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  1. J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Timothy Zahn, and some others I like for one specific book but for those three I have loved pretty much everything they have written.
  2. Except if it was airtight on the Radiant, how can you keep them alive? And for the spren, how can you get it in a box?
  3. Good point, still seems like a tall order however. It would be a lot of work for arguably small benefit. Also, to actually capture and keep you would have to keep them alive.
  4. Of course, that all being said. If you could keep a Radiant heavily drugged or finding some other way to keep their minds from fully realizing what is going on you could arguably keep them in prison as long as you keep away Stormlight. That way they have no way to ever try and find a way to get out. A Fifth Ideal Radiant though would probably not be worth the trouble when all is said and done.
  5. When thinking of a Fifth Ideal Radiant on Roshar. Aluminum to my knowledge would not harm them or the important key, keep their spren away. As long as they can summon their Shardblade or whatever tool they require, they could get out. And with plate would make it possible for them to climb down useing their "Shardblade" tool.
  6. At first sight yes, but they would still be able to summon their spren as a Shardblade or other tool. Ultimately you would have to frighten their spren away, which though possible I expect, may be extremely difficult.
  7. Unlikely, though I would assume Odium or the Unmade would be able to form it through keeping their spren away. Once they are of the Fifth Ideal they will always have access to at least a Shardblade, that makes any real physical prison virtually impossible to hold them.
  8. ^ Exactly. It is about him saving those around him and how he has to overcome the fact that he cannot save everyone. Thus Syl does not necessarily have to die to complete his arc. I feel like his arc will culminate with him finally being able to swear the fifth ideal after struggling mightily with it.
  9. Agreed, the Ahsoka arc looks amazing. Have you seen the mini trailer they dropped for it?
  10. I love the non Cosmere as a general whole, The Reckoners was a fantastic trilogy, Skyward and Starsight are also phenomenal. However, to name a favorite I would probably go with The Rithmatist. I cannot name why though without going into spoilers. XD
  11. I am torn over some of this. Some things I was really looking forward to are cancelled. (Most notably the NCAA Tournament) On top of that I feel quarantining and the like is a bit excessive. Especially considering that the virus is similar to the annual flu in a lot of ways, possibly even less deadly then it. However, I do get the feeling of being safe rather then sorry but it is frustrating you know?
  12. I love these signings, very chill, yet very informative. We should almost find a way to get a questions topic on here though, that would be cool.
  13. I moved to avoid potential spoilers. I feel that Kaladin is going to be able to grow yet again with a bit more time and actions shown. Ultimately becoming a higher member of the Knights Radiant, possibly even becoming the first to swear the Fifth Ideal.
  14. Hello All, As it happens I am new here, obviously, or I would not make the topic. I am a major fan of Brandon's work and have read every published piece excepting a couple short stories. My favorite series is The Stormlight Archive and my favorite book The Way of Kings, and for characters my favorite is Kaladin with Dalinar as a close second. I also really like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and some other science fiction and fantasy stories. Video games, especially Star Wars: Battlefront 2. The outdoors, especially biking, fishing, hiking, and more! Thank you all for reading!
  15. Kaladin's character is in my opinion very well done all around. The real hook for he is how he struggles and how close he comes to completely giving up just to pull himself back and start winning again. The Way of Kings is made incredible by delving into his character, how he came to be brought as low as he was shown at the start, and then how he came all the way back. The Words of Radiance was just a continuance of this. My favorite lines from both books are his taking the oaths of the Knights Radiant, how it builds slowly but surely to that point is fantastic. And though the time in Shadesmar was a bit of a disappointment for me it still made sense I think ultimately and it hopefully will result in an even greater climax for his character to come. I would say that I also enjoy how there is some similarities in how Dalina and Szeth work and love both of their characters too. However, all in all I find Kaladin's story the most endearing somehow...