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  1. Honorless beat me, but Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! 

  3. *Never gonna give you up*
  4. Wins rainbow-y
  5. The narrator-busters were guarded be the dreaded sound lords, Beet, Wolf, and Jo.
  6. The Ghanderflaffle Empire needed a new Emperor. There were three princes who were in line for the throne. Their names were...
  7. “NO MATING!” -Pattern
  8. Here is my dog Samira. She wants social distancing to be over so she can see people. (She is an extroverted dog.)
  9. Yes, indeed. I just started watching them a few weeks ago when the shutdown started in my area. I’ve been trying to work up to that 40 hours a day. It was four yesterday and five today. On the bright side, I have a new found joy for playing violin, and I think I have gotten noticeably better...
  10. wins softly
  11. The pain! Sedate me! I’m sorry.
  12. But the thread, uh, finds a way.
  13. *Sneaks with*