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  1. Butler butler butler but-ler buh-t-ler butter? Buteler butler
  2. Alfred from LEGO Batman! Most of my other favorites are ones you probably haven’t heard of (because they show up in literally one episode in a show) but the butler in white collar if you’ve ever seen it? I just love the idea of butlers. Butler butler butler.
  3. Mustaches and pocket watches. I sense a theme! Butlers happen to be my favorite characters in films that happen to include butlers. I don’t like pocket watches, but I love normal watches. (I wear mine so often I have a watch tan line)
  4. You like interior design right? “Interior designer” didn’t have a great ring to it, so I just said architect.
  5. Hey

    Welcome! I can't wait for it either, I've had a countdown going since he announced the release date (103 days left!!!). Whats your favorite book?
  6. Callsign: Toad (thats tuck everlasting right?) Callsign: Six (one of a kind no category, too many years lost in his story) Callsign: treble callsign: architect Callsign: some other theatre reference that I don’t get cause I’m not a theatre kid but I tried to help anyway
  7. Do you listen to podcasts Truthwatcher?!?!?! I literally did that yesterday. (Well technically I was edmbroider(ing?) and my favorite character didnt die but I was still angry.)
  8. Halia... Still sits in the corner, contemplating all they ways she could help, with her... Royalness and *cough cough* well practiced healing Aon elantrian powers *cough* but mostly her Royalness. She sees her seon peaking out behind her back. "why don't you drop the disguise and show them what you can do?" Ato wispered. "Because I don't need my powers to help, my Royal being is enough" Halia responded. "you're... Not Royal" "you keep saying that." "thats because... Nevermind. Whats going on?" "Not sure, there's a King trying to kidnap people I think... And Holed whatever that means. Whatever it is, I think they've got it covered... But let's follow Fadran and Enter a username, just in case."
  9. Wait you’re saying there’s a wiki?!?! So I don’t have to go and read all of the forums and character discussions before I join? Sweet!
  10. Welcome! We’re happy to have you here!
  11. Welcome! Sweetheart was my first Sanderson book too! Are you enjoying Stormlight archive?
  12. Well you have to remember that to them, their world is normal. There are plenty of people on earth that are atheist. But if someone from a different world or time, (lets say the stone age) saw our technology, they would think it was magic, and they wouldn't see why some of us are atheist. Do you see what I'm saying? To the people of Roshar, stormlight and highstorms are a way of life, something that has always been there, so jasnah doesnt see that as a work of god, but a force of nature. And Jasnah is open to being converted, she just hasn't seen any real proof that the almighty exists, and can we blame her? Vorinism isnt correct.
  13. So far? The Dark Cupid! Mostly because he’s the reason they kissed! I could feel the chemistry.
  14. Hi fish! Yup, mustaches must be annoying. But, I’m sure guys say the same thing about long hair (kinda have to agree with them on that though. Long hair gets on my nerves sometimes)