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    Things I’m not interested in: SHARDERS BEING DOWN ON THEMSELVES- you are all so amazing so LOVE YOURSELF CAUSE YOU DESERVE IT!!!

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  1. Right. Well, I’ll take income. coins: 5
  2. Ooo speedy round. I’ll take income coins: 4
  3. Nope! I’ll still convert myself.
  4. Alright I’ll convert myself. cards:1 coins:3
  5. *waits for vapor to double post so she can know how awesome she is*
  6. Aha, false! My name is [Redacted] but you're close enough Ah dang, I hath been ninjad Mwahah I am the jerk Hen and I refuse! The person below me... dang it, I was ninjad again. I wont take that spotlight from you vapor.
  7. Good point, I just gotta wait for my turn.
  8. I have also done this The person below me probably should stay off this topic cause they suck at thinking of things to say here. *cough cough* me *cough*
  9. YES YES I AM! *pauses dear hank and john to think of something* The person below me needs to drink some water.
  10. It's so cool! The whole thing is just so weird. Why are they there? Why do they think everything is normal? It's so good so far! Also, Episode 2 And I love how out of context this whole thing is. Marvel just threw this out there. For me at least, I didn't here anything about this show until like a week ago. The only thing I know about the show is what the trailer said. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!
  11. Nope, I'd like to Embezzle please. Cards; 1 Coins: 4
  12. Eh, Im okay. It’s not worth my only card.
  13. For once in this game I get to do something! I'll Coup @The Windrunner Supreme Cards:1 Coins:0 Now the long wait begins again.