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  1. Actually, I think it's possible that Rock will give Helaran's blade to Shallan or one of her brothers. With that, he will have one Shardblade left, it's likely that he will give it to one of his son since he's a Windrunner and can't summon any died spren as a Shardblade.
  2. My favorite character in Stormlight is Kaladin, I really enjoyed the moments he spent with Bridge 4. And although I know it's probably necessary, I really don't like it when those he protected die. Oh, and I also like Evi.
  3. Hi guy, Evi here. I'm likely the only one from Taiwan here, so please forgive me for my weird grammar. I'm a Stormlight Archive fan who's currently reading Mistborn: The Well of Ascension. I've never read a single sci-fi in my entire life, where should I start?