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  1. 1. He only need 1 breath a week to let himself live. And 1 breath is easy to buy. 2. Denth was lying. 3.Hide it in his shirt or something.
  2. Hi, welcome to the Shard!
  3. @The_Truthwatcher Where do you live? If your okay with sharing it.
  4. poll

    Siri/Vasher. Siri felt like a 8-year-old girl to me and the way she solve problems is cute and interesting. Also the nights she spent with Susebron felt peaceful, it kind of let us take a break from all mess her sister cause. Vasher is powerful, grumpy but kind, has a sad history. I think that's enough reasons for me to like him. Lightsong. He's the most humorous and his character growth is original. Vivenna. I'll admit she has the strongest character development but she's way too ignorant at first.
  5. Yep. And 5'8 is men's average height.
  6. Hi! Can I join? I'm Evi, a 13-year-old Elsecaller, I'm 5'1~5'2. It's about average height in my country. (Wow! You guys are REALLY TALL)
  7. I don't think Jasnah will be queen for long. She would never have taken the throne if not for the fact that no one wants to be king.(she had the chance of becoming queen when her father died, but she didn't take it) She'll likely step down once someone else is ready.
  8. That counts, I wasn't very specific. I want a dare.
  9. Hmm......can I tell you a really boring one? I found myself training with one of my favorite character from a book you guys had never heard of. If you could one of the characters in Brandon Sanderson's books, who do you want to be?
  10. @Emi I'm usually not the one who give people their dare, but here you go: I dare you to tell one of your parents that you got a F (or something like that) on one of your best subjects. I'll take a dare, but please don't give me something terrible.
  11. Cat. @Emi I dare you to use a least 2 "X" in every one of your post until 6:45 a.m. New York time
  12. I'll take a truth.
  13. Actually, I'm the current winner.