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  1. I wished I was skilled enough to SLAPP. Some day
  2. Fair enough. I really haven't tried enough of different types of band to speak fairly about which are better. I also just listened to the band arrangement of Fate of the Gods, and it sounds epic.
  3. Darn. Jazz band is the best. I used to play the bass in orchestra, until I saw the error of my ways and switched to playing bass in the jazz band.
  4. Every second letter, starting with the first? Or am I not supposed to give that away? But it is very comforting to know that this secret organization I just joined is very legal.
  5. This isn't 100% true. Our jazz band played two songs last year with big clarinet solos. Or you could pick up sax.
  6. State meet this Friday!!! I think my team has a good chance of winning.
  7. I hope that no one ascends to Honor. I just feel like that is too much like mistborn. My theory is that front five is about the true desolation, and back five is actually defeating Odium.
  8. I just made a Pinterest account...for the sole purpose of Sanderson memes.
  9. What the Heck!!!! I just read this chapter, and Vasher was just dropping Cosmere hints left and right. It's like he isn't even trying to hide what he is anymore. I also like that he coopted his 5-Scholar terms for Bio-Chromatic entities, and reapplied it to all invested entities. But dang!! This was a wild chapter.
  10. It was delicious. I used the recipe from I have a picture of it
  11. When you make chouta for Sunday dinner and invite your Sanderfan relatives over.
  12. So I am taking CS 124 right now. This is the intro level computer science class at BYU-I, and we were learning about Boolean logic, and with logic thrown in the mix you have to make a whole new order of operations. Basically PEMDAS is no longer valid. Instead it goes parentheses, increment/decrement, not, multiply/divide/modulo, addition/subtraction, greater than/less than, equality, and, or, assignment. The acronym PIDNMDMASGLEAOA is not quite as short, so they just made categories, and you memorize which categories go before which other ones. It sounds scarily similar to the first ideal, so I decided to post it here. I hope this helps out any of my fellow Sanderfans who need to remember the order of operations for Boolean logic.
  13. Wooaah. I just read the prologue, but I'm already shook. Super cool. Keep it up, I look forward to more.