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  1. Yes. But it's also true!
  2. Yes, but it's not their main Surge, Division is. That person mentioned in WoR wasn't terrified by the Dustbringers coming for him, but by the Edgedancers. I bet they don't use Abrasion nearly as much, and it's so awesome!
  3. I don't know, I'm pretty confident this is a troll from a person who knows they're dead, trying to sow chaos. It's might not be a bad idea to scan him, as he's a pretty active person, just don't do it because of Pyro's claim.
  4. The ninjas glared at the bus driver.
  5. They were all starving and started eating Ninjas.
  6. Hello there.
  7. Which placed them in Ninja HQ.
  8. Actually, Pyro admitted to being an elim, so take what he says with a heap of salt. Also it's pretty clear that Straw is the one getting lynched.
  9. I'm *uses converter* almost 5.5 feet tall. I love the Edgedancers because they use slickness to be one of the deadliest orders. Plus their Ideals are based around helping the individual common people, which seems like something the other Radiants mostly forget about, focusing a little too much about the big picture.
  10. It's fine, I already have a fanfic of a Moash redemption arc, I can end this whenever I feel like it.
  11. Then he continued happily munching on waffles and saw a ninja army prepared for war.
  12. So Archivist FTL travelled away.