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  1. I bet in one of the languages of the Cosmere the word for the Dor is mitochondria. Because the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the Sel
  2. When your constant babbling about all things Sanderson gets your brother to somehow become a fan of the livestreams before he reads the books.
  3. 418: Remember the rule of threes. Anything brought up three or more times is going to be important. Pay attention to it.
  4. What about pancakes before death, pancakes before weakness, pancakes before destination?
  5. Proof: Seems like a pretty worldhopper thing to do. Theory: soulcast meat smells like artificial bacon
  6. I think Denth and Tonk Fah, while not necessarily being the scariest, deserve an honorable mention simply because they were able to gain Vivenna's trust so easily. That level of manipulation is pretty dang creepy.
  7. Granted. You can now fly. You also happen to be a fly. I wish for a dumb idea.
  8. Proof: have you ever seen any plastic on Nalthis or Roshar? Theory: The Sibling's real name is the Stormuncle.
  9. Thanks. I have a lifetime supply of fire.
  10. Hi!

    I think I just have a thing for wholesome nerdy characters in general. Renarin doesn't get a ton of screentime, so pay attention to him, because I think he'll end up being the coolest character in the series.
  11. Vasher might not even notice.
  12. Hi!

    Those are all great, but I think Renarin is my all time favorite. I also have a soft spot for Raoden and Steris.
  13. Let me help you out there. *Gets out blow torch* I have a mostly charred knight.
  14. I have an empty bowl that used to contain stew.
  15. Well, seeing as we now have some nice coals... I have a stick with a marshmallow on it.