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  1. A&B

    This is a game I really liked when I was young.The rules are simple: each round, the person hosting it have to think of three different numbers(edit: The rule has been changed, the numbers can repeat) between 0~9 and the people participating have to guess it. If they guessed a number right, but not in the right order, it's 1b. If they guessed a number right and in the right order, it's 1a Ex: if I'm hosting a round and the numbers are 407 (edit: numbers like 292 or 777 are also okay) Someone guesses 305, they gets a number right in its correct order, I'll tell them it's 1a Then if another guesses 364, they gets a number right but not in its correct order, I'll tell them it's 1b Then another person guesses 604, they gets a number right in its correct order and another number right but not in its correct order, I'll tell them it's 1a1b (Feel free to ask if you don't understand the rules) I'll host the first round and whoever gets the numbers right gets to host the next round The game starts now!!!(the numbers aren't 407)
  2. what?
  3. because it goes well together? pineapple and pizza sauce togther is good.
  4. a six hour win, impressive
  5. who's this?
  6. except when it's not... hehe hehe
  7. yes, but the mods still dont like it ha ha ha ha ha hah
  8. I mean, it doesn’t look that bad
  9. me, sometimes
  10. thank you:) Although i was hoping i would get a longer win
  11. Hello, I haven’t post here in a while
  12. *wondering what has happened to tlpw
  13. You win was way too long
  14. I thought the picture said hey hell it’s me again and was very confused.
  15. this actually looks kind of good
  16. Hehehehe i win and there’s nothing you can do about it hehehehe
  17. Something really embarrassing happened to me 3 minutes ago, I’m still trying to recover from it. What should I do?
  18. I hate potatos...
  19. Granted, it tastes so bad it makes you want to vomit I want a cool tattoo idea
  20. Yes TPBM is listening to something (if yes, what are you listening?
  21. Mac: trackpad Others: mouse Favorite hairstyle?
  22. No? I don’t think so(? how are you like? TPBM is very happy right now
  23. No, though I did wrote some short stories a while ago What are you excited about right now
  24. I wish my hair can grow very fast
  25. Wins because I just finished lunch