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  1. okay, so it was a year. Huh. I have to say that this definitely wasn't an easy year for me. You guys helped me a lot tho, I love y'all. Sharder Liar community is awesome and I am so so so glad I joined.
     All of you are great friends. Shard also improved my English and made me a lot less anxious in Person, which is amazing.
    so.... people:

    VAPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR you simply have to be the first one. I'm sorry for difficulties. I am so sad that you can't be around more. You are an amazing person and I love you. You are worth of happiness and one of the most beautiful people both inside and out. I'm just so sad we can't really talk like ever :( 

    FADRAN I'm very happy to say that you're my best friend! You are sooooooooooo cool, fun, helpful and nice!

    @AonEne (I will mention you, so you can see it) if not your friendliness I wouldn't be here. Both you and Salad are supper funny and I really enjoy your presence.

    Fritz and Truthie, both of you have no idea how much you helped me. Fritz you are NOT useless. Not at all. 

    Dark, I love how you greet me everyday. I hope you'll feel generally better soon. 

    HEEEEEEEEEEN I love talking to you and sometimes doing akhschdbidc in DMs  (aslo I loev yuor typoes :P )

    Vennie, (uhh, I don't know your name on the shard so I'll just summon you through SL) thanks for all the hugs you gave me!

    Jester, I am so excited for the DnD! Thank you for taking your time to explain all the rules to me, since I don't understand that much

    Goaty and Stick, both of you are great and I really enjoy chatting with you 

    Lessie, I also enjoy long conversationss with you because those, however rarely, happen

    Mist, your responsibility is just- wow. I don't think there is a more adultish person who isn't yet an adult. You're great!

    rev, you're the best artist here, I love your work! You're also a nice person in general (well and maybe demonic sometimes too)

    Star and Xino, I am not very close with neither of you, but you two seem really cool! I'm glad you have each other!

    Queen, idk what to say really but I also love chatting with you! And you are beautiful in both female and male form :P 

    Salad, I also really liked our RP, it was super fun to text with you then!

    okay, so that's the end I guess. I know there is much more of you and if I didn't mention you I'm sorry! I am writing this while being at school, so I don't really have time. I'm just glad that all of you are here. As I said you all made my life better. Love yall ^_^:wub::)

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