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  1. With some clay you probably could make a decent shattered plains. Maybe some war camps and a chasm fiend. I don't have any specific instructions (and I myself am horrible at hands on school projects) but that's an idea.
  2. Today is a happy day because someone in our meeting today made a Sanderson reference. We were discussing Elder Renlund's talk and the problem of evil and how a loving God can allow evil and trials to exist in our world. I started thinking about the end of Bands and Wax's conversation with Harmony. Then a person started talking, and mentioned that exact thing I was thinking of. It was beautiful.
  3. I have realized my inner Wayne. I am on a two day trip to the BYU track meet, but I brought three different hats. Three hats for two days! I might have a problem, but then again so does Wayne. 

  4. I think which piece regrows, in the case of miles, would also have to do with which part of him had the investiture. If he was tapping a metal mind, then probably the part that had the metal mind, and those would probably be on his arms instead of in his ears. Or in the case of him burning his metal minds for the preservation-boosted healing, then probably the part with the stomach because that is where the investiture is being released.
  5. Alright. You've convinced me. If I could I would change my vote to Gavilar, though Moash--my original vote--is still in second place for me.
  6. I very much doubt that it would be Gavilar. The nice thing about the Cosmere is that you can resurrect characters by either not having them die in the first place because of magical healing (Jasnah), or invest them right after they die like the fused, or a certain Mistborn character who will remain unnamed. However, once they are in the beyond, they are kind of untouchable. We haven't seen Gavilar walking around as a cognitive shadow anywhere, and I am pretty sure that Odium didn't invest him to Braize, so I think he is irretrievable and in the beyond. It would be interesting from a story point of view. Brother v Brother and whatnot. It would be awesome, I just don't see it happening.
  7. "Not sure, but I suppose we will find out soon enough."
  8. “Probably not, but I would not be surprised if Woden could somehow create more. Also, Isati, do your flames use air, because this may further restrict air supply?”
  9. Suffocation will be brief, or lack of air will be brief? Was suffocation not defined as death by lack of air? Oh well, maybe die here in the ground, or certainly die from that thing up there. Michial strangely trusted the crazy one. They probably would live, they made it out of the complex.
  10. Michial cocked his head, trying to decide if the humming he heard was a real sound, or a product of his ageing ears. "Does anyone else hear sound over in distance?"
  11. A Kandra consuming a skeleton and taking its form
  12. "Calm down comrade. Our fiery friend has no confidence that we pose any threat to Accura. If we ever intend to harm them, we will certainly make sure you are not around."
  13. "Gah!" Michial said, giving up the debate, "You Americans wouldn't understand." Well, even if he couldn't convince everyone to fight back, Michial could at least do his best to help prepare him and his friends for the inevitable attack of the Hydra. With an organization this extensive they couldn't hide for long.
  14. "After the things they did to you?!" "Perhaps we can turn the others who have been changed, to fight with us. They have been hurt as well. If we only hide they will find us eventually."