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  1. Dude, your faces are awesome. Luckily for you, I've been reading webcomics since high school. I'm very fond of them because they are free, mobile, and combine art and storytelling. Nothing is in any particular order. I wouldn't normally note which ones have LGBTQ+ relationships (a good romance is a good romance, imo), but I'll note it in case anyone has any particular interest. I'll bold my favorite favorites. EDIT: Okay, after I posted this, I realized HOLY SMOKES MY LIST IS WAY TOO LONG for this forum. So I created a Google Doc instead: Have 55 of my favorite webcomics, with brief descriptions.
  2. So, out of curiosity, I decided to count how many chapters it takes me to provide a real definition for the Fey. Sixteen chapters. I don't really introduce a pivotal part of the world until 36% into the book. Like, Jesus, yikes, no wonder I've been confusing the hell out of everyone.
  3. The only experience I have regarding boats is my Dad's bass fishing boats. I've been on a sailboat a whooping two times. Wow, makes me such an expert /s. The dinghy I gave the family is primarily based off of the Wayfarer dinghy, the wooden recreational version, not the racing style. The capsizing scene is based nearly step by step on this YouTube video, which, granted, isn't Wayfarer, but is a small, 2 person dinghy. I definitely need to go in and make sure all of my terminology (as you pointed out with the ropes) is correct, and, preferably, have an actual sailor take a look at this scene and make sure I'm factually correct. I've got some east coast relatives who have been sailboating for decades. I haven't talked with them since high school, but I bet they'd be willing to lend a hand. Since you have experience living on a sailboat and knowing more than I do about sailboats, can you think of any little details I could put in that would really make it seem that I have more knowledge than I really do? As Sanderson says, a little smoke and mirrors to make it seem like I'm an expert when I'm not?
  4. @kais @shatteredsmooth @Turin Turambar @aeromancer Thank you for so many excellent book recommendations! I'm so excited!!! This is going to be fun! I can't wait until Lore Olympus starts up again. Have you read Under the Aegis? It's finished now, but one of my favorites. I have a long list of webcomics, but one of my favorite non-Webtoons comics is Tiger Tiger, which has made me weirdly fond of sea sponges and mollusks.
  5. That looks like the cutest book ever. Yes!
  6. Completely agree. My sister and I fight when we butt heads (we also love each other massively), and that's still lacking here. The first version had Sue going, "The palace is bad and I'm worried, but la ti da, I'm sure it'll all work out!" *tosses out sparkles and rainbows of joy* I took a good step in the right direction with this version, and I just need to give it another good crank. The ending conflict early habit admittedly stems from the fact that I avoid confrontation in real life and therefore struggle with adding it in books because, ho boy, I just end up wanting to hide and leave. It's something I'm definitely working on.
  7. This book has a firm happy-ish ending. You can still have a loving family that is strained by in-fighting but makes it in the end. One of the major themes of this book is family. Her parents can be solid rocks (and stay that way), but what about her younger brothers? What happens if your two older sisters are fighting? How does that affect you, especially when you are the youngest at ten? Things have to go wrong before they can go right. I bomb out chunks of the city from war? Opportunity for them to rebuild into something better. Things might go wrong, but, in the end, this is a happy ending book for most characters.
  8. I read The Help freshman year of college (so, five years ago), and I'm admittedly rusty on it. I pulled it off my bookshelf because I went "Hey, I remember strong women in this, especially the pie scene." Now that I'm looking're very much right. It's all about Skeeter playing the benevolent liberator. I'd much rather switch it out for something that doesn't have the...poisonous literary stereotypes. I'd like to get away from white saviors, wise old Native Americans, "here's my one black/gay/insert any minority here friend which makes me woke" and that such jazz. This is good for me two fold: it helps me promote quality literature, and helps me eradicate the misconceptions I know I still carry. I feel very aware of the mistakes I make here (I mean @kais you caught me white defaulting just this last submitted chapter, which I have now fixed), but I think that's good for me. Makes me grow. Hopefully reading these suggestions and adding them to the recommended reading list will help.
  9. I'm actually going to quote you where I want you now. I'll give it a read and see if it fits the guidelines. I put Chains and The Help in there because I do think that one of the best ways of tackling racism is by cutting at the roots with understanding and sympathy. Books have an amazing ability to toss you into another person's shoes and make you think outside of your own limited life.
  10. If it's good romance, I'll always read it, no matter the time period, no matter the pairing (or pairings. I'll happily read romances with poly relationships. That only means there is more to love). Admittedly, most of the romance I've been reading lately has been webcomics, but that's because I've never had a lot of people to recommend me good romances. Sorry to the very popular Jude Deveraux, but I can't read her stuff after the nearly rape scene between the love interests in The Raider, or the disgusting way she handled obesity in Wishes. So, so many romances are bad. I tend to read them on a suggested basis from the simple fact I'm not patient enough to dig through all the heaps of Hallmark-level romances. For me, romance comes first over sex. I'll happily read books with plenty of fun between the sheets, but if the romance isn't believable, *yawn* I'm out.
  11. As soon as I saw this, I slapped my forehead. This series is awesome and illustrations are GORGEOUS!!! Thank you so much for the recommendations!!! I need to read I, Robot, because I know it's a classic.
  12. Shoot!!! Argh, it's so difficult to see past my own biases/prejudices! I should know better!!! Look at me, trying to get more representation into book lists but failing with my own novel! Thank you!!!
  13. This...this actually really works. P traditionally receives the raw materials, makes finished goods, ships them back out. But if the BK starts pushing the raw materials north to M...well, if M is stealing your livelihood, that'll make you mad. Considering Ir's mother is a basketweaver...maybe that job is going up north to M...maybe she'll be fired, adding pressure to the family. Not to mention, long-term wise, there is an excellent reason for the BK to push importing little but exporting as much as possible...he'll want the finished goods coming him, not the other way around. Colonialism and mercantilism would only serve to strengthen Book Two...and would absolutely pummel Book Three when everything goes wrong. Which, frankly, is exactly what Book Three needs. After reflecting hard upon this (this entire conversation has pretty much consumed my brain for the day), I think the reason I'm having a hard time coming up with a better solution is because I failed to recognize what the BK is. I started thinking about him as the good guy again. And he's not. He's a ruthless manipulator that will do everything he can to set up his plans for the future and make them the reality. I lost sight of that. He isn't necessarily a bad guy, but he isn't good, either. I kept trying to say "bad, evil monarchy", when I then made it good. I need it to be tolerable enough that Ir will be confused on which side she's on, but controversial enough that Sue knows exactly which side she is on. And then I need to make the rest of the family members pick which sister they'll lean with. Today, I think I'll research mercantilism, imperialism, and colonialism. I have a starting point! Maybe it'll lead to a solution, or maybe it won't, but will inspire a new direction!
  14. You have middle school??? Yeeeeees... I'm not as familiar with contemporary, so, yes, toss me a few of your favorites. I love widening my own perspectives through the lenses of books.
  15. Booooooks, glorious booooooks!!! This is amazing!!! Thank you!!! I'll take whatever you'll give me, as I know a lot of these titles may be difficult for me to track down on Libby or at the library. Hopefully I'll be able to scrounge up some funds and add some to my bookshelves.