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  1. I wonder if Kaladin may be able to swear his own 4th ideal that takes him down a different path from previous Windrunners, particularly after Jezrien died in Oathbringer.
  2. Hi, and welcome to the Shard! Do you have any favourite characters from Mr Sanderson's books?
  3. While I generally consider The Clone Wars to be the best of Disney's Star Wars Era (along with the Mandalorian and Rogue One), I still miss the Legends Clone Wars Multimedia Project. To me, nothing will ever be able to match it in the Clone Wars time period, because it just flowed so well with the continuity, particularly in relation to the movies. I understand that this may be an unpopular opinion, but even after all these years I just can't see the Anakin portrayed in Filoni's Clone Wars and Anakin in the prequels as the same character.
  4. I really enjoy all of the Cosmere's magic systems. I think that Brandon's intricate magic systems are a major draw to his stories. However, if I had to pick a favourite, it would probably be surgebinding. As some people have already mentioned, I like how it is quite possibly Brandon's most intricate magic system yet, and how it is closely linked to character development. However, what I think really hooked me was the prologue of The Way of Kings. To this day it is my favourite prologue, and was one of the contributing factors to why tWoK is my favourite Sanderson novel. Honourable mention must go to Allomancy, though. I would love to see it adapted to television or film.
  5. This is an interesting idea, but I always expected Books 6-10 to focus on the characters who will have flashbacks in those books (including Taln and Ash). I'm really looking forward to getting more viewpoints from the various heralds, with Oroden, Gavinor and Shallan and Adolin's future children been secondary characters in a similar way to how Kaladin, Dalinar and Shallan will be more secondary in Books 6 - 10. Thanks for the clarification. I'm a bit disappointed that this can't happen, but understand why it really doesn't make sense in-universe.
  6. Nice. I'm also the oldest in my family. I definitely recommend it! It has a unique playing experience, as it's a co-op game. Thanks for the recommendation! I still have a lot to explore on this site. No problem. Thanks for the answers!
  7. Note that the ebook for tWoK is only available to people living in the USA, Canada (minus Quebec) and the District of Colombia. I was a bit disappointed that I wouldn't be able to receive a copy, but at least I still have my paperback.
  8. Mental health awareness month isn't actually something that I've heard a lot about before, where I come from. Although I haven't really had any struggles of my own, I do have some good friends who have, so I'm happy to support this. Although I'm pretty new here, from what I've seen, the 17th Shard is a really supportive community (I felt accepted by everyone from my very first post), and would like everyone out there to know that we're all here to stand by you and offer you support when you need it.
  9. Nice! How many siblings do you have, and how many are older/younger than you? I've recently enjoyed playing Splendor, Avalon and Pandemic (finally thought I'd try it out given the current situation and a few recommendations). Have you played any of them? On another note, do you like Star Wars, and if so, have you read any Star Wars novels? (I'm a pretty big Star Wars Legends fan)
  10. I really like the Awakening idea! I would probably have expected more of the large Cosmere cross-overs such as people learning magic from other planets to happen in the second half of Stormlight and the future Mistborn Eras, but Adolin using it to awaken Maya sounds pretty cool. Also, as a side, I always felt that Obi-Wan and Satine's relationship wasn't quite as good as Obi-Wan's Legends relationship with Siri Tachi, but that's a bit off topic... I agree with this as well! Particularly given his difficult childhood, Adolin seems like he would make a great father. I would probably prefer for Adolin and Shallan to not have children until the gap between books 5 and 6, because it would limit their involvement in the greater conflict a little bit, with Adolin wanting to spend time with his child/ren. This would be a bit easier, as the primary/focus characters are going to switch up a bit in the second set of 5 Stormlight books.
  11. Hi!

    That's one of my favourite aspects of Mistborn too (besides how awesome Allomancy is). This is something that I find Brandon does well in all of his work. In particular, I second the Stormlight Archive recommendation for after you finish Mistborn.
  12. Welcome to the Shard! What type of art do you normally do?
  13. Hi!

    Welcome to the 17th Shard! Which characters in Mistborn are you the most interested in so far?
  14. It's derived from the game Magic the Gathering, which was one of the ways that I was introduced to Mr Sanderson's books. There was a really powerful competitive deck over 20 years ago that utilised a card called Cadaverous Bloom (there's a description of the deck below if you've ever played MtG and are interested). Although I have never played with or against the deck, it is something that a few of my friends told me about, and it's a bit of a homage to our play group, really. Thanks for asking!