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    for the sun. That way if you miss, at least your arrow will fall far away, and the person it kills will likely be someone you don't know.

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  1. I think my top three suspicions are maybe Bridge, Dannex, and Mat, but this about 95% D1 gut. Voting the same as you do in thread might be the most optimal, but I'd rather not for completely personal reasons. SE is better than normal Mafia because of all the options a forum game has, and I like the complications that make each game unique. At the same time, I realize that voting in thread is best so we can win, so I'll use the three suspicion thing.
  2. I had a whole RP written out, but I didn't really like it, so... Hi. I think it would be good if we could optimize our PM's, but I've never really been able to do much with them anyway, so I'll probably just do someone I choose. I don't know about the votes. Voting the same as we do in-thread is probably the best, but... that's kind of boring. (Also Dannex this is really bothering me ).
  3. "I haven't built a cabin in a while, but I could probably do it. Do we need some trees first?"
  4. "We could organize the camp like a wheel, with streets going out from the center and streets that go around in a circle. We could have the command center and less defensible buildings in the middle, and guard posts and barracks in the outer sections."
  5. "No, they're all circles, just different sizes."
  6. "I call dibs on 9acd32!" If they were all going to be different colors, they would need to be exact. Someone with a lot of Biochromatic breaths could do that, but Wrenden preferred RGB.
  7. "See, if they're the same size, people won't forget which building is which. We could help even more by painting them all different colors."
  8. "Circles are good, as long as none of them are the same size."
  9. Yeah, you need to go through resting grounds to go to the west side of the City. You also (are supposed to) need the Monarch Wings from Ancient Basin.
  10. I had a thought that doesn't really make any sense but still seems like theorizing material. (correct me here if when anything I say is incorrect) We know that godmetals are basically solid investiture, and Shardblades are also solid investiture. (and I think they're metal) Can Shardblades cut godmetals? Can an allomancer burn shardblades? are shardblades Honoronium?
  11. "Are there any ways to get into the mines? They might be a good shelter and hiding place."
  12. Alcatraz the dark talent spoiler From WoR