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  1. "Pretty sure. I'm heading in there"
  2. @Blessing of Potency "What kind of lessons?"
  3. "Troops are gathering there. Terrorist cells that have guarded their turf for years have all of a sudden disappeared and been tracked to the ocean. We don't know exactly where Talongarde is, but we've intercepted messages that might be coordinates. One of my best operatives got out a coded message that one of their top assassins has come back to Talongarde for the first time in years. They've kidnapped scientists and researchers who specialize in many different disciplines. It's obvious to anyone watching that they're planning something big, and we don't know what yet."
  4. Alvyer walked onto the harbor dock, trying not to run and betray his slowly settling panic. He'd known humans were dangerous, he didn't know that there would be things here even the humans were afraid of. The water was calming though, reminding him of the Far Sea back on his planet. Although it was the wrong color. He sat on the side of the dock and, taking off his shoes, dangled his feet in the briny ocean.
  5. "Go ahead"
  6. Jay looks over at 27 and Death and decides to not react to that. "I'm fine. I didn't get a chance to heal all the way, it still kind of hurts to walk. Medrano, what don't we have time for?" Medrano sits down at the controls. "We're hearing whispers from Talongarde. There's been developments. Of what kind we don't know. I think we need to move in now. But if you're not well..." "I'm fine to carry out the plan"
  7. 26. Laughter is not the best medicine. Music seems to be, however.
  8. "Just as ok as I've been all day. Finally found us, Medrano?" "You didn't make it easy for us. Get in, there's not much time"
  9. As the plane sets down, Jay tries to stand up straight like he isn't in total pain. A door opens in the side of the cockpit and Medrano steps out, along with the girl, Sophie, if you remember them from the train at all.
  10. Jay's scroll beeps and he smiles. "Looks like our ride is here, gang" Overhead, a jet touches starts circling the group.
  11. A cat lurks in the corner of an alley outside Blockade's dome, watching the girl and the man
  12. "The source of all this.., it's in there."