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  1. First rule of AMA, no talking about AMA. In other words, if you're here, you know what to do.
  2. Wings of fire.
  3. Sure, that works. 620
  4. 10,000 right now, because in five dollars a week it would take 40 year to get that amount, and I'll probably need it when I'm twenty more than I'll need it when I'm over 50 years old. My 10,000 dollars I really like Lin Manuel Miranda's work. I have honestly no idea, but if you pick one from a well known musical, I'll probably say it's a possibility. A piano.
  5. Archivist told him that in general it was fine for him to curse, as long as they were Cosmere curses, but in this case he should leave the poor chap alone, since he was long dead.
  6. *indignantly* Really?
  7. As the most unexpected thing in the entire world, nothing could surprise it. That was a bad hint, so I'm just going to say it. Studio C?
  8. Hooray! 616 This is a nice number.
  9. Suuuuure.... 614
  10. Hmmm, no. 612
  11. It's actually considered quite long for a TLPW returned.
  12. That depends, is he real? Which was very fun, but only stressed him out more.
  13. Honestly I lost all hope of 100,000 posts, I'm just waiting for a more reasonable number. 610
  14. *slaps forehead* Right.
  15. Why? What makes you think Hammond wasn't Bleeder?
  16. Jeremy had a mustache, and as everyone knows, a mustache is like the aluminium of narrative powers.
  17. Now all shall bow before her power. Seriously, what?! How did you do that?
  18. And so, peace was reached, but at what cost?
  19. Well, I can't remember exactly what went through my brain at the time, but I probably didn't consider bussing at the time, and without that an elim!Karnage would get lynched only one cycle afterwards. On top of that I was all around panicking, since I was worried about Bleeder from pretty much the first second. They admitted? Ohhhhhh... they did. I have nothing to say for myself, that was just plain stupidity on my part. To be clear, this is not a claim, I'm just saying I somehow didn't realise that. I should probably do some RP. ___________________ Archivald pushed his way through the throng of people, cracking the skull of an occasional threat with his dueling cane. How did this happen? Four people were killed, and it turns into a free for all. His bodyguards were killed at some point during the chaos, or possibly they ran away before that idiot thug of Winsting's locked them in. In fact, everyone was acting like an idiot, they had no reason to fear the constables, if they couldn't make the charges stick until now, there was no reason why they would now. He quickly made his way to an overturned table next to a wall. He should be safe there, at least for a little while.
  20. I loved it! My favourite moment is probably towards the very end where...