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  1. Spoiler


    One more to become Ardent!!!!! 31 is probably not a lot for those of you who spent half a day on the Shard and post 50 post(or more) each and every day, but it's a looooooot for me. Thanks to all who had upvoted me!!!!!! Happy *insert important holiday*

    1. Condensation


      Awesome! Congratulations!

    2. Scout_Fox


      Nicely done! A full-fledged ardent! :D

  2. BIG NEWS! Well, not really... anyway I’m changing my name into The One Ring. After a few month spent on the Shard wandering around, poking here and there, I found that almost everyone has a general theme or something. And I think it could be fun to see Nightblood try to destroy me!

    1. Ookla the [Redacted]
    2. The One Ring
    3. Ookla the Frustrated.

      Ookla the Frustrated.

      Not happening, only in the fires of mount room can you be Unmade.