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  1. First interaction. It was very similar to Charlie. His rambling gave it away quickly too. Knew is the wrong word here though. As you can not possibly know it. Heavily suspect is more like it.
  2. I already read the 2nd WoB you posted. Brandon talks about getting Stormlight from the gems. Hes not talking about getting it from the Shardplate. Radiants lack the ability to do that. In the WoB I posted he specifically says that Aluminium is preferred to protect Stormlight from getting sucked out of gems since the Shardplate itself would be vulnerable to getting leeched which would, by remote, cause the gems to drain. It is difficult to get the Stormlight from gems within Shardplate or Aluminium. It is difficult to get the Stormlight from gems while they power something. In this case, constantly fueling a Sharplate. It is not difficult to get the Stormlight from the Shardplate itself. If you want to keep the Shardplate supplied with Stormlight you need to empty the reserves you have, which would be the gems.
  3. Which is a plot device. Statistically there should the plenty of compounder twinborn. They are too powerful so Brandon does not let it happen. You can also leave the compounding out and take a regular Steelrunner. Wax, even in the book, only survived due to plot. If you were thinking of a way to kill him without plot armor hes not that hard of a kill. A-Pewter and F-Gold would also work very well vs Wayne.
  4. Brandon said that its almost equally hard to get to the Investiture shielded by Shardplate or Aluminium. A Radiant can not suck the Stormlight out of a bag of gems that is inside the Shardplate (or shielded by Aluminium). A Larkin can suck Investiture from plate. As stated in thw WoB. Same as Nightblood and Leechers.
  5. Its what "Atium Mistings" can burn. Its not really Atium. Its Nalatium. So they should, in reality, be called Nalatium Mistings. Feruchemy is of both Perservation and Ruin. Which makes me tend to agree with the nation that an alloy/combination of both. We do not know what burning Atium does. Maybe if you burn both at the same time you become a Feruchemist instead of an Allomancer.
  6. Just found the WoB that explains it the best. Brandon, for reasons yet unknown, made it necessary for all God Metals to be usable by everyone.
  7. Roshar. They can churn out way more capable soldiers since Harmony is very stringy about handing out Lerasium.. Roshar also has the advantage of a less restricted magic system since Honor is dead. And they have a functional and capable avatar of a shard.
  8. Cultivations Perpendicularity is still besieged and Honors is still unstable or does not exist at all. This would be the easiest explanation. Or someone got shattered Ambition style.
  9. No. I do not think he is faking it. The implications of the shadow following him and the implication of Ruin always having been stronger speaks for itself. Harmony is afraid of his own actions as he notices the influence of Ruin either becoming stronger or that it always was stronger. Meaning that every action, voluntary or not, will lead to more destruction. Sazed needs a 3rd shard or something else to offset this contradiction in him.
  10. Skipped a few of Waynes exchanges. Does not feel real or interesting to me. It is as you say. It became rather annoying because its either too forced or too frequent. Sometimes less is more. Brandon does a lot of interaction with fans. Which is great. Yet there is the big issue that he can end up doing too much fan service. I will not go into detail as its a sensitive topic for some. Stormlight Archives is also heavily affected by this and is one of my biggest gripes with it. About the cosmere connections. Well, other books were less blatant about it. Not that this is a huge issue. Its normal once a series progresses. This happened in Stormlight aswell. You see the story through the characters eyes and by that time the relevant characters have already conversed with gods and demi-gods. Showing the rest that goes on behind what normal people notice is just the next logical step and was to be expected. In the end, and I do not like admitting it, I only finished the book because I did not want to miss out on relevant cosmere information. The book itself will be one of the few that I will most likely not read another time. I read Mistborn about 5 times each already. Era 2 is definitely my least favourite series now. By a large margin.
  11. Wax just needs to be killed once. Which is fairly easy. Steel compounder and Wax has little to no chance. Wayne relies on rushing down enemies and outlasting them via healing. A gold compounder would completely destroy him. There is no need for any extra spikes or abilities. Set got hit hard by plot required stupidity.
  12. Whats the problem with Lerasiums effect being that it can also be burned by anyone? I really so no problem with this at all. Allomancy is of Preservation and he decides what can be allomantically burned. Lerasium can universally be burned while other metals can not. We already have the restriction of Mistings only being able to burn a certain kind of metal while Mistborn can burn all.
  13. Leechers work similar to Nightblood and Larkins. Larkins can suck investiture from Shardplate. I currently see no reason why it should not work. You can not get to the Stormlight gems within the plate or the already absordbed Stormlight. Unless it is fueled constantly from within the plate would disappear of lock up. Living Shardplate may be different, but in this regard I doubt it.
  14. Chromium makes this a rather one sided battle. Drained of Stormlight the Radiant would be a regular human and strengthwise Pewter gives any Mistborn the edge. Shardblades are the one thing that could make them win. 7/10 to 8/10 for the Mistborn. Give them Atium (or Electrum) and its 100/10.