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  1. A #2 pencil sharpened to a point but when its put to paper the lead snaps.
  2. Maybe for us, but In the context of Roshar, Truthwatchers that could see the future would probably be outcast's because of cultural bias. Although it's unlikely that true Truthwatchers have this ability, but that its a side effect of Glys being corrupted. Though if Sja-anat is really on the Radiants side, maybe she could corrupt certain spren before the bond, giving different abilities to those orders on purpose, like a subcategory within an order. I think that would be cool to see.
  3. I mean, not the most creative story, but I fell like it needed to be here anyway. Oathbringer Here it is. The climax. My tears stain the pages, Hands griping the sides. Muscles tense as I dive in the end of Oathbringer. Eyes flying through the pages. Finally I reach Wits epilogue. It was a long journey, but I smile as I wipe the tears from my face.
  4. Ive always felt the Bondsmiths were the most powerful, just because of the spren they bond with. There are only three of them at a time, possibly because Sanderson knew how powerful they would be, I mean Dalinar opened Honors perpendicularity. Though It does depend on what the Radiants are being used for, Like @RShara said. Edgedancers make excellent medics, and Windrunners amazing warriors. Its a matter of applying the Radiants in the correct place, because each order thrives in a unique position. Though ultimately, the Bondsmiths are the ones that make those decisions, because of the nature of their order and the fact that they are generally placed as the leaders of the Radiants.
  5. Yea, from what I've read it seems pretty cool, and I really like seeing the new people. Regardless of where the story goes, I know Sevro stays in it and that's enough for me.
  6. @Ammanas I love them too! Im actually in the middle of Iron gold (by middle I mean practically just started it) I took a "little" break to reread stormlight before I started the later two. Ive heard Iron gold is pretty bad but Dark Age makes up for it? Anyway, I didn't see anyone else with it in their top 5, and was a little worried.
  7. 1. Stormlight 2. Red rising trilogy 3. Kingskiller chronicles (Common, Is the third book really that hard to write??) 4. Reckoners (not really fantasy but still love them) 5. Dragon watch (the sequel series to fablehaven. I know fabelhaven is generally considered YA, but Dragon Watch is a whole other level) Honorable mention: A darker shade of magic by V.E. Shawb Im gonna read wheel of time soon, mostly because Brandon finished them and I'm a Sanderson fanatic (as most of us are).
  8. the thing about Korra is its great on its own but compared to avatar it falls short, mostly because every season has its own arch instead of a multi-seasonal arch. I loved the first season though. Especially Wan's story
  9. *Ahem* you can mold things with division to! like carving but with any substance... and also way more accurate... and also way cooler.
  10. Thats true. kinda like the Kaladin/Shallan/Adolin love triangle. It was just there for the sake of drama.
  11. Okay yes, but he was literately decapitated once, and he even tells Jasnah that he isn't afraid of sharblades... And besides, "Giant magical fire breathing beast" may not even apply to cosmere dragons. Thats how we see them in other books, But with Brandon Sanderson you never know. My point is that Its very possible for him to survive a trip through a dragon. But I think Karger was right when they said Hoid was trying to figure out how to duplicate Gemhearts.
  12. Too me it sounds Like a dragon. Frost's letter to Hoid has always seemed quite hostile, so maybe something happened there? Or maybe with a different dragon. Considering how much we know about them it could be possible that being swallowed by one is non-fatal.
  13. Love the reference to waffles, Although a mention of pancakes would improve it. And... Is that a Dune reference I see? 8/10
  14. Okay, Just foud this thread. Shout out my brother who's going on his mission right before Rhythm of War comes out. If he can get as many people to read the BoM as he did Stormlight, I think he'll do great.
  15. I took a quiz and got Dustbringer. I don't know if I agree with it but honestly, Ive embraced it and have taken up my duty to defending the Dustbringers. Also I think Division is sweet, so maybe I do belong with them