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  1. a thousand years battlehardened immortal being getting scared of a glowing mental patient. not a fan
  2. the Investiture she was made up from was reverted back to its original form. pure, unaltered Investiture. no inprint, no consciousness, nothing. just energy.
  3. I am glad Teft got killed. never liked that character.
  4. Kaladin progressed in his oaths in fights. or under different form of stress. well, mostly. we know that Radiant Orders kept existing. the Skybreakers for example. my point is that the Radiants stop to fight the Singers once the Fused leave and that the next generation is so far away that the old generation Radiants, the ones which are on high oaths, died away. leaving weaker or maybe even fewer Radiants.
  5. yeah. boggles the mind. I tried to justify it like this -> Singers become Voidbringers -> new generation of Radiants exists/appear, but they are few and of low oath. -> Listernes win. a lot. like, almost annihilating human kind (80-90% loss) -> Radiants become more, oaths get higher -> Listerners lose more and more -> breaking point -> Radiants become unstoppable -> Listerners get beaten back, everyone back to Braize now, Singers lost a a lot, humans lost a lot. Radiants won't commit genocide so the fighting subsides as the humans are too few to actually keep on waging war. also, everythings in shambles and they focus on rebuilding rather than killing the enemy for good. populations slowly recover on both sides. old Radiants die off. and eventually the next cycle starts. this has holes, ik, but its the best I could come up with.
  6. and the spren are reluctant... imagine if they were willing. idk how the Singers ever stood a chance.
  7. refresh my memory. he only tried to take a bond away which is a Connection between 2 entities. an Oath binds the person to an abstract concept. its personal. I doubt there is something like a Connection there that can be shifted. also, a Connection between Odium and Dalinar is not the oath/pact itself. its the result of them. if that were the case then Odium only needs to gain Ishars sword to shift his oaths to just about anyone. this is dangerously stupid for a story. its too easy. a pandoras box.
  8. humans are still the bad guys on Roshar.
  9. hes chewing on Invested spheres, duh! seriously. hes either getting it out of spheres or hes slowling running dry on Breaths. he has to get past the weeping every year somehow. at the moment I believe he can suck it in like Radiants. no fancy magic mumbo-jumbo required. theory: Vasher stores Breath in an Invested sphere and when he reclaims his Breaths the Stormlight comes out along with it.
  10. strongest possible parallelism paired with unorganic material. unless the ninth hightening is a base requirement here too then I can see that working. at least for 1 or a few. stone can also be based on, well, "organic" material. something that was alive before. like shell limestone. that could possibly still constitute as something far removed from life instead of unorganic. often it does. not for basic laws of the cosmere. Aluminium works outside of perception too for example. I am not sure if that can apply here so you may be right of course.
  11. additionally to what @Halyo_Alex said the statues are not Radiant anymore. the bond has been severed and everything from the former person was dragged into the Beyond. its regular stone statures. Vasher is still holding a lot of breath judging by the fight with Kaladin. I guess a couple hundred and upwards. he only needs 1 for regular Lifeless. granted, idk how much he'd need for Kalads Phantoms type stuff. still seems possible to me at least awakening a few. if the breaths stick he'll likely won't do it. as I mentioned it should be regular stones now. perfectly shaped like a human. maybe those are easy to awaken.
  12. he found the honorsprens stache of nigh perfect gems. encasing Invested things in aluminium is my actual bet though.
  13. hes not misleading there. he answers truthfully. what hes not confirming is the questioners assumption that Wit meant Cultivations Vessel. instead of saying "yes, he meant Cultivation both times" he says that the old character and the Dragon are the same. its not the first time Brandon has answered questions in that way. when the person asking wasn't satisfied and kept pushing he RAFOed the follow up questions. while expect both to be the same I would not take that as confirmation.
  14. TWOK KOWT or KOW? Knowledge of worldending Truth Knights of wrongful Trust Knights of War Knowledge of War
  15. if something like this becomes possible down the line I'll drop the series. its downright stupid. Dalinar made the deal. its on him and no one else and it can not be shifted to someone else. same goes for Odium and the Champions. if shifting Oaths arround like that were possible then Odium would have found a way to rid himself of his boundaries long ago. hard no. god, please no. unharmed by either side... well, theres not just 2 sides anymore. so far the suggested loopholes are not an overall interesting read in my eyes. that includes the ones I came up with. for example, ending in a draw or voiding the pact has the hugest repercussions and is therefor the most dramatic outcome. its rather anticlimatic for the actual battle though.