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  1. Yoooo, birthday twins!!!

  2. "Er... hello."
  3. "Did she not explain? We, ah, work together, in a way. Our organization wants to keep an eye on powerful worldhoppers, which brings me back to my original question: do you know Channelknight Fadran?"
  4. "She got shot a little during... something about a siege? An assault? Anyway she made it back and is being healed, so I'm here for now."
  5. "Ah, are you the girl I was told I'd find? Chrysler sends her regards. She's a little hurt but she's fine. As I've already said, I'm Crimson and I'm looking for Fadran." Crimson smiled, and reflected on the irony of a cold-blooded creature trying to inject some "warmth" into a fang-toothed smile
  6. "I'll ask what that means later. Where's everyone else?"
  7. "Pretty sure"
  8. "Janice! You're ok!" He caught her and spun her around, feeling like a dad that just got home from a long time away
  9. Jay looked around the place, trying to get a sense of what was going on. It was certainly larger than he expected for a brand new academy