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  1. *extended sigh* yeah. I'm grasping at any logical argument that will spare my life. They are rather few and far between.
  2. If my math is correct (it probably isn't), then one of the elims is voting for me. I think there are 7 votes for me and 10 of us. Assuming I am vil (I believe this but you might not.) then that leaves only two people not voting me. With three eliminators one of them is voting me. You could argue that they jumped on the mage bandwagon to avoid suspicion, but then that would incriminate the person who most recently voted for me. Or someone who voted earlier when they saw it as inevitable. By this (most likely flawed) logic, I am not an eliminator. Granted this is based on the assumption that I am not an eliminator which makes it circular reasoning. And to win we probably need a kill today and there isn't really anyone else that everyone could get behind. But do consider my logic. If at all possible I would rather not die.
  3. Stating the obvious fact that you shouldn’t kill me. Yes if you exed me you would be closer to finding the elims but you would be even closer if you got an actual elim, which I believe Azmine to be.
  4. Matrim's dice, you raise a fair point. ashwastaken was quite an active player on the first day and the fact that we haven't seen them yet on day two doesn't tell us much. I once again unvote for them. I see that all of you are turning against me, but have you stopped to consider that this might be what the elims want? They could be trying to corrupt the minds of the village, causing you to think that my lack of experience is suspiciousness. Killing another villager would just put them closer to a majority and give them another chance to kill at night unchallenged. This is objectively and indisputable my first time playing this game. That is beside the point though. I may seem contradictory and wavering, but that is simply because when I am presented with sufficient evidence I reject my null hypothesis and replace it with an alternative. I am not trying to act suspicious. Therefore, I would plead with you all to turn your votes away from me and toward one of my more ardent persecutors: Azmine King.
  5. They were active D1 but not during the night or today. I checked. But they are my vote. I can’t think of a different rational to kill someone.
  6. Perhaps we exe someone who has been inactive. They could be very active as an elim and just choose not to show their guilty face to the light of day in order to avoid suspicion. ashwastaken
  7. If it is the only way, then die I shall, but if there is any other way to show you that I am innocent then please let me know. I'd rather not die.
  8. I was reading this game's rule doc and I think the elims are only allowed to communicate at night. But the question is, who would want Tani dead. Tani voted to kill Danex last round, so they are a potential suspect.
  9. I did not vote for Mage because I am Mage. I hope that is a good enough excuse. I suppose the only way to prove my innocence is to let you kill me. Claiming innocence only would make me look more suspicious. (and yes I am aware that claiming innocence is exactly what I am doing). But in the meantime maybe I'll do a bit of RP. Therla breathed a sigh of relief as the votes were tallied. Not enough of the honorspren had arrived in time to cast a ballot. For the present, he was safe, though the entire fortress suspected him of disloyalty, and they would vote again tomorrow. If only there were a way to concretely absolve him of any wrongdoing...
  10. So at some point the GM will let us know in this thread that the elims have killed someone? What else are we supposed to do at night?
  11. Oh yeah, I guess it isn't quite 1/11. My math was sloppy. Since I know my village alignment that reduces the suspect pool to 10, so the chance of a random guess being an elim is # of elims / 10. I rescind my vote on ashwastaken and switch it to TJ. That way we get closer to a majority. Whatever the math is, every time we execute someone, innocent or not, we get more information on who is actually guilty. edit: I would love to see an honorspren ted talk. It would probably involve a lot of ranting about broken oaths, and not much presentation of actual research, but I would appreciate it from the POV of a twisted sense of humor.
  12. Well, since it is the first day and I am new at this game, I have no idea who to vote for. This has always been a problem of mine with Mafia. So I guess I'll choose randomly and vote ashwastaken? There is a 1/11 chance I'm correct. Not great odds and I would hate to kill a fellow loyal honorspren, so let me know if I should rescind this vote.
  13. This joke rings a bell, but I can't quite place it. That last quote is something Lews Therin said in Rand's head right? Mind explaining to those of us for whom it has been a little while?