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  1. Wouldn't it be better to ask if I was in marketing?
  2. No, why do you ask?
  3. Oh that'll be no problem I've already sold my soul
  4. What about yodeling?
  5. Oh we try not to do double posts If you wan't to add something extra click the edit button on your last post
  6. I'm confused
  7. Hey ____ you a Duralumin Feruchemist? Because I'm feeling a connection
  8. Hello @bakarin, Welcome to the Shard What's your favorite work of the Sand-man?
  9. But the burrowing animals animals sold their SOUL TO Aunt Jemima's PANCAKE MIX
  10. I'm proud to have achieved the title of Boredboi
  11. "Mr. Booknerd I don't wanna go, these pants are brand new" *Becomes gray dust and floats away*
  12. Ummm.... I INEVITABLE *Youngling killing intensifies*
  13. You get Indian Prime Minister Modi *Inserts soul*
  14. Granted you now know everything a.k.a. you know too much [in heavy Russian accent] Comrade Boris soon comes for you. You know everything, but can do nothing as many, many sons of motherland come and destroy you. I wish for a rumor (one that grows on men like warts)
  15. I now see the beauty in this I'm now a HijackLobsterBoi This is were the fun begins MWAHAHA