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  1. So I came across this: and I know the name Hoid itself is an alias. Im wondering if there is more that we should look for.
  2. Would they be more similar to the Drabs from Warbreaker?
  3. Thanks for the info!
  4. Ok thanks!
  5. The spren of Roshar are all some mix between Honor and Cultivation or Odium. The Odium spren look different from the normal spren showing that different shards have different spren. In Elantris it is never discovered how seons are created. This is likely because they are devotion spren and bond with the people on Sel similar to how high spren bond to people on Roshar. It is also mentioned that Seons are almost physical representations of "Gods love" (Devotion)
  6. For example Hoid goes by the name of someone he learned from/looked up to or the like. They could've been an elantrian and him going by hoid is a reference to how they would've become a hoed after the fall. Coulda got mispronounced and it got changed to hoid. Or maybe the other worlds just spell it wrong. I seriously doubt there is correlation between these but any thoughts?
  7. In Elantris it is mentioned that all the religions focus on unity. Shu-Dereth achieves Unity by Obedience(Dominion). Shu-Korath is Unity by Love (Devotion). Shu-Keseg is Unity (Dominion and Devotion) Did anyone else follow this train of thought?
  8. In Ch 17 of Oathbringer Syl says that the On Scandrial (Mistborn) there is a Feurchemal power to store Identity and while you are storing it you loose your Identity. Would this make you similar to a Parshman while you are storing Identity? I dont know what it would look like when you pull out the extra Identity you've stored.
  9. Where would the "survivor" shard fit in?