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  1. That’s so kind! Thank you :)!
  2. Haha, genius!
  3. For Cultivation, I took two symbols of wisdom and foresight, the oak from germanic mythology and the lotus flower from e.g. buddhism. I expect an introspective nature and have made my image to reflect that.
  4. From the album Mistborn drawings

    My vision of Ruin
  5. As drawing reference you mean? Cool, sure! Can you let me know when you have something, I would very much like to see that!
  6. From the album Newest Odium

    My take on Odium. I must say it has given me some thinking about his morality. Really looking forward to seeing more from him.
  7. From the album Stormlight

    I guess I am not the greatest artist, but making this was a work of love.
  8. That summarizes very well in my opinion. I love all the philosophical questions Brandon puts in his works and the different points of view of Jasnah, compared to Dalinar or others is great food for thought. Jasnah is precisely as you put it here, and that does not make her style and philosophy better or worse than others. It has its pros and cons. The moment of finally not killing Renarin was so good, but I could not agree with her suggesting killing of all the heralds. The fact that she brings it up makes me like her, she is never afraid of putting anything on the table. I hope my ramblings are coherent enough to make my point :).
  9. Very interesting! Two things do not sit right with me however. 1. Is Cultivation right or is she miscalculating? Can she control another vessel? 2. What is the end game of Cultivation? Is she a actually a "force for good" or does she want to remain as the sole shard in the system for her own reasons?
  10. I like the way you are thinking, but getting all honorblades in 10 days seems too difficult to me. Getting the blades of Jezrien, Taln, Ishar and Nale in time would likely require them to be in the same position, which might happen, but does not seem likely. The way of thinking about an immortal champion is nice, it might make for a kind of oathpact 2.0, except that the anti light discovery means time is kind of running out. It is good food for thought at least.
  11. I like “Woe” for the last words, it has something ominous. Perhaps Keeper of Woe. It may refer to Odium and in a sense to a potential bittersweet resolution.
  12. It would make sense to me if the champion is at least able to consent to being the champion, I would not expect that Odium could pick a chasmfiend. A spren or other sapient being however, that does sound possible. What I wonder however, we still do not exactly know what ties Odium to the Rosharan system before the contract, do we? He would still need to find a way around that.
  13. When I explain to colleagues the most important step is always the next one. Dalinar as bondsmith is basically a project manager I suppose.
  14. Would this mean selecting a champion from Kharbranth? I do wonder if Odium’s champion would be allowed to kill a Kharbranthian in a duel.