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  1. No, you weren’t. Whoa, you made it by your own?
  2. nope, but I can give you a link: here
  3. You should if you have a lot of time.
  4. No, this was my first thought when I played it.
  5. 8.5/10 because fishes aren't my fav animals
  6. yes. but I am on a lesson and I can't. TPBM has an account on Discord
  7. at least you won't confuse us.
  8. Because we love saying hehe
  9. Hi Bearer! Hehe
  10. Well I guess, I just stopped it because of spoilers (thanks Pinterest ) I actually know almost everything about TOH.
  11. I started watching it, because it sounded fun and I stopped on like 8th episode... I’m actually not sure why. Those are pretty good series actually. I should probably go back to watching it.
  12. That’s the point.
  14. Yes. However your first was creepy too.