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  1. oop my bad
  2. shallan and kaladin: kaladin books 1-4:
  3. stormlight books summary wrong answers only/out of context: wok: -guy with 6-foot-long anime death sword that burns the soul from the body fights a war against crabs -a sliver of divinity and a tall depressed boy say a lot of words and save a high prince -horse boy goes shopping
  4. easily one of my favorite parts of row:
  5. no, it was funny. it would have been a little more accurate if it had been dalinar but sadeas works just as well. poor renarin
  6. DO NOT DISRESPECT MY BOY good pun though
  7. this is among the most relatable memes:
  8. yasnaa
  9. edgedancer:
  10. Sigzil proposing the trip to Lasting Integrity to the coalition of monarchs:
  11. IM CRYING Zane:
  12. hey anyone know where i can put in a question to be asked on a livestream?

    1. More Cynical Than Funny

      More Cynical Than Funny

      Sorry I have no clue :(

  13. yeah...she didn’t know renarin was a boy i guess???? she was also kind of high
  14. my cousin (who’s never read stormlight) made this meme and i thought i would share . . .
  15. i’m sure this has been done before too