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  1. If you go back a couple posts you'll see that I just started the series.
  2. One of the greatest soda's of all time is the tasty, delicious, and abosolutly amazing Coca Cola can be talked about here! (or anything else.) (This is my 50th post!)
  3. I am enjoying Mistborn SO much!
  4. *deep voice* I swear I will be so freaking mad if that happens, *normal voice* because I really need to see Baby Yoda.
  5. Yeah, my bad. I guess it is 4 minutes.
  6. I have Discord. yay.
  7. Sup y'all! I'm a big Metroid fan, and I don't want to be the only one at the Shard who likes Metroid. Why not start a thread about it. So are there any Metroid fans out there?
  8. I do not know who the Avett Brothers is, so I don't know. You should really listen to Surfaces though, their songs spread positivity and spiritual uplift. Dude, I have been in a good mood for days, just listening to this songs. So I HIGHLY recommended it. I also see you are no longer Scadrian Waffle Cook.
  9. Yes please! yay,yay,yay,yay,yay.........YAY.
  10. It's one minute, you guys should listen to the remix song for Kahoot on youtube.
  11. Yay
  12. I think when they stepped on the tripwire Kaz turned off his talent, and Bastille came back then stepped in the goop.
  13. Try to pay more attention next time.
  14. I...I...I Freaking LOVE PANCAKES! *exhales* sorry I had to get that out of my system, anyway pancakes are better than waffles.
  15. Does this mean that you are a Surfaces fan? If so what is your favorite song? I'm a freaking mega fan.