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  1. I love seeing Wyndle like this!!! Good job! The leaves look like little wings, he’s perfect.
  2. Uhhhhh... there are 2 hidden 16’s that I might have gone overboard with hiding so they’re both kind of a stretch now There are also 9 dots for each of the heralds with the 10th left as an open circle for Taln.
  3. Welcome (Again)!! I'm glad you're reading stormlight!!! The 4th book is coming out soon, in 23 days! (I think). I just started Words of Radiance for my Stormlight reread too. If you had to pick something, whats your favorite part of Roshar so far? My favorite is all birds are called chickens
  4. Welcome! If you’d like, you can make your own welcome topic so more people have a chance to see this!
  5. halloween

    Yay Halloween!!! I’m dressing up, of course. Sadly I don’t have enough time on top of everything else going on to make a costume, so I’m being lame and going as a nurse. But next year I want to be a mistborn. Or a steel inquisitor. Or a reckoner. OR A DDF PILOT. My plan is to go trick or treating all through highschool. Upperclassman trick-or-treating? you may be thinking, that’s too old to be trick-or-treating. Well, maybe, but I have a plan!! When I get to doors I’m gonna do that thing where you get on your knees and put shoes on your knees so it looks like you’re a little kid! Okay yeah, I know I’m not actually gonna look like a little kid, but... heh it’ll be fun and that’s what counts. aaaaaaand if that doesn’t work out I’m gonna watch movies with my friends! I wanted to also do a haunted house but I don’t know if those are open right now.
  6. @Scout_Fox I love how energetic you are, especially in welcome posts. It makes my day to see your responses to new members.
  7. I know right? My questions are so old school, I've got to get with the times. Okay in full disclosure Gib wanted to join I didn't force her I did Introduce her though so I've got that going for me.
  8. This is a hard one, Rock is so storming difficult to Roast. In the future we should prohibit characters that are too perfect from signing up.
  9. I love it Salad, Thank you I totally forgot I mentioned my post-plant-dying-depression on here. (Also thanks Connie!)
  10. Ahhhhhhhhhh I really want to say No but I cant. Yes, yes creepy space works.
  11. I'd request a meme but I don't think there's anything memeable about me... yet. Also I think it started here so im gonna just say it. This "Halloween pfp" trend is sorta freaking me out. Even @Condensation... HOLY CRAP I WAS GONNA SAY SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR NEW PFP BUT WHILE I WAS TAGGING YOU I DISCOVERED THAT IT CHANGED AGAIN AND ITS WORSE, SO SO MUCH WORSE in a good way but also holy crap you guys are good at creepy pfp's. Edit: Okay I looked closer at the picture and its not bad, I like it. I thought it was a face looking through a condensed mirror and i got scared but its okay its just a web.
  12. Welcome to the shard Giblet!! To everyone reading this, this is my best friend who I so gracefully convinced to create an account!
  13. No... The confusion... Its getting worse. *Banging head against wall* Cremlings aren't real. Stormfather isn't a real curse. Normal people don't know what a Shardblade is so you can't just reference them in casual conversation and expect people to understand!! Okay, but you know when you're a Sanderfan when... you listen to a song and wonder if thats what the Rhythm of ___ sounds like.
  14. Sounds great! Does it count guests or just members? Cause If it counts guests I think we’ll easily get it if we do it the day of the RoW release (especially considering nothing special is really happening right now and there’s over 500 guests on).
  15. How???? I’m literally watching Harry Potter right now. Chamber of secrets. Spooky. We have houses for choir, but they aren’t Harry Potter houses, just colors. I’m red, and I got second place to yellow, so... technically Gryffindor colors. Aaaaanyway I’m gonna go back to Harry Potter.