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  1. King appeared with his archery trophy and asked how a cliff could open or close in the first place.
  2. He liked to shewt things with airows.
  3. Almost as irritating as talking to a skull.
  4. King activated the backwards lenses, but they were firebringers lenses, and both of his eyes were destroyed.
  5. King wanted to be invested to, but wasn't. He put on a pair of lenses he found laying around and realized he was an oculator.
  6. I have a new character, a Curator of Alexandria. He will be making his own location thread, a library where he tries to get people's souls in exchange for books. He will also be looking for new books. @Sorana @Voidus
  7. King helped and totally didn't put hemalurgic spikes inside.
  8. Gethen noticed Mari moving around to behind the dustbringer. Finally, he thought. Someone was doing something. Gethen had always despised the games people had played, back in Scadrial. He preferred shooting to talking. Talking hadn't helped save Dendor. Maybe if he had been quicker with his gun, if he had tapped a little more luck... Stop, he thought. Just help apprehend this criminal, and you can keep looking for Dendor's murderer. He started moving over, to get in a position to help in case things got messy. Althea and Mari could hopefully take care of the dustbringer. Gethen was worried about the other man at the table. Hadn't the others said something about a prisoner? He decided to watch the man carefully.
  9. She poofed into the liquidy black smoke that nightblood does right as Schrodinger arrived with the superglue and potatoes.
  10. King reappears after being gone for a while, and remembers that he has a giant egg in his pocket.
  11. "We must travel to the land of the giant chickens." King says.