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  1. This is so cool it is all coming together also... would you like to not destroy trader's heaven yet? it will only be a first blow then i can get my revenge(attacking the anarchist HQ) then you can completely destroy me and i can die and all be all right?
  2. "The explosive kind." said Lord, who reacted to danger with humor. he smiled again. he had almost forgotten how fun it was. "but truly, we have fabrial explosives... chemical ones... mechanical too." "come with me if you want to see our stock." he said as he turned around.
  3. This is basically what i do in every game so that people cant come with this reasoning and say i am an elim you could use the same reasoning to say i am a villager im Hanging around but i am doing something my assignments i can check messages from time to time even focus on one but i need to do work that was a joke i just saw that message saying 'elims should claim to me' and i laughed because in other (shooooooorter) games we use to joke about that. and i realize this message sounds like an elim flaunting their weak alibi, but that is just what i do.
  4. No I am the HI all elims should report to me immediately send me a complete list of all the elims because we are all friends.
  5. "Explosives we can get, although there are so many types of explosives the ones i can offer certainly won't be of use to you." He smiled towards the shadows "I just hope you wont use those explosives next time you want to buy!"
  6. COUGHCOUGH 12 alive and we have only killed one elim is this when i start analyzing? nothing to analyze yet though
  7. Something flashed in front of Lord-son-son-son-Silberfarben's Ocular device, sticking with a tiny 'Thik' into the hard wood of the selves he was leaning on. That was very precise, and it seemed to him it carried a message. If someone had been trying to kill him, they wouldn't have aimed for the head. His ocular device doubled as a helmet. if they could aim so well the knife didn't even scratch him, they could aim well enough to get through the mail he wore under his clothing. "Hello there! Mysterious shadow" "Pleased to meet you," he smiled, "I value drama as much as anyone, but i would thank you if you could simply tell me what you want to buy or sell." @Scarletfox
  8. I wont be having internet for a while i should be here for next cycle though
  9. Well... 8 people dead and only one of them is elim this is not good what can i contribute? not much, i am very busy with school
  10. WHAAAAAT i didnt see the email for this oh im so sorry i missed the first cycle? ouch someone very dedicated even PMd me and i thought it was for the other game im really sorry
  11. Really? i never contribute till cycle 5 or so
  12. UUUUUGHHHH of course i cant post im totally not posting right now, this is called avoiding the filter. but seriously, there are too many people for me to be able to keep up when there are less people i will be able to analyze and vote properly