an audiobook guy so my spelling is suspect as well). The dark friend one from the prologues of both books two and three or maybe it’s two and four is Jachim Caridan. He’s a questioner which is another branch of the Whitecloaks that does interrogation. I think.
  7. Actually I changed my mind. Aes Sedai are relatively pleasant when compared with Gawyn Bloody Trakand. His arrogance is unparalleled. Gathering Storm spoilers He’s a well developed character, but flaming infuriating. Worse than Aes Sedai.
  8. I forgot to bid you all farewell, but I turned 18 two weeks ago. So…farewell. (I’ll probably still lurk)
  9. I like how you're thinking, but is it the heated air that makes the pressure, or the exploding powder that makes the pressure? I could be wrong, but I doubt that intense heat alone could cause that much pressure. Potentially a fabrial that is specifically designed to create air pressure could do the job. Perhaps a system of attractors and repellers working with air. I'm not sure. I like the idea, and: (6th of dusk 2)
  10. Good thing you’re not a Vorin man. Because they have no other choice.
  11. YKYASFW you are selected to give a speech at graduation and you...well, I'd better just let you guys watch it: (It's about 4 minutes long, but if you just watch the first-ish minute you'll understand why I know I'm a Sanderfan.)
  12. Actually, I'm in the exact same situation. Oldest of 5, but only one Cosmere convert.
  13. Best Karaoke song: Tequila. Change my mind.

    1. dannnnnnex


      i preformed that in front of a crowd of 50-ish people once

      that was fun

  14. This one has a bit of backstory, but when your senior English class is doing final speeches where the seniors can pass on their final bits of wisdom to the younger folk and a person offers the advice that, “the only opinion that matters is the one of the person in the mirror.” And you think, “Sja-Anat?”
  15. I voted for the “My feelings are complicated.” Because I think it was a good author choice by Brandon (it feels like a thing that the characters would do) but I don’t have to like it. I don’t think they’re good together. If that makes any sense.
  16. I know that this isn’t a Final Empire character, but if they ever get around to an Era Two movie: Keanu Reeves as Wax. 100%
  17. When you are going through your fridge and see a package of Swiss cheese labeled “sliced Swiss” and somehow (I have no idea) read it as “sliced Lews Therin”.
  18. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

    I just read the Stormlight 5 prologue and I am not okay.


    Freaking Kelsier just shows up! And Gavilar becoming a herald. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


  19. Thanks for the tip! Also, if you sign up for Brandon’s newsletter you can still catch 3 and 4 and have the text sent directly to you.
  20. Yeah. I mostly agree with you. The thing that got me was when Kaladin got thrown back into prison in WoR for telling the truth the same way Joseph did with Potiphar’s wife. But the lack of revenge on Joseph’s part is an important difference.
  21. On the subject of Joseph. I’ve started noticing parallels between him and Kaladin. I know that the whole “rising up from prison/slavery and getting power then going for revenge” is a pretty common trope (Count of Monte Cristo), but think about it. There are enough similarities to make me think it’s intentional.
  22. I just listened to the Atium Shardcast and my wtcc was on there. That makes me happy, though looking back my clues weren’t that creative. I do like the parallel between Sadeas and Moash but yeah. It’s not every day that you get mentioned on your third favorite podcast.