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  1. Hello, fellow humans. I'm completely normal and average, having been born and such. I hope to start a group on this part of the internet for all completely normal and average human beings such as myself.
  2. Smurf is a game about verbs. I replace a verb with a smurf and now will only refer to that word as "smurf" For instance, if the smurf is running, I would say "I am smurfing to the store", "I am smurfing in a race", or "I am smurfing out of time". These can be very general (like running or reading or something) or very specific (I've heard building a bird's nest, climbing Mt. Everest, and doing the Macarena) Everyone else is trying to figure out what the smurf is by asking questions. You can ask categorical questions ("where would I do this smurf?" "What movie could I see this smurf in?"), or ask me to describe smurfing in some way. ("Tell me a story where you smurf at a movie theater") I'll start. I have a smurf
  3. Hey everyone, Null here with a new roleplay. This comes from a series I wrote with my friend. The series will probably never be published in its current form, but I couldn't let all our worldbuilding go to waste! I've attached a doc that's a summary of all the worldbuilding we did, or I have a TL;DR of the summary in the spoiler below. Because this world is big, complex, and has a bunch of secrets, I'm going to play a bit more like a DM than some of the other RPs on this site. I don't really have a plan for where we're going though, so please come in and explore Siren! Characters First scene:Jay Argentae is in Halcyon Stadium, wandering around the many shops and vendors. He was told to meet someone here by a mysterious note. Worldbuilding for the Siren RP.pdf
  4. @Condensation Chrysler Madison pulled her sword out of the beast's neck and wiped it's black blood onto the grass. She wasn't sure where all these things had come from, but she'd been seeing these demons all over the multiverse in the past few days. Obviously something had happened to unleash them, but it was impossible to say what just yet. She finished cleaning off the sword, knelt, and offered a prayer to her god in thanks for another battle won. She'd have to go talk to him in person sooner rather than later though.
  5. "Er... hello."
  6. "Did she not explain? We, ah, work together, in a way. Our organization wants to keep an eye on powerful worldhoppers, which brings me back to my original question: do you know Channelknight Fadran?"
  7. "She got shot a little during... something about a siege? An assault? Anyway she made it back and is being healed, so I'm here for now."
  8. "Ah, are you the girl I was told I'd find? Chrysler sends her regards. She's a little hurt but she's fine. As I've already said, I'm Crimson and I'm looking for Fadran." Crimson smiled, and reflected on the irony of a cold-blooded creature trying to inject some "warmth" into a fang-toothed smile
  9. "I'll ask what that means later. Where's everyone else?"
  10. "Pretty sure"
  11. "Janice! You're ok!" He caught her and spun her around, feeling like a dad that just got home from a long time away
  12. Jay looked around the place, trying to get a sense of what was going on. It was certainly larger than he expected for a brand new academy
  13. Jay sighs. "They usually are. Hasn't stopped me before though"
  14. "Correct." Crimson is surprised, but not altogether concerned or perturbed. A glowing snake appearing out of the air is far from the strangest thing he's seen.
  15. "Many, but most recently I seem to have dropped out of the one I'm supposed to be in. I was hired to protect Aryanna and things got... a little out of hand. You might know more than me judging by that news broadcast. At this point I just feel some measure of responsibility for them, especially Janice. She's still a little kid."
  16. "My name's Crimson. I'm told to look for a... Fadran. Do you know that name?" "As to what I am, worry not. Replicans are rare even where I come from. Think of me as just an oddity."
  17. Crimson Vaughn pressed a button on his wristband and stepped through a portal to... well he wasn't totally sure. But Chrysler had placed a tracking glyph on the girl Andante's person and he was able to track that. The portal should open a few feet behind the girl, and Crimson could hopefully introduce himself before getting shot. Scaly skin and yellow, reptilian eyes sometimes made people confuse him for a monster. Which he supposed he occasionally was, but not for those reasons. @Condensation
  18. Hey Fritz! Haven't been to this corner of the Shard since... well pretty much ever. I guess I responded on this thread a while back. Foreshadowing, I suppose
  19. Jay smirked. Why was he not surprised that Janice was injured yet again? He hoped she was alright. And what was the assault happening? "We'll have to see about that. I'm their friend."
  20. Well that was easy. "Won't you please?" Remembering some of his manners, Jay held out a hand. "Jay Argentae."
  21. "Er..." Jay wasn't sure if they were trying to keep a low profile or not. Although, he considered, judging by the fact they were on the Scrynet and apparently running an academy, it was probably fine. "I'm looking for Cadenza and Aryanna." Who knew what situation Janice was in at this point.
  22. The god Null walked through his Nexus, if one could be said to walk within the boundaries of their own mind. He had been busy investigating into the strange new gods that seemed to be appearing, and oddly, had found whole sections of Existence that seemed to behave oddly compared to the ones he and the Council controlled. That was the main reason he had sent Foundations to investigate the Fellowship, but each had come back, defeated in their own way. Patch had lost the girl in that strange "mindscape," Chrysler had taken an arrow to the chest during some fool siege and was being healed, and Vale seemed to be under some kind of shell shock, which was odd for one who had seen as much as he had. He had sent out a general summons to his Foundations for a new investigator for the Fellowship, at least until those two could return. Most were busy on other assignments they couldn't return from: Jay on Siren, Selia presumably in the Cosmere. He hesitated to send out those who had responded, unaware as he was of the situation. Stasis was a young Foundation from a universe filled with superheroes, which is why they refused to give up the moniker. They had unique powers but were also the newest of Null's Foundations. Crimson was an assassin who for years had hunted extraplanar threats. He was skilled and crafty, but he was certainly less suited to investigation than to assassination. Moria Smedry was unpredictable at best, and far from the most observant of the Foundations. She was reliable, however, and perhaps the most likely to find herself within the group thanks to her charismatic personality.