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  1. I could be getting confused between the content in the books, but there's something about the Honorblade that showed up with Taln. I made an account just to ask this question so if this was posted the wrong way/in the wrong place, someone let me know. Also, I guess I should say spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't finished reading. 1) Taln shows up at the end of The Way of Kings with his Honorblade. Shortly afterwards, he's brought to the Shattered Plains. 2) Dalinar bonds Taln's blade and displays it for the first time when confronting Amaram about his lies concerning Kaladin's past. 3) Dalinar bonds the Stormfather and releases his Shardblade when he hears its screams. Here's my first question: Why is it a Shardblade and not the Honorblade? I thought it was Taln's blade. 4) Later, Dalinar is seen with an Honorblade he's hidden in the sewers. This is later given to Bridge 4 to practice with when Kaladin is not around. 5) The Honorblade is stolen by a Parshendi in smokeform, with Teft's coat. Here's my second question: Was this Taln's Honorblade or Szeth's former Honorblade? If my memory is off about anything, please feel free to correct me. I finished reading Oathbringer a while ago and I didn't refer back to its pages when I wrote this post. If you know the answers, I'd greatly appreciate answers. It's been bugging me for a year.