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  1. In row navani talked about tones and how some cultures thought there are 16 tones. What if there are in total 16 tones one for each of the shards and each one able to control investiture. I.e., tone of endowment to take breaths without concent, etc.
  2. In epigraph of the 4th part of row kalak is telling someone to release ba aod. Now this is curious as it implies someone knows where she is, right? So who is kalak talking to? If it is the humans he would have simply told this to adolin. So it must either be ghostbloods or the singers right?
  3. No but why did he say that release ba ado for everyones sake
  4. Has shallan said all the ideals of the lightweavers? At which ideal does she get a blade? Because she is at 4th or 5th ideal. What do u guys think?
  5. In oathbringer, odium said that I would have to destroy honor's remains as he can already see this going wrong. I am paraphrasing here. What does that mean?
  6. I totally love this idea, and I could definitely see this happening. Ba ado caused deadeyes and jha anat can heal them.
  7. No shallan had a patter blade from the 1st oath it self After the pattern blade came the other 3 oaths Killing mother Killing father Filling testement
  8. In the final few chapters before taravangian became odium. Odium told taravangian "I have lost my champion again" who did odium lose as his champion?
  9. I have a theory that I don't know If it has been addressed. There was a stone or something whose voice was heard by szeth in his youth. Could the stone have been one of the unmade? Especially ba-ado?
  10. I was not taking about oathstone I am talking about something else, maybe before szeth was truthless
  11. I may be wrong but somewhere there is something in oathbringer or row about a talking rock
  12. In one of the visions honor said something like ' without the dawnshards the best way to defeat odium is to get him to agree to a contest of champions.' but we were introduced to the dawnshards so might they play a more important role in book 5 than we originally thought?
  13. I have a feeling that szeth us going to be the first radiant to swear the 5th ideal.. Because the clues are there throughout the books. While describing the 5 ideal the skybreakers described the 5th ideal as becoming truth, so it would be a good character moment. Szeth going from truthless to becoming truth.
  14. In row ishar said " I only prepare for the end of worlds " emphasis on worlds could there be a bigger threat to everyone, even bigger than odium?
  15. I think hood has already figured it out as he can leave other worlds with investure. He is also very ancient so he has had time to research this. So most probably good can leave roshar no matter how invested he is
  16. Ashun is already destroyed it does not make sense to prepare for the end of worlds if a world was destroyed 7500 years ago
  17. I have a theory that in era 2 of stormlight archive we will have computers which run on logicspren
  18. Could the prologue chapter in stormlight archive book 5 be that of gavilar and tell us all the secret, like how he got the antivoid light.
  19. I think the windrunner shardplate works differently that any other shardplates. I think that windrunners are suppose to protect and due to this there plates allow for that function while other plates may not.
  20. Valor and honor seem to be most closely related with respect to their nature so I think they will help. Also i think Harmony himself cannot help because of the opposing nature's but I think he may send someone over to roshar to help. It may be a person who serves harmony.
  21. I belive that wit has 4 surges. Wit was the first one to meet taln after 4500 so I think he took taln's honorblade. So he gets 2 surges form there and then he gets 2 surges form design
  22. I came accross Brandon Sanderson while reading wheel of time and then moved on to elantris and now I have read stormlight archive 9 times
  23. Because wit needed to be there when taln arrives. I belive that taln knocking on the doors of kolinar was the first thing he did after comming form braize. So he would not have lost his honor blade by then, he lost the blade after that point
  24. I know it is not confirmed that is why it is a theory. I think that wit taking the honor blade is very probable
  25. my theory is that the stormlight archive book 5 concludes the roshar saga and from book 6 it will be more cosmere bound. we will visit other planets and meet more worldhoppers. now I may be wrong but I do think that wit will help some important characters like jasna, shallan to leave roshar and allow them to become worldhoppers.