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About Me

Here's a list of all my RP characters, both so I can remember and so that you can know where to go to find me!

The Fellowship of the Thing:

Null: a Hyxali cook who stayed in the Universe Hexagon after the Fellowship left

Stephen Vale: A worldhopping special-ops soldier who serves the god Null Prime, for now working with the Fellowship

Chrysler Madison: An experienced worldhopper who uses runes and magic to wreck face. Definitely doesn't have her own agenda.

Null Prime: A Reflectionist god, who tries not to get involved in mortal affairs himself, but will send his Foundations. My profile pic is supposed to be him in a very abstract, I-can't-draw-very-well-but-it's-still-cool-kind of way!

The Fellowship of the Thing: Side Tales

Miera Branwen: An Aes Sedai novice who found herself in very much the wrong world, at the wrong time.

The Fellowship of the Thing: Seasonal

Null joins in this one as the cook for the cabin!

Moria Smedry makes a short cameo appearance with her Talent of bad puns

Siren's Call: an RP

The world is my character that gets to grow along side the players!

But also I play Jay Argentae, a Duster who just wants to help people and keeps finding himself in over his head.

The Mishmash Inn

Null returns to his role as the Mishmash Cafe owner

Radiant Academy

Selia Tellen: a girl with some secrets, currently in the process of becoming a Willshaper

Alleyverse: Character Sheet and Stats 

Alvyer Cyn: An Urdail explorer who's studying every kind of magic he can find.

Myths and Magi

Alex Stellan: an American Muggleborn wizard who got missed on his 11th birthday, and wants to make sure that never happens again

The Artifacts

Jinzo of Kosi's Clave:  A merfolk adventurer who will get you wherever you want to go... for a price.


Harmony Yu: A musician/magician who uses one of my favorite magic systems to mess with emotions.


Spark: A nobleman who sees into other people's heads using Sapphire so often it's starting to mess with his own.

A Game of Godly Intrigue:

Rephrin: God of heroism, courage, and quests. And you bet he likes quests :P 

Reckoners RPG

Alec Farwen/Starfall: an Epic who uses dramatics and hard-light constructs to police his town and keep an eye on whatever is happening in Edmonton.


Wow, that's a lot of RPs!