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  1. what?
  2. because it goes well together? pineapple and pizza sauce togther is good.
  3. a six hour win, impressive
  4. who's this?
  5. except when it's not... hehe hehe
  6. yes, but the mods still dont like it ha ha ha ha ha hah
  7. I mean, it doesn’t look that bad
  8. me, sometimes
  9. thank you:) Although i was hoping i would get a longer win
  10. Hello, I haven’t post here in a while
  11. *wondering what has happened to tlpw
  12. You win was way too long
  13. I thought the picture said hey hell it’s me again and was very confused.
  14. Thank you for naming your profile "The One Ring." It is very much appreciated.

    1. The One Ring

      The One Ring

      you're welcome:) thanks for the follow

  15. this actually looks kind of good