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  1. hmm... so I guess I didn’t know what to say earlier, but I am here now. As a lot of you may know I have a lot of problems with like self esteem and generally a lot of other problems related to that and to the fact that I can’t control myself and focus on important stuff. I’m getting better now though mostly thanks to the amazing @Vapor. You are the best and for sure not useless, I feel so happy whenever I can talk to you
  2. 1. I’m bored. How are y’all?

    2. I wish it was a creative status update, but my life is pretty boring at the moment (as I just said)

    3. here are some drawings I made to make it a little more creative after all (why are they all always flipped?) : 





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      Channelknight Fadran

      The good ones. Or the ones you consider good.

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      I want to be included in the PM

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      okay, I’ll add you 

  3. who doesn’t know salad? TPBM is at home currently
  4. “Thanks! I’m still learning, but I’m slowly getting better.” Shidala smiled with satisfaction. This fight was a good one, even though she lost.
  5. how is, that even your picrew is so beautiful yet you are still prettier?:p

  6. oh no, that reallyyyyy sucks. I'm sorry for you *all the hugs*


    1. Emi


      wow you got a lot of happy birthdays today

      what drawing do you want me to draw for you on your birthday?

  8. GESP Do I count as a spy or am I too obvious?
  9. "that would probably be a good idea. I will get only more damage from you. I surrender" Said Shidala, knowing that she'll lose.
  10. Shidala gasped. Then she got all of her power and made a the place they both been battling in dark. Now Elieen couldn't see her either.
  11. "Well, now I know where you are!" she replied and stabbed into a place from where Elieen was saing that
  12. Shidala sniffed. Maybe she'll be able to smell her. Unfortunately it didn't work, Elieen moved too many times
  13. "Ha! I saw you!" Shidala yelled in triumph. "the question is.... where are you now?"
  14. Shidala attacted quickly. She took a step and then turned knife to the other side, so she wouldn't hurt Elieen much.
  15. Shida looked around quicky, not sure if Elieen just teleported or dissapeared. When she didn't saw anyone, she made a very quick illusion box and then two of her copies. That was very tiring. Now it all depended on her luck. If Elieen will attack a different figure than her she will notice it and stab her.