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  1. hello there, hope you're doing well?

  2. *looks around* 

    Why is no one saying happy birthday? This is EMI! She's amazing!! 

    to be honest, i forgot it was her birthday, and i feel bad about that, so...at least I can say happy birthday now! And hopefully get a few more people to show up with some birthday wishes for one of my very best friends!

    So happy birthday Emi! May you have a much much more wonderful one next year, and even better the year next, ad infinitum!

    :wub::wub::wub: You are the best.

  3. I know right? everyone is so nice! Also it's totally okay to take your time with figuring stuff out
  4. hmm I wasn’t active for some time… I can’t really return yet though, because of school and life generally being kinda tough. So hello and goodbye I guess?

    1. JesterLavorre


      That’s fine, take your time you need. ^_^

    2. Channelknight Fadran
  5. ...that was unexpected, but thanks
  6. but you are the best
  7. Shidala picked up her knife and attacked one yevon, that got a little too close. She made two of her copies and stabbed the demon while it got confused. The yevon yelled and moved back a little
  8. oooh, we're nominating vappie again? Sounds good to me! @Vapor prepare for winning
  9. hmm... so I guess I didn’t know what to say earlier, but I am here now. As a lot of you may know I have a lot of problems with like self esteem and generally a lot of other problems related to that and to the fact that I can’t control myself and focus on important stuff. I’m getting better now though mostly thanks to the amazing @Vapor. You are the best and for sure not useless, I feel so happy whenever I can talk to you
  10. 1. I’m bored. How are y’all?

    2. I wish it was a creative status update, but my life is pretty boring at the moment (as I just said)

    3. here are some drawings I made to make it a little more creative after all (why are they all always flipped?) : 





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      I want to be included in the PM

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      okay, I’ll add you 

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      Wait I was not aware of this add meeeeeeee!!!!