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  1. When I sing English songs, people thought I'm mumbling things in English(I used to do both rather often)
  2. At least you had been able to sung before. I can't do it, at all.
  3. Neither do I.
  4. Bc...they look scary?
  5. Agree. But he can win in the future
  6. Then you might be the first stick to win, congratulations!
  7. Agree, though
  8. And ...I just stole your win
  9. Only 70? We used to be 1000+ post behind
  10. No, and likely never will. Keeping a pet is hard work, really hard work TPBM is reading this thread
  11. Umm, sorry to say this, but I don't think you're the winner.
  12. Don't spam, spamming is bad
  13. try again when we're close to page 1309
  14. That's very unfortunate