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  1. with background knowledge for each I believe even the oaths to be exploitable for an allomancer. push and pull on the right emotions and make the Radiants doubt their ideals. this would required vast knowledge of the magic system and also some kind of leverage, like an uncomfortable truth etc. its just a thought, since oaths are based so much in perception. for the mentally instable Kaladin this could be fairly easy, I assume.
  2. I do not think that any hightening or being a Drab affects physical strength. there was no indication that I can remember that the God Emperor was above human strength. with his insane amount of Breaths he should have been though, if Breath increased it.
  3. compounding

    Miles takes feruchemical gold and burns it. which uses the feruchemical effect and fuels it with allomancy. the gold is used up in this process. burned. this increases the effectiveness of the feruchemical attribute. he can store 1 health and get 10 back. if he does so while already healthy he can simply store the 10 health in another gold mind. rinse repeat. near infinite health at the cost of a bit of gold.
  4. all of the Inquisitors. the Nightmaws. TLR was too stressed out already by the time we saw him. he was tired of it all. the Inquisitors on the other hand were still eager and brutal to the core. and the Nightmaws drawing closed was the most intense moment in any of the cosmere books I've read so far.
  5. at first I felt like Brandon tried way too hard with Lift, but Edgedancer changed my mind. now I like the character. still not the most believable one but somehow thats fine for me now.
  6. its a synonym. thats why its a theory. otherwise I would call it knowledge.
  7. Adonai being the basis for Adonal-sium. why the "sium" at the end? the postfix "-ium" is used for the god metals (for Odium it would be Raysium). Adonalsium is actually just the body of the god. not the god Adonal. shattering Adonalsium only broke his body appart. Adonal is still there.
  8. as gravity manipulation of objects requires contact a Mistborn can shoot an infinite amount of coins into a Radiants face and wittle them down eventually. the biggest selling point for Radiants are their Shardblade/Shardshield or w/e they currently wish their spren to become. if both parties have knowledge of each other a Mistborns chance rise. Chromium can remove the investiture from the Radiant. 1 touch, 1 pewter punch, Mistborn wins.
  9. Nightblood is an attempt to recreate what Shardblades do. its not a Shardblade. its a sword of regular metal endowed with additional abilities. Shardblades are spren. dead or alive.
  10. shes probably the most attractive of the vessels making this a joke answer.
  11. even though I only recently read the story I can not remember if it was said that the ones arround the Pantheon are the only predetors. its also not too odd that an item is sought after for its novelty. my point still stands. we don't know which abilities exist. if there is only 1 usefull ability (i.e. 2 known in total, you ruled out the hiding) then there is still no reason to own 2.
  12. that quote was regarding a new form of Aviar. how many different Aviar are known? would owning 2 even make sense?
  13. Nightblood will ascend by sucking in enough investiture. either Honors or Odiums.
  14. the conduit part is important. if you can force open a connection to the Dor that remains then Nightblood would keep feasting (maybe with pauses...). to what end, idk. I rather expect something like this to happen with Honors perpendicularity. as long as Dalinar keeps it open, Szeth should be able to draw from it. from the WOB it also sounds like Nightblood will be offing a vessel eventually :-)
  15. since we are in the Stormlight section... Mistborn spoilers