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  1. But, they won’t let me have Nintendo. I was asking them A LOT of times. Why 17? (Shards?)
  2. I know. I was trying to persuade my parents for buying my Nintendo, but my mom said that we have too many electronic devices and she won’t let us for more
  3. Well, I've never played it. I don't have a nintendo
  4. So, the elf is a win?
  5. Like a boomerang
  6. But only for a minute
  7. Hi, @The_Elsecaller welcome to the shard! I see you like elsecallers. What do you think is the best thing about them? What's your second favorite Knight Radiant?
  8. Wow, I didn’t think that here will be so many book lovers, who likes mathematics too!
  9. *Wins reading WoR*. I’m sure, that’s the thing that we all like
  10. it supposed to be: *Takes your win*, but I was actually distracted, because of doing homework
  11. *Takes you while doing math homework*
  12. Ech, I'm always the only person who likes math...