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    FANTASY!, Brandon Sanderson books, arts(I love drawing), 3D modeling, nice-looking games, 17th shard, considering the worst sceneries, so I can be ready for them, dreaming, archery, climbing trees, aerial and every extremal sport.

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  1. From 1 to 24.
  2. Ummm.... I just call it 12:30 without PMing, so I don't really know.
  3. "Hi" Emi said, quietly, with a voice still a little bit husky after sleep.
  4. Well, I usually go to sleep by 10:30pm
  5. How are you all today? 815
  6. *hopes everyone went to sleep* *wins*
  7. Thank you, Friar!
  8. No worries. We loop here over and over again, like a broken radio only to win over and over again.
  9. Not really, she wouldn’t like to be more than 170cm.
  10. I will be taller than my sister for sure