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    for the sun. That way if you miss, at least your arrow will fall far away, and the person it kills will likely be someone you don't know.

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  1. What's the reasoning against Liranil? I don't think it's Gears or Danex. (yes I realize I'm being lazy.)
  2. Proof: He held a shard. (This one is actually kind of true, you can just rename Lerasium to Kelsium.) Theory: Vasher's fossil is a type IV awakened entity.
  3. Kind of like dividing by zero.
  4. From the album Lego WoK

  5. From the album Lego WoK

  6. From the album Lego WoK

  7. From the album Lego WoK

  8. From the album Lego WoK

  9. From the album Lego WoK

  10. From the album Lego WoK

    Made from Legos. I tried to find the best pieces to match the characters, but some of them are a little wierd.
  11. Alright, Some random person with too many questions, what solution do you propose?
  12. Who's calling?