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  1. Eris swooped out of the hole in the wall, headed for Janice, Jay ran after her, using his aspect to make giant leaps. Pluto goes down after his head is cut off. The healing on other parts of his body slows down, but the neck stump starts to heal back together. The severed head crumbles into crystal powder.
  2. "Ouch! At least be nice about it"
  3. "But..." humans don't like being contradicted. "Well, I'm sure you're right. I don't know very much about this, really. Could she be" checks book "a Coppermind?"
  4. Pluto doesn't manage to dodge the punch in time, and takes it straight to the face, then the sword to the gut. He waves at the rest of the team and they go off, Eris to the Arena, the other two in a different directions, and he starts to heal. Jay follows Eris out to the arena. Janice is still out there and he overheard.
  5. A girl steps out from behind Pluto and Eris and makes a hand gesture. When she does, all the fear comes rushing back at Lloyd. It has almost a physical weight now, and he can see shapes swirling before his eyes. The one called Pluto grabs her sword, ignoring the pain as it cuts into his hand. He whirls her around and throws her against a wall. The cut heals almost instantly. "Let's find what we came here for." Eris smiles. "I think I found something better. There's another of us out on the field. I think she's natural, the Queen certainly didn't tell me if she made another"
  6. Each of the Yevon seem unharmed by the blast wave, although the smoke hiding them has been blown away. The winged girl walks out of the wreckage of her cage and over to them. She embraces a tall and pale man. "Told you it would work, Pluto." "It was my idea, Eris." Jay groans. He was thrown into a wall, and that force added to his Aspect, but he still felt it. His hands are glowing brightly now.
  7. "Oh you're feeling it, huh? The voice of the Queen? It can be hard, I know, I was there. Come here, let me help you. It's easier if you have someone to help you channel it. It's supposed to be shared among a kind of hive mind, but the human mind causes some strange connections that give you the full brunt of it. Let it flow out, don't block it. It will be less dangerous that way." She considers "Who am I kidding. Blow this whole place up."
  8. The figure who attacked Cadenza is caught off guard and slips on the ice, but catches himself. He pulls out a knife and uses that to propel himself back onto solid ground, then throws it at Cadenza. One of the other figures sets a small object on the wall. Jay jumps down and tries to engage the third figure, who pulls out a hooked sword.
  9. The Yevon girl in the cage sees Janice. "You look like one of us. What's your name?"
  10. Jay runs around the corner. "Cadenza, who are these guys?" The front figure blocks each of the ice blasts and then moves with blinding speed to intercept her.
  11. "Hey! I'm right here. You don't need to say things like that"
  12. Smoke, rubble, terrified people, and three figures walking towards the inner wall that leads directly to the arena. Jay hits the arena floor and rolls to a stop. The force from the impact charges his aspect, making it look like his hands are glowing slightly. "We've been set up! Run!" he yells at the Paladins on the floor, then runs after Lloyd and the others
  13. "Hey, I figured out why I can't get out of the tree! I can feel you climbing. I am the tree! Or maybe became the tree at some point, I'm not sure"
  14. Jay jumps out of the announcers booth in a shower of glass and falls towards the arena floor. If Lloyd runs to the back of the arena, he'll see a plume of smoke and a hole through the outer wall (where you first get into the arena) and three figures walking in through the smoke and terrified people. They all have glowing eyes.
  15. "Sure, come and see if you can find me. And the octopus is new"