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  1. I hope he's okay. Whatever is going on, the way he messaged it reminded me of this line from the 2021 State of the Sanderson: "It’s been a strange year for me, for more than one reason. Eventually perhaps I’ll be able to explain more of why that is."
  2. Thanks! I didn't go to the 4th chapter because I didn't want to spoil the ending, so I missed that info on the Chapter 4 page. Thanks for the response!
  3. I started reading the 'I Hate Dragons - Extended Edition' on the free fiction section of Brandon's website ( As I was reading, I realized that it skips chapter 3 and goes straight from chapter 2 to chapter 4 in what's available to read. Does anyone know if this is just mis-labeled? Or is chapter 3 truly missing from the website? And if so, what's the best way to notify Brandon's team and let them know? Thanks!
  4. Favorite characters...hmm thats a tough one. I feel like every time I read a story, The characters from that story become my favorite while I’m immersed in it. The ones that stand out as my favorites though are Kaladin, Dalinar, Szeth, Hrathen, plus Wayne and Wax as a duo I also quite like Marasi, Nightblood, Susebron What about you?
  5. Hi! Thanks for the welcome. My favorite books in the Cosmere are the Stormlight Archive books (love them all so much though). The only one I had a tough time with was the White Sand prose - mostly just the first 50% of it though. My favorite non-Cosmere stories by Brandon so far are First Born and Snapshot. I just started Skyward and still have several other non-Cosmere stories left to work through. Any recommendations on which are best?
  6. Thanks! I’m working through the other books now so will stay off the other threads until I finish
  7. Hi! I’m a huge Brandon Sanderson fan and just joined this site, although I’ve been reading posts on here for awhile. I’ve read everything released in the Cosmere and almost finished his other stories. Excited to be a part if the community!
  8. Hey - I don’t think theres necessarily a contradiction in what Brandon said. The first response from Brandon is generic, just saying that Hoid uses feruchemy. And the second questioner specifically asks If Hoid uses “his feruchemical abilities”. If Hoid used an unkeyed metalmind, he could be using feruchemy without having feruchemical abilities.