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  1. I assumed that, since Nightblood may/probably have been on Roshar at the time, the NW just knew about it's existence (likely due to Vasher using Cultivation's perpendicularity, perhaps) & had the ability to retrieve it for Dalinar, not necessarily that the NW could produce a copy of Nightblood.
  2. I believe all of the worlds we've seen have been confirmed to be spheres, but it's not impossible for non-sphere 'worlds' to exist, in some way, shape, or form. It's not impossible, with crab gods running around.
  3. God of stone, you say? Could that potentially be related to the Shin's reverence of stone?
  4. We also don't know the full extent of Nalthis' military might, outside of Hallandren & Idris. Vasher does make some offhand references to interesting uses of Awakening in other nations (using ropes as siege engines, to launch stones, for example); and most societies on Nalthis would probably have Awakeners be prevalent just enough to matter in battle.
  5. Oh man, let's see (This is a spoiler for all Cosmere books in no particular order, here goes): And thanks for the welcome! I'm excited to be a part of this awesome community.
  6. That's a fair point, I just figured a Command would become part of a Lifeless' Spirit Web, possibly as part of their Identity. 'Would Commands be part of a Lifeless' Spirit Web?' Is probably a better question, because if it is, then it may open up the possibility of mucking about with Hemalurgic spikes. Or are Commands just inherently Breath/Investiture overlaid on top of the Lifeless? Do they not show up in the Spirit Web at all? As an aside, from what you posted, along with It seems as though Lifeless somewhat retain their original Identity (I'm probably treading ground others have covered on these forums here). (Also sorry for posting the full quotes, I can't post links yet.)
  7. So a Hemalurgic Spike can be used to 'steal' or alter the bond between a 'dead' Shardblade and an individual. Could a Hemalurgic Spike be used to alter the Commands of a Lifeless, if the proper metals & points were used?
  8. WHAT????!!! Brandon Sanderson Roshar predates the Shattering. I've spoken of this before, haven't I? NotOJebus Maybe somewhere before, and obviously most planets existed before the shattering (Planets are pretty old) but I don't think you've ever mentioned Roshar (the continent) being specifically grown by Adonalsium. Is this a normal thing that Adonalsium did or was Roshar special to him in some way? A quick search reveals that you have mentioned that Roshar was named Roshar before the Shattering but nothing mentioned about it being grown by Adonalsium. It makes sense though, that shape is obviously not natural. Brandon Sanderson There are many things that are unique about Roshar, but it wasn't the only world created in this way. This kind of explains why
  9. Hi, I'm new here (clearly). I just finished Warbreaker this week, which completes the entire Cosmere for me, for now, although I definitely have to re-read several of the books now. I've been doing a lot of wiki deep dives over the past couple weeks, and I'm excited to join all of the theory crafting & discussions that go on here.