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  1. Im in! if you want me
  2. "Hello! my good friend!" said Lord as the rather sooty figure of the Anarchist emerged from the building. Lord appeared to be alone, but to the trained eye(and the untrained eye deserved what it got.) Lord was the opposite of alone. or you could say he was so purposefully alone that the aloneness was what hid in the shadows of the alleys, and not a variety of snipers and soldiers. @Gears
  3. Happy Birthday!

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      Happy birthday!

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      Happy Birthday, Lady Silberfarben! Eheheh

  4. Would they be here? would they have trapped the building? so many questions, and only one way to find out. His scouts were already entering the building. They wore street clothes and the only thing they had in common is that they were prepared to die. well... Not of their own volition, they thought nothing was there... But Lord was prepared for them to die anyways. The first one was already opening the door. @Gears @kenod
  5. Lord would not go like this. Lord is the kind to kill themselves when they cant fight anymore. or come up with a convoluted plan to look like they died but they actually didnt. this plan fails and they die. the point is my character can't stop plotting
  6. The troops moved smartly towards the dodgy looking building, they were mostly for show, so they had been ordered to move loudly, and stupidly. The real army came from behind, or as close as you can get to a 'behind' in an alley. Among them, like a rather strange king, walked Lord-Son-Son-Son-Silberfarben. The battered wooden door was opened forcefully, and Lord strode into the building. @Gears @kenod
  7. Is it possible for a character to become a returned in the alleyverse after death? i have plans for when my main character dies...
  8. The two women seemed happy enough to fight his soldiers, so he sneaked behind his cage, through some rubble, and onto the street beyond. He only stopped to lock back once he was a good distance away. It was utter chaos. It seemed like the doctors were already on the scene, they could be seen flocking around the place. and a few adventurous and bold idiots were trying to get more people out. He could see no trace of the anarchist, which was bad as he would undoubtedly be there. And he could no longer see Cassandra fighting, there was quite a lot of rubble in the way. Lord wondered whether she would try to follow him. She better don't, my safe house would not be the place for her, especially after her fight with his guards. And the Shadow... She had been wounded quite badly... one could hope she had died a quick death, he sure would give it to her if he had the chance. @Ashbringer @Random Bystander
  9. "No. What have you done..." "Soldiers! To me!" Lord-Son-Son-Son-Silberfarben smashed the door towards Cassandra, and the soldier, now quite awake, launched herself towards the metallurgist. Quite a few of his soldiers were waking up too, albeit only the thugs would live to tell the tale. @Ashbringer
  10. "Absolutely nothing..." he said with a sombre and shocked tone. He slowly staggered forwards and opened the door. "I was only showing a customer this cage," he said looking around, "and it all... exploded!" "All I worked for... Worked so hard for... Gone"
  11. His soldier --Lord didn't know her name and didn't care much-- was having trouble with the combination for the door. Understandable, with the shock wave and the smoke it was surprising she was on her feet, but it was still very unnerving. "it is very easy!" He ranted on, "two sets of a two followed by a four, then a two repeated two times and then another four..." He was cut off by a shape hurrying through the smoke, illuminating it with Stormlight. "How fortunate! please, I need help! my friend here has some trouble with this lock!" @Ashbringer
  12. or nominate you nominate someone if they get chosen, they die. plus you get to say nom, X got nommed
  13. still, execute is probably the best option now that i think of it, mob is for making someone go away not kill it