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  1. Hey, is the Overlady going to read Tress? Because I'm very interested in her reaction. Big fan.
  2. Vacation? Who told you that you were allowed to take vacations? Entertain me! Now excuse me while I pack for my trip to Las Vegas.
  3. What happened, here? I hope both Marvin and Danielle are OK!
  4. Just dropping by to say ... I just read the Secret Project 3 sample chapters. I can actually hear Eric saying "Spicy!" in my head now. Wow. Just wow. You might want to book two 90 minute episodes for this one. Not a joke.
  5. Nightblood killed a horribly wounded Vessel, of course. Some of those injuries seemingly go back to Rayse's fight with Dominion/Skai.
  6. So ... how about an Invested being who is bound to a Dawnshard?
  7. My fault. Someone elsewhere said "He" and I just accepted it, then replicated it here.
  8. So ... Nightblood has to go. He's already the most Invested object in the Cosmere, capable of killing a (weakened) Vessel, far stronger than the mere Bands of Mourning per Brandon. How can it be removed from the story? Well, who's really good at disposing of surplus Investiture? How about Rysn's great friend and protector, the Ancient Guardian, Chiri-Chiri? He eats Investiture, and presumably will need more and more as he grows and develops--he, like Nightblood, has already absorbed enough Investiture to become sapient. (That's my explanation, anyway--we know that enough Investiture gathered in one place becomes sapient by WoB.) In fact, Larkins are rather like non-murderous Nightbloods, aren't they? I predict [looks around to be sure no Vorin people are present] that Chiri-Chiri will end up draining a huge amount of Investiture from Nightblood. Might not kill him, but will most certainly weaken him. And like Nightblood, Chiri-Chiri never seems to be full. Another prediction: Chiri-Chiri will form a romantic, or at least child-producing, relationship with Nale's larkin (who drained Lift back in Edgedancer). Yet another: the Sleepless were worried that Rysn might become capable of actually exerting the Dawnshard power by becoming a Radiant. She agreed not to. But she does have a Connection to Chiri-Chiri. And if my first prediction is right, Chiri-Chiri will drain an enormous amount of Investiture from Nightblood and become, effectively, a demigod-dragon-flying-crab thing. Could the bonded pair of Rysn and Chiri-Chiri use the Dawnshard power?
  9. First time posting here. Hi, everyone. So I just happened to randomly notice today the Gathas, there are seven Amesha Spenta, that is "emanations" of the creator, Ahura Mazda. Two of them are Vairya and Armaiti--that is, Devotion and Dominion. That same article on Zoroastrianism also mentioned that theYasna is a ceremony to strengthen Creation against the forces working to destroy it. Coincidence? Well, maybe. I thought it was interesting, though.
  10. "... I think I like it quite a bit better than the White Sand graphic novels." Not to be too snarky, but that's a pretty low standard. I liked the first-draft text version of White Sand quite a bit better than the graphic novel.
  11. I just watched Shardcast on YouTube, and followed the link to this article. I was all ready to correct the biology (I'm a biology teacher by training), but ... well, LadyLameness is actually an expert and there was nothing to correct. Nice job. I do feel obligated to point out that since transfused leukocytes are not only useless to the recipient, but actively damaging in some cases (as our esteemed author says), they're generally removed in a process called "leukodepletion." I used to work for the company that invented leukocyte depleting filters for transfused blood. Also, consider that Shallan was actually a Radiant when she cut herself open and started to bleed out. She didn't remember it consciously, but she had manifested her Blade years before. Even if the Soulcast blood harmed her, she might have been able to heal herself with Stormlight without realizing it, just as Kaladin and Dalinar both did.