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  1. I'm heading to the end of the Way of Kings and I also recently started Mistborn's audiobook
  2. Hello and Welcome! Who’s your favorite character in The Stormlight Archive?
  3. I'm quite a fresh fan. I joined the 17th Shard month ago and this is when I started to read "The Stormlight Archive"-actually my first Sanderson's book. My friend recommended me it for a few months before I finally decided to start it (after Asoiaf I lost my desire to read larger series). But now I love the Archives and regret that I didn't start it earlier!
  4. Hi Matt! Welcome to 17th Shard!
  5. Thanks for such a quick answer! I think I am not yet as far as you think :D I still don't have enough information from the prose about each ten Orders. What I wanted to say in my first post is the fact that I love the Archives from the start. It begins marvellously, I felt a sense of wonder at the very first pages (Although my first favorite character died before he even had a chance to start his journey). But I am still at these humble, yet interesting beginnings. I joined the forum more cosmere-wise and magic-wise than plot-wise. Plot is what I am experiencing now on my own. However, before I started to read, my friend had told me a LOT about the world to convince me :D And from these informations I can say that I am biased towards the Lightweavers, their attributes, knack for arts and light/sound magic. Moreover, I felt that Shallan is going to be one of my favorite characters before I even get to know her. And... after her first two chapters I like her even more (But I hope she won't end up with Kal, from my point of view this would be too obvious :D). P.S.: I also have an e-book for first book of Mistborn series (got it as an unexpected gift), but I don't know if I should listen to it simultaneously with reading the Stormlight, or I should read Way of Kings and the rest first
  6. Hello guys! Unfortunately, I'm not a long-time fan of Brandon's works like most of you, but for sure I'm lucky to experience them for the first time. My friend recommended me to read the Stormlight Archive since foreeever. When I eventually get started, I knew it was worth it! It's wondrous. A bit about me - I'm from Poland and I love both reading and worldbuilding. I have a little project on my own. That was also crucial why I finally reached for Sanderson - the richness of his projects and his mind. So that's my hello, have a nice week!