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  1. Yes, exactly. Windrunners seem to follow their own personal code on what is right, but that can be flexible, and biased. Skybreakers, on the other hand, trust what they consider to be a more 'objective' code. Of course, there are downsides to following the letter of the law, but that's why we have so many different orders.
  2. Yes. I tried to start a Way of Kings read aloud with my family, where I'd read maybe a chapter or two every day. That didn't last a chapter. I've recommended the Mistborn books to a few of my friends to start off, but they're not really that interested haha. It's fine though, they still humor me by taking the Knight Radiants quiz and stuff haha
  3. I'm pretty sure that Ruin and Preservation were the only two shards on Scadrial as of the information that we have now. Feruchemy is Ruin and Preservation in equal measure.
  4. game

    Too much time. No time sounds stressful. Would you rather go through everything Kaladin goes through (and not end up with Radiant powers afterwards), or everything that Szeth goes through, but you only use the Radiant powers when you're killing people.
  5. You are a stick.
  6. But I could be fire.
  7. But you could be fire.
  8. Yeah, I guess that doesn't make much sense. I have a copy of the Lord of the Rings at home, but it's compiled into one book, so it looks really big. I'm planning on starting LotR soon though, so wish me luck!
  9. The ability to procrastinate. Don't really want to feel that wound now? Well, I'll put it off until later!
  10. Aw man, I wanted that one. Are you willing to share? Something awesome about Lightshapers though is that we have the surges of the Lightweavers, the Willshapers, and the Elsecallers. Any other order combos that give the surges of three orders? Like Lightdancers having the surges of Lightweavers, Edgedancers, and Truthwatchers.
  11. I got Lightweaver! I mean, I always get Lightweaver on these sorts of quizzes, so this makes a lot of sense. Lightweaver - 75% Willshaper - 72% Elsecaller - 65% Truthwatcher - 61% Windrunner - 60% Skybreaker - 56% Stoneward - 54% Dustbringer - 50% Edgedancer - 48% Bondsmith - 32%
  12. Wasing the reading the lessons. Did I get it right?
  13. Is it too late to join and catch up? I'd love to join!
  14. Hi! Welcome to the 17th Shard. What's your favorite magic system in Sanderson's books?
  15. I've watched the movies, but haven't read the Lord of the Rings. I'm a little scared to pick them up, considering their size. Maybe I'll get to them, one day.