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  1. Does anyone know? Thank You!
  2. Mine is a three way tie between: AonDor, Surgebinding, and Allomancy-feruchemy-hemalurgy (the metallic arts). Also, Hoid says hi! P.S. the former statement was a casual application of humour, because, as hoid is a fictional character he can not communicate.
  3. I’m back! Depressed and struggling, but alive all the same!


    1. Honorless


      Always the next step

  4. Or: what is your favourite Seon? my answers are one: Omi and two: Ashe
  5. Or would it blow up?
  6. Hey guys, I don't have much time so I will make this brief. 

    I want to be on the 17S, but I can't because of Important stuff going on. I get up at six, work all day and get to bed at 11


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    2. Adonalsium'sSpren


      I almost died twice this year, once by heat stroke (I was bedridden for weeks) 

      And once by a rabid dog. 

      I will try to post the details on my profile soon. 


    3. AonEne


      That’s awful and I’m so sorry those things happened to you! Agreed though, we’ll still be here when you’re able to be on more. Good luck with your work -_- 

    4. Adonalsium'sSpren


      Thank you so much ene, I actually had another close encounter this morning. I was riding my bike on the way to my family farm and five dogs swarmed me, I kept on riding and I kicked them and yelled at them. Ultimately I was forced to pepper spray them and leave them writhing in pain as I sped away. 

      I feel bad now because I like dogs. 


  7. Aaaaaw , thanks!
  8. Yes. How did you get it so fast?
  9. All right, this place is not a place and can only be "visited" by a choice few.
  10. Am I allowed to do another?
  11. Yup, you got it!!!
  12. WOW! I suspected something along these lines, but the connections you have made are amazing!!!
  13. ok, This city has eight main gates.
  14. Thank you!
  15. How does one go about playing?
  16. A - Arsteel, Awakening, Austre B - Breath, Blushweaver, Bluefingers C - Court of Gods, "Clod" D - Denth E - Edgli F - Five scholars G - God King H - Heightening, Hallendren I - Iridescent Tones, Idris J - Jewels K - Kalad's Phantoms, Kindwinds L - Lightsong, Llarimar, Lifeless M - Manywar N - Nightblood O - P - Parlin, Pahn Kahl, Peacegiver's Treasure Q - R - Returned, Red Panther, Royal Locks S - Siri, Susebron, Shashara T - T'telir, Talaxin, Tonk Fah, Treladees, Twilight Falls U - V - Vasher, Vivenna, VaraTreladees (Denth) W - Warbreaker (Vasher's original Returned name, and the book's title) X - Xaka Y - Yesteel Z - Zahel? This was created as a collab by me and @robardin
  17. That's a good idea! Want to team up on my next Cosmere ABC's?
  18. Same here Tesh, Same here.
  19. Cosmere ABC's.m4a
  20. I have read the entire cosmere available, along with the rithmatist, alcatraz, and, the reckoners series. what should i read next?
  21. Hello, fellow 17th Sharders. Just last week I was thinking about how good my mental health was, and then, everything fell apart. I don't want to go into the painful details but, life just got a lot harder for me and, My family and friends have failed me in this regard. I have come to you for the support and comfort I feel that I am lacking.

    If this is not something that should be posted here please notify me and I will remove it immediately.

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    2. SingingMosaic


      Every basket has a bad apple, every place has something that they'll overlook and people have individual failings, so even if you didn't run into someone malicious, people hurt one another on accident all the time. I wouldn't advise no barriers either, anywhere you go. I don't let my guard down completely even in my favorite places, and I try to keep in mind my own capacity for accidental destruction. part of life is building and part of it is damage. Stay safe :)

    3. Aon Tia

      Aon Tia

      Welcome to the shard! A little caution is always necessary but I think that shard is an amazing community of like minded people with similar interests. I have found many good and supportive people here. So I want to say enjoy on the shard.

    4. Adonalsium'sSpren


      Thank you, that is very true. I will apply your advice.

  22. Is she Siri or Vivenna? Or someone else?
  23. Hi Aon Ene, are you excited for Mental Health month? it started yesterday for me! (I am in India)

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    2. AonEne


      Yay, that’s great! 

    3. Adonalsium'sSpren


      Hey Ene, I recently had a heat stroke. I feel terrible and i am sorry i didnt tell you earlier, i hope you are well talk to you later.

    4. AonEne


      Don’t be sorry, it’s completely up to you what you want to tell me. Please don’t feel pressured to tell me everything about your life unless you want to. 

      I hope you recover okay! That’s really unfortunate, I’m sorry it happened to you. 

      I’m all right. Talk to you later. 

  24. Try to fill in the blanks! Thank You!
  25. so, if Nightblood is sheathed in aluminum then where did Vasher get the metal for the sheath? As far as I can tell, there is no way to use BioChroma to make aluminum. so, where did he get it? Thank You!