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  1. I actually loved the detail that people were upset, b/c stupid unspoken rules still exist in sports today. So many silly things in baseball like frowning upon batters for hitting a homerun when the lead is already great - like, I know we're probably gonna win, but is this not what you payed me to do? Same thing but different here. I liked seeing some disgruntled fans lol, Adloin's desire to just win and skip the propensities was fun.
  2. Wasn't Scadrial, as a planet, created by Ruin and Preservation working together? That makes it, so far as I'm aware, the only planet not made up of 'general' investiture - maybe the combination of the two powers outside of a vessel doesn't make exactly Harmony's investiture, but I feel like Harmony's destruction would effect Scadrial at least in some way.
  3. Perhaps something similar to what happens with Radiant plate? When the Knight is advanced enough, some windspren or logicspren homies or whatever your orders' lesser spren is make up the ammunition. The bonded spren is the bow, the lesser spren are the arrows type deal. Are lesser spren also of both Honor and Cultivation? Cuz if so they'd also manifest as some variant of the same metal shardblades are currently, correct?
  4. (I think!) At least in some cases with Inquisitors, the spikes stick out of the body because they benefit from using longer spikes when creating Inquisitors I don't recall where in the story, but we learn that on the operating tables, in order to steal the most power / make the strongest spike, Inquisitors will drive a spike through a living misting and into the nascent Inquisitor, whos laying beneath the body on the table. For that to go well I certainly picture them using spikes long enough to stick out some end even when dug fully in. Messy work lol.
  5. Dalinar was a monster, and I recognize that. But his chapters are engaging, and I enjoy reading about his struggle and change. He knows he was a monster, and it eats at him. Were Dalinar a woman in the same position, she would be just as much of a monster, nothing would change for me. Shallan makes some of the least funny jokes I've ever read. I like reading her chapters, but man do I hate getting to her quips. The humor just doesn't land for me, and I dislike her not addressing her issues. Were Shallan a man in the same position, his jokes would be equally unfunny, nothing would change for me. Sure - maybe I don't completely understand Shallan's situation with all the mental health complications and why she choses to operate in the way she does. But I can say the way she operates annoys me, even if I know it's not entirely her fault/choice, and that she is trying. IDK...I know a lot of people don't like Shallan, but I seriously doubt it's because of sexism.
  6. Use the Falchion stole my comment before I even wanted to make it, it seems LOL As much as I'd like it to be a shard corresponding to some other part of my personality, I'm def best suited to Odium or Dominion
  7. Completely agree that she is not as smart as people perceive her to be, and also completely agree w/ Quantus that she's a genius. It's the extra extreme genius that people confuse w/ her actual intelligence that gives her some of the commanding Aes Sedai kinda presence, and the respect people give her.
  8. We do. Here's one WoB, but there are a number off others. IIRC there has been some back and forth on who can / cannot burn godmetals, especially concerning the Lerasium / Atium. We should learn more on that point soon *edit* much better WoB lol
  9. Hoid is a full Mistborn after consuming the bead from the well. IDK why he'd want to alloy it to just be a misting edit - and a damn strong one at that. He ate one of the OG 16 beads so he's as strong as Elend was
  10. the snippets of song Robert Jordan wrote for the series are always such a highlight when they pop up, especially in the audiobooks imo. He dropped some gems in there this, the Aiel "Life is a dream" chant, and all of the battle songs we hear around Mat are my faves : )
  11. perhaps it's got something in the same vein as spren more often bonding someone of the opposite gender? if spren and singers are more alike than spren and humans, it may be that they get more from a bond with an entity further removed from them?
  12. How did you get that for Step 1? If (1) and (2) are each 100 kg now, (2) should only move .25m for every 1m (1) moves if A and a are linked, it shouldn't move further. This seems reasonable, stockpile stormlight and get mechanical energy out of it. I wonder what the optimal way to do that is
  13. say less king spoiled for large pics so strictly by raising and lowering the gemstones, we shouldn't be able to cheese the system in any way. idk if it's been mentioned in the thread, but setting something up to rack and rerack the dun and lit sphere's automatically for highstorms could be cool application of something like this - toss your duns in a bin that send them to some apparatus like that, all powered by spheres from that same storm. or anything else that does utilize that juicy free energy XD
  14. Two things to get out of the way first. One - we have no proper unit (outside of monetary terms) for gemstones, so i will use simply that when describing their size, a unit. Two - im going to be viewing all motion as discrete and ignoring acceleration; as Nameless has already pointed out, acceleration already does enough to mess with things, so I'll poke some new holes without it if I can So, here is my understanding of paired Rubies / Amethysts. Lets say I have two identical 100kg cubes with a rubies set inside a face of each, a 1 unit ruby in one (block 1) and a 4 unit ruby in another (block 2). the weight of the rubies is negligible in this case, given the sizes of he blocks. what this means is that if i push on block 1 with 200 N of force, block 1 will receive 40 N of it, and block 2 160 N, a 1:4 split. This encompasses two important facts - the weight of the full system is the full weight of both sides, and the gemstone sizing, relative to its pair, controls the division of forces. If im wrong here, pls lmk Lets break down the current process so it's easier to talk about: We have systems (1) [A+B], (2) [a+b+C], and (3) [c] We begin at rest, with systems (1), (2), and (3), at rest at position 0 WITH A:a (1) falls 1m, (2) rises 5m in response (5 to 1) WITH C:c (2) falls 4m, (3) rises 4m in response (1 to 1) WITH B:b (2) falls 1m, (1) rises 1m in response (1 to 1) Now, (1) and (2) are back at 0, and our output (3) is 4m higher than it was when it started! Free energy! The problem with the current Frustration Apparatus is it ignores mass when convenient, only looking at the relationship between the currently conjoined gems as opposed to relationship between the currently joined systems. Consider the mass / size of the parts of the system in relative to the whole. Each of these gems has mass, which must be accounted for. If we use A and a, let a weight 1 unit and A 5. Assuming a = b = c, and assuming our systems are ONLY the mentioned gems at these given masses and no additional weights, our systems weigh 6, 3, and 1 units respectively. With the weight accounted for (and initially pulley motions not adjusted [ie drop (2) 4m]), the process looks like. WITH A:a (1) falls 1m, (2) rises 2m in response (6 to 3) WITH C:c (2) falls 4m, (3) rises 12m in response (3 to 1) WITH B:b (2) falls 1m, (1) rises .5m in response (3 to 6) This obeys conservation of momentum, with the sum total energy of the three systems at 0, the starting value, at every point in time. This is where additional arguments can be made about acceleration as well - my example is also idealized, moving discretely from one potential energy state to another while ignoring acceleration / deceleration - but those arguments are in the same direction im shooting. Perhaps with some arrangement of gem sizes and system weights the device could be used for efficient energy storage and recovery, optimizing how amounts of it get moved around or such I'm not super happy with this, feeling like I'm forgetting something poignant, but will look over it again after work!