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  1. Granted. They like it but not enough to give you reputation for it. Brother wishes for the ability that anytime he says a weird fish's name he can heal himself.
  2. Remember the magic system Brandon talked about where diseases give you powers? Allergic reactions are like that. While you are in the middle of the allergic reaction, you have magic powers, but as soon as it's over, you are back to normal. So while in anaphylactic shock you can see the future, hives make you invisible but only where the hives are. Watery eyes give you emotional manipulation. Headaches let you read minds. Puffy tongue let's you understand any language. Postcards
  3. I'll take it! Expand my criminal underground. Who wants a restraining order?
  4. Perfect for my sock puppet show! Here's a man dressed as a dinosaur chicken nugget
  5. Welcome to the Shard! Who's your favorite character?
  6. Well, with all the flights cancelled, you can't go to Tahiti and prove she's not now can you? Theory: Aimia is actually Damnation, but a series of mistranslations and misspellings led to it being known as Rosharan hell instead of the reclusive beaver country that it is.
  7. Hmm. Math homework you say? When used as a firestarter, the resulting ashes have varying magic properties. The harder the homework, the more powerful ashes. Smoke Detectors
  8. Granted, your hybrid is smaller than the average of his kind and is bullied for being short. I wish pollen season was over.
  9. Granted, but you're skills are a little unconventional and can only be used to resurrect dead diseases. At least that explains the smallpox My brother wishes that everytime he opened his mouth the Tetris theme would come out
  10. Granted, you now have a glass of water. You're still thirsty though Brother wished he didn't have to digest protein to live.
  11. Granted, but you don't have the ability to land. He wishes for scholarships for all his 90's kids
  12. I think there's a whole book about what Raoden would do...
  13. "yay! A random stranger on The internet likes me" And in case you were worried about all his 90s kids, the sheep is so they can have clothes and the toaster thing is so he can feed them.
  14. Granted, but the brown color doesn't come from molasses, but from dirt And of course my brother has another request. He wishes for the ability to toast anything (particularly bananas) with his mind.
  15. Granted, but you are also blind like toph. I wish for a waffle