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  1. Interesting discussion. I would put in that Vin has more experience fighting flying and invested enemies that attack at range, and also could probably use the emotional metals and bronze to some effect in this fight. Specifically, Bronze would make it near impossible for Kal to get the drop on her. And if she can Soothe his protective instincts, she might even be able to force him back into the mindset he was at during the end of Oathbringer (she still does look like a young woman). Duralumin might also play a bit of a part here
  2. That's why I'm thinking it might go badly for Venli in RoW. Kaladin and Dalinar will probably push for unity, and try to protect the singers that do come over, but I expect they'll fail at that because it's too hard to protect them from the Fused or Odium himself. Until Jasnah is persuaded and the Radiants actually get a handle on things, I don't see anything like this happening
  3. I'm thinking more of being able to protect them from Odium. I don't know exactly how much power he has over them, but Venli was terrified of him until Tambre was there to protect her
  4. Brandon's beliefs certainly do come through a lot, especially in Elantris and Stormlight. I'm LDS, too, so there's a lot of times where I'll be reading and go *insert Leonardo DICaprio meme pointing* As for this theory... thematically it all ties together fairly well, to be honest, and there is a running theory on the Shard that the Shards are going to reunite into Adonalsium again which matches up pretty well. I doubt that Brandon will ever explicitly confirm anything about "Adonal", since he seems to be pretty reluctant to bring anything from Beyond into canon. Even the Evi whisper from Oathbringer he leaves up the reader's interpretation as to exactly what's happening there
  5. Sorry, this fandom has the highest learning curve I've ever seen, so you'll either see some spoilers or be very confused if you stay on here for long
  6. Brandon is definitely headed towards a unification of Singer and Human (although considering how wrong I've been about other plot twists, maybe ignore me). Venli will be a key piece of it somehow, but unless she or Dalinar can somehow extend protection to other Singers, any kind of underground singer rebellion will not go very well
  7. I love Steris, and could maybe see her having a minor power. I like the Atium alloy misting thing. Personally though, I don't see it fitting narratively.
  8. That makes it hard to judge how they actually work. What with the new info from the Radiant quiz, I think that the ancient Skybreakers struggled with the same questions that are above; what justice really means in context of the law. It also seems like they set up a sort of "high law" for the Radiants that they could have used for an Ideal. Brandon didn't say this right out but I got that sense from it. I think Nale becoming the Law really means that he takes responsibility for whatever goes wrong within his jurisdiction, which is Roshar. Just how Wax thinks on Scadrial (and some of the best police officers I've talked to), and sees it as his duty to stop enforce justice in all of Roshar because it's his responsibility, as opposed to earlier oaths that put responsibility on the laws you swear to
  9. I kind of doubt that. The Everstorm had a huge cost (narratively, although who knows how it worked with Investiture), so there will need to be quite a cost to stop it. I don't think that just uniting the Singers with the humans will work
  10. That would technically work, but still is both unwieldy and unlikely. Not that I have any better ideas. It's just that Jasnah is the only Soulcaster the radiants have currently that could do that even once and she isn't going to be able to take out a whole army
  11. I bet there'd be a way to make some sort of Cognitive "suit of armor around the world", to borrow a Marvel turn of phrase. Not saying it'd be feasible, workable, or the solution that ends up working, but I rather like it. A kind of cruelty-free Oathpact That does bring me to a question, which is how on Braize did the Oathpact turn into millenia-long torture? Surely someone saw that loophole
  12. Ok, everyone makes good points about that. That's a part I did not think about
  13. I can't wait until I have a functioning computer and can play this myself. As it is, I think it looks awesome! Any idea whether you'll do the less known metals, or Fereuchemy? Probably further down the road, but I feel like Fereuchemy would fit a video game like this really well
  14. That's going to be awesome on so many levels. Speaking of the Epilogues (and maybe this is a tangent), I think it's interesting that each if the Epilogues so far have been about more universal truth; what men value most, art and contrast, and perception of reality. They seem more like Truthwatcher questions than Lightweaver questions, so maybe the epilogues going forward end up being more personal for his Truths
  15. Well, we do see the codes and they don't go one way or another. There is the "don't ask of your men what you wouldn't do yourself", but as we see, Dalinar was willing to die there. I rather think the Way of Kings would be what drives that. The idea of responsibility for the outcome of the Tower, while in the book Dalinar views it as taking responsibility for Sadeas's betrayal, could also have been taken as a "I have to protect my men".