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  1. Not just a Feruchemist! It is pretty much all but confirmed that an alloy of lerasium + X god metal will connect you to that shard and their magic system, though as the following WoB implies it might be a bit more complex than just burning the alloy. The most relevant one, but the other below also support this
  2. Perhaps not with connection alone, but it seems reasonable that there should be some metric, albeit maybe a convoluted one, to determine the concept of ownership as you describe it. Still, we are very much in the dark about connection and its tangential topics like spiritwebs, so it could be totally possible for such to be determined from connection alone, though the efficacy is questionable given the fudgy stuff y'all mentioned that can happen with connection.
  3. Unlike the Kandra, singers don't really have a spike/blessing equivalent that can just be straight up removed, so though I think their Identity was affected in some way by what happened, it was mostly a Connection thing. That is nothing more than an assumption though. Coppermind, on BAM's page, reads "[BAM's] binding had massive effects on Roshar. It ripped out both Connection and Identity from the singers, which prevented them from being able to act independently...", "ripped out" is a bit vague given all the nuance we've seen with Connection and Identity, but it is likely that whatever happened did affect both in at least some way. Are there more WoBs like the two already linked by Frustration that touch on the topic so we have more info to go off of instead of splitting hairs? I can look later on when work quiets down.
  4. Exactly yeah. If the mystery weapons wouldn't provide a marked advantage in the fight (actual fighting and all the clerical tasks waging war entails), it is absolutely in Odium's interest to keep the weapon a secret. If they show off the weapon early, by the time several fourth ideal radiants are around, a way to counter it may have been discovered, as opposed to springing it on a score of them who have never encountered it before and securing an instant W. If the weapon would've swung the tides of things to Odiums side already, we can be assured we'd have seen it. But likely it is most effective at countering something humans / radiants were not yet able to do or fully realize before, so hes being sneaky about it.
  5. Id have to guess it's the scarcity of such weapons. We know Raysium is super rare/valueable, Raboniel has servants sweep the lab for any tiny traces of the metal after the first anti-light explosion, so I'd wager they only use them as needed. Windrunners getting a bit too good fighting Heavenly ones? Raysium spears. Kal, Jasnah, and other radiants start pulling some fourth oath shenanigans? New weapon.
  6. Forgive me, it seems I did a poor job of fully explaining myself. I mean to say that I think duralumin lets someone expend more investiture in the same amount of time than they would be able to without, as if there is a physical limit to the amount of investiture you can actively channel that duralumin tampers with. Think of the radiant or mistborn as a pipe with some fixed diameter. Active use of investiture, such as lashing or steelpushing, sends investiture though the pipe. By way of their intent, the radiant or mistborn can control the pressure in the pipe (how hard am I lashing / pushing myself?). My view is, like a muscle has a max strength, that there is a limit to which someone can adjust that pressure, though the "limit" can and will change based on their radiant oath or strength as a mistborn or any other number of cosmere phenomena. Just as well, since we know many of the magics are designed so you don't hurt yourself (steelrunning not shattering your legs), perhaps it is the opposite, and the limit is defined by how much pressure the pipe can take - or rather, how much investiture your body can channel at a given time.
  7. IDK. I think about it like Impact in physics, where a large force applied over a very short time can have very different effects from a proportionally smaller force applied over a proportionally longer amount of time - equal work done, differing results. Burn a bit of atium, get a bit of future sight, burn enough quickly enough and the results change. I just feel like duralumin is designed to make magic systems more useful, even if it makes the intermagic stuff a bit fudgy - having duralumin aided lashing and lightweaving just be an explosion of light or some wicked fast acceleration (on second thought, Mach speed Kal ain't so bad XD) would be a let down, though maybe that's a bit subjective
  8. I feel like singing/humming certain tones should have at least some effects on certain actions - like, maybe humming the anti-tone for preservation would screw with any emotional bronze, zinc, or brass alomancy, like a sort of destructive coppercloud of sound and intent? Maybe you have trouble burning the metal, and thus tapping into preservations power, if you hear his anti-tone?
  9. Ah I see! That would be even cooler than my guess. I feel you might be wrong in that the viewers mind affects the lightweaving, IMO it's the lightweavers mind who totally governs the illusion, but I digress. That D&D language is well put though! Nice. This feels closed minded; not that you disagree, but in your narrow interpretation of things. We have ZERO idea how allomancy and other magic systems interact, and duralumin has already proved to do some funky stuff with the whole Elend seeing the SR bit. We dont know nearly enough to pigeonhole it yet
  10. I think that's a reasonable possibility! I'm immediately reminded of what I believe was an off hand comment from Jasnah about Shallan's illusions having a "mass" to them; there is some relation between Investiture, Mass, and Energy we are not yet privy too. iirc it was near the conclusion of the Battle of Thaylen field, when we had the 10 order meetup. Perhaps lightweaving connects (I mean the word in the non-cosmere way, though it could also affect cosmere capital-C Connection!) the idea in your head in the CR to its illusory counterpart in the PR? Duralumin supercharges that connection, allowing it to fully manifest in the PR with mass and everything?
  11. Off the cuff I'd assume a Surgebinder and Spren could hold a shard together? Or maybe rather someone could be hold both a shard and nahel bond at the same time? IDK, I just think it'd suck to have a spren get the boot if their bondmate ascends.
  12. True Taldain doesn't have those problems, but those aren't really the main problems the concept was designed to improve upon - it was conceived because such a fractional amount of a stars light reaches its home planet, and to capture more of that energy. 12 more hours of the optimal angle of light per day will not make up for the great distance between the theoretical sphere and the solar panels. So necessary? Maybe still no haha, but likewise just musing and sharing my thoughts. And iirc Dyson himself is on record saying that the eponymous sphere is nigh impossible, and that a ring / swarm / partial shell type deal would be infinitely easier and still generate enormous energy. This could be a lot more reasonable as opposed to designing something that will inevitably produce a surplus of energy that goes to waste, though as investiture becomes more easily transportable, surplus energy/investiture could be pretty lucrative
  13. By the time we saw him, Leras had held the shard for long enough to completely embody Preservation. Vin was able to go on the offensive because she was fresh enough of a vessel to not have her intent and actions muddled by the shard she held - perhaps in some part due to her being such a good host. As for Kel, not entirely sure - maybe he had trouble with things due to his forced connection?
  14. never would have guess it happened this way around, thats great lol