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  1. Where you up to now?
  2. You know what I can see that. I do like him but tbh we've barely seen him. So far he has met Shallan and taken her back and since then we havent seen him. But I like him. I have a good feeling about him
  3. Thanks! I've been wanting to join a while but waited till now so I wouldn't be spoiled. I feel like now is an good time to get into the fandom before RoW. Also I hada question about someone pattern tells about in WoR I wanted answered Haha. How long have you been a fan?
  4. Hmm difficult one. Torn between Wit and Dalinar. I love Dalinar's visions and his desire for genuine change and progression. My favourite part of the epic fantasy books are the different connections and links between the overarching story and the mythology and a sense of foreboding. I enjoy seeing the cosmere connections from Wit's appearances and I just find him quite funny in general
  5. Hey guys. I'm Matt or miggins as I am known by all my friends! I have been doing a readthrough from Elantris all the way up to words of radiance in publishing order! I am obsessed with Brandon's books. I've been on this journey for nearly 2 years now and I'm loving it. I love getting into the deeper cosmere which is why I am doing a published order readthrough. If you want to follow along I am active on reddit in all the cosmere subreddit and since the end of WoK I have been writing my thoughts up on each chapter so if you want to get a first timers perspective then look me up on reddit!
  6. Hi. I'm a first time reader and I've read published order up to ch 63 in WoR. I noticed in ch 63 there is a woman pattern tells Shallan about who is putting excrement on the walls and writing messages. Do we know who this was? I couldn't find any info online.