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  1. first!!!! Lord Silberfarben is here
  2. good game vapor! can you believe i almost killed you? i picked the taylor defense, but lost my second life on the second day. i mostly protected myself, i once attacked vapor, but they blocked it. then i killed jester, then mint. i had 0 eliminations on the 8th round i dont know how i managed to get to the end. good game vapor! i cant believe how close i got.
  3. to the person who send me a PM in the past, i agree!
  4. Ok! hello there! please I wont kill you if you ally me!
  5. if it comes from me, take it as a tongue rolling out
  6. I still don't understand how i was almost lynched anyways sorry mint
  7. literally said doesnt want to kill sart because the only way they are elim is if i am elim. then proceeds to vote me as if i were elim... why not go for sart in the first place also, why not go for someone who actually did something sus? ashbringer
  8. club's shop?
  9. Wow see what you get by clearing someone? the elims try to lynch them. not even try to kill them at night. outright lynching
  10. I got nothing because i forgot to ask for a table yay!
  11. elantris?
  12. the problem is if i die before i can divulge who i saw as vill, and then the village lynches that person we could have avoided simply by me claiming and as some have said, nor me nor sart are cleared plus, a single good kill target is almost useless to the elims, because sart is the obvious target for protections
  13. YEAH! never read the rhythmatist but this sounds fun! im in
  14. Kholinar :facepalm: