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  1. Except you're not now. I'm the current winner
  2. I kinda like math( jr. high school math anyway) I tried to study high school math a while ago (on my own) I don't think I did very well and I had to give up
  3. That was a very long win. To make this post less pointless, I'm gonna ask y'all a question: Do you like math? I've been wondering about this for sometime now, how many fantasy readers actually like math?
  4. hehe hehe An now I shall do you the favor you have done to Toothless Question to @Toothless of Shinovar: have I called you Toothless before? If not, can I do that?
  5. I think I'm smart enough to deal with most things in life, but I don't think I'm a genius or anything like that TPBM likes math
  6. Yeah, I've seen that one before. It's pretty much my thoughts when I'm procrastinating
  7. To all the sticks:
  8. We have to write 4 essays every semester, each 500-1000 words (That include the ones we write during exams). I might have to write more once I get to high school. I still think it's hard to write anything more than 600 words, mainly bc in exams, we only get 45-50 minutes (depending on the type of exam) to write. It's hard to find any good points or stories to write about in such a short time. But also because I rarely like the topics. I'm pretty sure I've written book reviews longer than 1000 words
  9. There isn't that much mention of it in the original trilogy and I didn't read the Ars Arcanum
  10. I haven't read MB Era 2 please don't kill me Since I haven't read it, I'll just copy your TPBM TPBM would, if he/she had to choose one feruchemical power, choose one from the Cognitive quadrant. Either that, or it's toothless who didn't read Mistborn yet (or did you?)
  11. I have a few classmates that are in this cram school, they have to write 1 every two weeks
  12. I used to, but it became boring once I got to jr. high school TPBM hates/hated school
  13. You just had a one day Anyway, we just had two writing exams this week (basically you have to write something that's between 500-100 words in 45-50 minutes) The first topic is "Because of you, I learned..." the second is "When someone is rude to me" I'm usually a bit better at writing argumentative essays than I am at writing descriptive or narrative essays. I did not do very well on both of these and writing two pieces of exam writing in two days kinda wears me down. But I really curious about what y'all would write in exams like this
  15. And you got a two hour win