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  1. Probably been done already, but still wanted to do it anyway.
  2. Something that has been bothering me for a while, and some other's I've seen on the shard, is the number of Bondsmiths. Two would align well, one for Honor and one for Cultivation, or ten at one for each order. Basically, three completely throws out the symmetry of numbers that is really important on Roshar. My question is, what if there used to be more Godspren before the KR came into existence? We know from a WoB that a lot of the spren existed before the shattering, and thus before Honor and Cultivation came to Roshar. We also know that the unmade existed before being unmade and reforged with Odium's investiture. My theory is that when Adonnalsium made Roshar he made ten "Godspren". Sometime after the shattering, Honor and cultivation came and either created a Godspren (Possibly the case with the Nightwatcher) or upgraded a lesser spren into a Godspren (As we know from Oathbringer happened with the Stormfather.) For a time there were 10-12 Godspren, depending on the order of events in the timeline. This would be the original 10 for Adonolsium, then one each for Honor and Cultivation. Then Odium comes in and unmakes 9 of them. (Following the prevailing theory, the Sibling would be the only one of the original 10 to escape.) The unmaking process would likely destroy most of the spren's ability to think while odium's investiture would put the focus on emotion that we see from the Midnight Mother, etc. So What do y'all think? Feel free to completely obliterate this theory if it's wrong.
  3. I have considered that, but it just doesn't jive with me. The reason it worked for me in Mistborn because Preservation and Ruin couldn't do what they wanted on their own. In this case, though the asymmetry seems to be more problematic. (Mostly because so much on Roshar is based around symmetry.)
  4. So in my reread of the SA, I noticed how much the Stormfather didn't want to bond to anybody. He definitely thought that breaking the oaths would kill him. Something else I remember reading is that there was only one bondsmith when the recreance happened. So my question is, do we know what happened to that spren? Was it killed with most of the other spren, or did it somehow survive? Did the bondsmith at the time hold to the oaths when nobody around them would?
  5. Maybe after you awaken it but before you turn the skin to steel you could spike it with F-copper and a duralumin spike? That combined with the copper stuff might be enough to make it act like a living person, make your pseudo-cognitive shadow more believable. (Kind of like what happened in the Emperor's Soul.)
  6. I got Truthwatcher, closely followed by Windrunner, and am ISTJ. Personally, I don't think I would do gravitation very well. I didn't think I had a fear of heights until I got up on a ladder to replace a third-story window.
  7. I made both my aunt and Mom take the quiz. They both came out Edgedancers. I really thought my Mom would be Bondsmith, but Edgedancer was my second guess.
  8. I got Truthwatcher. I can accept that. What really surprised me was this line: "mostly known as the most scholarly order of Knights Radiant." I honestly thought that went to the Elsecallers.
  9. You sure? Google said that it's osmium. (Although we know that Google isn't the most accurate source of information.) Very true.
  10. I thought that either osmium or iridium was the most densely packed element.
  11. Well, I'd just like to put my two cents in on some topics that have been brought up. Will spren not bond people with certain problems? I say yes, to some degree. I personally lie somewhere on the spectrum, and as such have difficulty in social situations. Would a cultivationspren or bondsmith spren be attracted to me? I doubt it. I love learning, so would an inkspren choose not to bond me? In this case, I doubt my problems would change anything for it. Would any spren choose not to bond someone because they were born blind? I don't see how blindness would have anything to do with the spren's choice. If a blind person wanted justice, and embraced the law I see no reason they wouldn't attract a highspren. Sure, those surges would be among the most difficult for a blind person to use, but we haven't seen a spren bond someone because of the surges they would get. Personally, I think Jasnah would be basically the same person if she were born blind. She had a neglectful father, and in a prejudiced world that is likely to have been compounded. She still would have gone to scholarship, and as a princess would have had access to everything that a normal blind person would not.
  12. This seems theoretically possible, but it also seems like you would have to walk a very fine line. If you were to bond both a highspren and an honorspren your bond with one of them is likely to be broken. (For example, on seeking revenge Kal killed Syl. She also implied that if he had bonded a highspren he wouldn't have killed it.)
  13. You get severely limited joy. And a bead of Atium. *inserts ruby broam*
  14. Granted. Your bane is that you can never again remember which way is left or right. I wish for my own personal stormlight generator.
  15. Nice. What could possibly go wrong? I have the Sibling trapped in a gemstone.
  16. However, a genetically modified computer antivirus was being developed to combat the plants.
  17. Not Quite 625
  18. Awaken a piano, tell it to play music. Is an instrument capable of knowing music on its own? I doubt it. Prepare for endless clashing chords.
  19. Sand mastery would probably work pretty well in VR. It's one of the most visual magic systems. I believe that is why Brandon chose it for graphic novels.
  20. I think Elsecallers would be the most useful. I can think of many cases where windrunners would be useful also, so I'll put them at second.
  21. I'm Ravenclaw. If we want to go with Ilvermony houses, I'm Horned Serpent.
  22. I believe she tells Wit there that she Elsecalled over. Personally, I don't think the highstorm is the perpendicularly. Yes, Honor's perpendicularity moves around, but if it always were in a highstorm you would think the spren would take note and tell the people trying to get back to the PR.
  23. Possibly(?) According to the coppermind, we don't know what happens when you compound a coppermind. One possibility is that it improves memory, but that is debatable.
  24. Only if you don't put the knowledge back in the coppermind. So easier transference of information, but it will have to be learned the same number of times, 1+ per person. However, a fast learner could learn a topic then give the knowledge to another via an unkeyed/unsealed metalmind.
  25. Didn't see this above so sorry if I'm repeating something. I believe it is confirmed that a dawnshard is what gives Hoid his immortality.