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  1. I'm okay with pears when they're not too sour Edit: ONE WEEK, ONE WEEK, ONE WEEK, ONE WEEEEEEEEEEK Edit 2: I cannot believe this
  2. Then maybe you could eat mine, I sometimes have them for breakfast
  3. bananas are disgusting
  4. You did not make a wish, the Nightwattcher is confused. I wish for a PC
  5. Umm......and why do you want to make the mods mad?
  6. Then why are you doing it
  7. Not really, just finished breakfast TPBM is not really hungry
  8. Are you sure this is wise?
  9. Oh... right, I forgot about that. What are we gonna talk about then? School? Work? Edit: Also @AonEne did you hide me and Szeth_Pancakes' post?
  10. well, that was fast
  11. I don't know And you just got a 9 hour win. I miss the days when I could never got any thing beyong a 1 hour win
  12. All the quizz, test, exam you take have perfect grades, even the ones you took before making this wish have perfect grades. You always, for some reason, answer every one of the questions right. People think you're weird and so you have very few friends. You also have troblem explaining why you write those answers, some took this as evidence of you cheating, and some of your friends think you're just being mean and won't teach them so they left you. You now have perfect grades and very very few friends (and they want to copy your homework all the time, it's very annoying but they're all you have) Your bane is that you have to sleep 14 hours a day, since you now don't need to spend much time doing your homework, I'm sure you'll do just fine I wish I'll never be annoyed no matter what
  13. And the Shard is also less and less active in gengeral
  14. Granted, but the Nightwatcher is tired from all the boons she has to give out. She can only let you use this ability once every month, and you can only buy 5 books at a time. Your bane is that you can't use your legs anymore, and you'll have to sit on a wheelchair for the rest of your life. I wish I can think of a good pfp to put on my new social media account