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  1. Ok, I didn't know that. With that in mind we will probably have a Shallan chapter now to solve the scene and after that either a Kaladin or a Venli chapter and then the one we didn't have. I would normally say that we'll have the Venli chapter first, but I have the feeling that is going to end in a cliffhanger and that would fit better as the last chapter of part one. In a side note I'm rereading WoK and I have noticed that chapters were way longer there than what we have now.
  2. I'm guessing a flashback chapter as part one is almost done and there should be at least one in each part.
  3. One possibility is that they started in a similar way of what we saw with the listeners and with millennia of war they evolved into this. They probably had a ruling group made of one individual of each of their forms at the time and when they achieved the forms of power was when they decided those are superior and the only ones which deserved being part of the elite. As they became cognitive shadows and all their lifes focused entirely on war maybe they needed some kind of metaphorical way of saying they were the ones more commited to the cause and to the war effort and started doing shows of power and, eventually, one of them maybe started that trend and in time it became a requisite to be able to sacrifice that much if you wanted to be part of this group. If I had to bet about it we are probably going to see that in the heralds flashback and how the fight evolved during the Desolations.
  4. I'm pretty sure that's Shallan, only because if it was navani or Jasnah they would have their safe hand covered with a glove (Navani always and Jasnah at least when she fights). It certainly looks older than Shallan but It is only a representation, not a faithful portrayal.
  5. First of all, hello to everyone as this is my first post after a year reading the forum. Some things I'm eager to read are different type of first contacts that will happen in the space books (as how many will be peaceful or how many will not) as well as seeing Mistborn becoming Radiants, or Elantrians becoming Radiants, or any user of investiture that isn't from Roshar becoming a Radiant.