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    for the sun. That way if you miss, at least your arrow will fall far away, and the person it kills will likely be someone you don't know.

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  1. There wasn't enough hollow knight Jack o' lanterns on google (actually, there were quite a few, but there needed to be more) so I made this.
  2. I just realized that your profile picture is from hollow knight.

    1. Kings_way


      Yeah. It used to be an actual picture from the game, but now it's a section of a wallpaper.

  3. Wrenden halted, breathing heavily. Taln had finally stopped, and - wait, where was Taln? He looked around and saw him, on the ground. Wrenden looked around to see if Taln had been attacked, but the forest was still and silent. Deciding that he wouldn't be in any more danger by Taln then standing around, he rushed to Taln's side. and checked for vitals. He felt a pulse and sighed in relief. Just unconscious. Nothing else seemed to be wrong. He grabbed a vial strong-smelling salts and held it under Taln's nose, hoping that the scent would wake him up.
  4. Eye liyke righting liyke thees.
  5. Hehe why does this exist Hehehehehehehe
  6. Are you saying that instead of a bead in the cognitive realm, a cup in the CR would have it's thoughts/memories/cognition inside itself instead of in a bead?
  7. Wrenden looked up as Taln dashed away like a madman. "Taln!" He cried out, but the Herald was too far away. Wrenden cursed and ran after him, dropping the dynamite. It had been carefully made and wouldn't explode just from that. He moved through the trees, attempting to catch up. He drank a flask to give him some adrenaline and speed, but he doubted he would be able to catch up until Taln (hopefully) stopped. @Bearer of all agonies
  8. "Same hear" The last time Wrenden had gotten into a fight, he had been thrown out a window by a mutated kindergartener.
  9. @Vapor on tLPW.
  10. HA! i'm gonna tag you.
  11. Cheese is disgusting. (consult the cheese lovers club for more information)
  12. Wrenden ran over by the tent with his arms full of dynamite. "Do you need any of this?"
  13. That makes so much sense
  14. Wrenden left the command tent to wander the camp. He would support this rebellion to the best of his abilities, but those didn't include fighting in an army. Instead, he got a tent from the quartermaster and set up a laboratory inside. Setting up the equipment, he started preparing his explosives, and a few small ones in case he was attacked directly.