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  1. Hope you're doing well, and coming back soon!

  2. Alein walked into the room, rolling his eyes. "It's not a sandwich, but it's all I could find in the mess we're calling a kitchen." He comes out holding a few granola bars
  3. "You probably didn't notice, but those two rangers don't have yours or my best interests in mind."
  4. @The Unknown Order Alex looked nervously around the room. It looked much like how he had expected it to look, and while he doubted they'd get in trouble, necessarily, he had never been too good at talking to authority figures.
  5. Chrysler was totally here for all of the action. She draws a rune and a wave of arrows vaporizes, giving her an opportunity to dart closer to the door
  6. Harmony winces and puts her hand to her ear. "Great! Well uh, I wish you luck, brave knight!" She starts to walk off in the opposite direction than she pointed
  7. "No, of course not." Alex walked in. "What are you thinking, going off alone?" he hissed at Evan under his breath.
  8. Alex just nodded, trying to catch his breath
  9. Alex ran up to the gate, out of breath. "Did you *gasp* see *gasp* my brother?"
  10. After a few moments, the barkeeper walks into a backroom.