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  1. -One short time skip later-
  2. A Duke is rather powerful, I'll give him that. Sorry Mist, I need some coins. I steal 2 coins from Mist Coins-6 (if it goes through) Cards-1
  3. No comment on what I might have seen I'll take income Coins-4 Cards-1
  4. "Mostly because we already agreed I'm in charge. But I'm sure you can be up there too"
  5. The rangers aren't leaving yet, now they turn their attention to Usavi. "And what about you, my friend?" "Um, I'm sure we would love your help, although I don't know how we deserve it." "I don't know, girl, you're making me suspicious."
  6. "Well, um..." the other man is completely taken aback. Nightburn nods, as if this is everyday news for him. "And what brings you out here, Lord Lander?" "I'm supposed to be looking out for suspicious persons, and I haven't seen you around before."
  7. The other man scoffs at that. "You think you're important enough to just waltz in here and take over a meeting between Mayor Nightburn and I?" Roll deception A member of the town guard notices you skulking in the alleyway, eying the various passersby. "Oi, you. What are you doing there?"
  8. "No, no, I-" "Eben" Caira cuts him off and gives him a meaningful look. "Fine. We'll have to reconvene later so we can talk about the job you're helping us with. Tomorrow at around 9:00? We'd like to leave town around midday."
  9. "I'm trying to get that thing's attention. Want to help?" "Hey, Andante. What's been going on while I'm away?"
  10. Vale threw open the portal near where the Fox was and yelled "Hey!" @xinoehp512, @Nathrangking, @Condensation Chrysler walked into the tent, still looking tired but a little more energized now.
  11. I just think that her death might have changed him somehow, just because of how he and Vasher talk about it. But again, no real evidence. Oh yeah, I forgot about those...
  12. "Guys, I think we need to be a little more worried about what looks like a giant fireball"
  13. First off, I still think that an Awakened sword is a bad idea even if it isn't quite at Nightblood level. But also, my theory is that Shashara's death was somehow a necessary part of Nightblood's creation, although I have no evidence for it other than that Nightblood still doesn't think she's dead.
  14. Find the girl...find the girl...bring her to me...the one who flies... and the girl who left... bring them both to me... Less actual words than impressions, commands that wash over Vespyr's soul like a wave