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  1. #mumboformayor And the only budget he needs is 12 bamboo.
  2. YES! Both the animated and the new live action. TPBM still prefers the animated Disney Classics over the live action ones
  3. I've been totally fine with all the lockdowns and whatnot. Sure, I miss hanging out with my friends, but I actually love not having to make excuses for not doing something every weekend, and I have more time for all my projects and hobbies. I have more time for myself. It might sound selfish but the only thing I miss is traveling. Other than that I don't miss all the awkward social interactions.
  4. Chrys walked into the clearing where she had left the group, and was relieved when she found that they were still there. And was the group... bigger? She did a quick head count, and found out that yes, the group was in fact bigger. Would they even want me to come along if the group has gotten this big? She shook away those thoughts. If they wanted her to leave, they would tell her. If not, she would come along. If they were looking for a dragon she had to go with them. She slipped quietly closer, hoping to hear what they were talking about.
  5. Orange. While I wish my colour was green or purple, my magic colour is orange. The colour of sunrises and sunsets, of endings and beginings. The constant change. It is also a warm hearth, the embers of a fire gone, but that can be revived and renewed with the right touch and fuel. Friendly warmth, but with the strength and a promise of power lurking just at the edge of perception.
  6. I wouldn't suggest it... being socially awkward makes us unaware of certain... social ethics...
  7. Yes, I think we did. Complete with robes and candles for the initiation. Though we've kind of been slack with that part.
  8. Very awkwardly. But it is a comfortable awkward, since we all accept the awkwardness. We love the oxymoron-ness of it all.
  9. Yah, but at least you have the Shard. And a fellowship of Socially Awkward Bookworms.
  10. I love your style!
  11. Yeah, I understand. I used to have rules like that.
  12. Ah. Sorry, I didn't realize that.
  13. Welcome to the Vampire Club!
  14. You should get it. I'm pretty new to discord myself, but it's great as far as I can tell.