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  1. I wish I could read Mistborn again with new eyes. Experience the shock, horror, and joy of a first read once again.
  2. Hello and Welcome! I hope you thoroughly enjoy your time here!
  3. First of all, you have my respect. Many people would have taken the doubts that you have, let themselves become overwhelmed, and disappeared. Instead, you reached out to Silk and you created this thread. I wish every single one of my students knew how to reach out for advice, just like you have, rather than struggling in silence, or worse, giving up. Everyone so far has written better advice on critiques than I can. So instead, I'm going to broach a topic that I think each of these responses touch on, but that is worthwhile to explore a little further. Perseverance. This is a key trait for anyone in any profession to develop because motivation can only get you started. Perseverance and discipline will carry you much farther than any other trait you can possibly imagine. The ability to get hit and choose to get up again, time after time after time. Because, frankly, you are going to get hit a lot in writing. Some punches will come from others: critiques, rejection letters, bad reviews. Others will come from the world: financial difficulties, struggling to find time, pandemics. Many will come from you: self-doubt, fear, hatred. These punches are going to come, and you'll have to learn how to roll with them, to dodge the ones that aren't important and aren't worth your time, and absorb the ones that you need to learn from. Then, once you've been hit, you'll have to learn the strength to persevere, to stay on your feet and keep fighting. Confucius said that, "It does not matter how slowly you get there, as long as you do not stop." Take that to heart. Even if it is the smallest step forward each day, each week, each month, take that step. There is this webcomic called The Art of Being an Artist, and I particularly like his message in Brick by Brick: and Be Friends with Failure: These are simple comics with an important lesson: to look at the opportunities failure can give you, and how to keep going, brick by brick, step by step. Everyone learns perseverance differently. I still am. I found success by recording my progress on Google Spreadsheets, step by step, so that I can see just how much I've achieved, even when I don't know how I can keep going forward. I keep everything I've ever written, I keep track of my word count progress, the books I have read, the podcasts I have listened to. Now, I hope I can offer one piece of solace: writing is a profession with no age limit. This is not a sport where you have to reach the big wigs by the time you're 30 or your body is shot. Anyone can be a writer, whether you are twelve (like Nancy Yi Fan) or forty-one (the age of Mark Twain when he published his first book) or even older. So don't feel like you are under a time crunch. No one is expecting you, or me, or any other writer on this forum, to become someone like Brandon Sanderson overnight. I don't know if you know this, but Brandon wasn't an overnight success either. He worked a nightshift at a hotel to find time to write and wrote something like a dozen books before getting published. That's perseverance. Dan Wells, author of the John Cleaver series and podcaster with Brandon, wrote at night because he had a full time job and children. That's discipline. Writing isn't a sprint, it's an endurance race. Learn everything you can here, and then take the next step. And the step after that. And so on and so forth. Don't give up, ever. Writing Excuses on Perseverance:
  4. It looks like Dreamer has you stocked up with questions, so I will just say hello and welcome!!! I hope you find many like minded people here!
  5. Welcome to the Shard, and welcome to everything Cosmere and beyond! I agree with @Dreamer let us know your thoughts when you are done! Most of us (including myself) started with Mistborn. I'd have to say olives for toes. I am already a klutz, so I feel like they wouldn't affect me worse than I already am. However, I need my hands for writing! Green beans don't sound very dexterous.
  6. In my opinion, best way to drink Coca Cola is the glass bottle variety imported from Mexico!
  7. You're well read then! Hopefully you'll enjoy all of the theories, discussions, fan art, and more that are all over this forum!
  8. Hello and welcome! Tell us a bit about yourself! What's your favorite Sanderson book?
  9. Just found out that one of my friends (who has lung issues) has just been hospitalized. He's been sick for the last ten days, but we were hoping it was just the Influenza A that was going around (he and his family have been quarantining for two weeks now). The hospital can't/won't test him, but it is almost certainly COVID-19. He's hitting every single marker and timeline. They've taped over his singular window and aren't allowing visitors. I've been texting him and I've put everything on hold to paint him a scene for the nurses to tape over his window. He's keeping his good humor and jokes that the bed feels like Motel 6. The family is religious, and I'd like to ask that if you pray or know someone who does, I'd really appreciate it if you put my friend on any prayer lists that you know of.
  10. Man, I feel you there. I'm in California and we're supposed to restart school April 17th - considering we're up to three cases in the last week, no way that is going to happen. I sub regularly for several classes and there's so much that I want to say to so many of my students. Some of them are going to be hit so hard academically, while many I worry for from a social/emotional standpoint. Some of my kids are still living in garages and trailers from the fire. I was supposed to come along with one fourth grade class to a week long camping trip to Monterey. I've been looking forward to it since last year when I went with the previous class. I'll miss watching my fifth graders graduate. Won't see another class's musical production that they have been working for months on. Many of my special education students are moving...I'll never get to say goodbye to them. And as the sub, I'll probably never get a chance to say goodbye to any of them. How many will I see next year? How many will be forced to move south to cities for jobs? I keep trying to put a positive spin on everything, try to keep the optimism going, but I can't find a happy outlook towards how this is affecting my schools and students.
  11. Hello and welcome! Have any favorite hobbies and interests? Tell us a bit about yourself!
  12. Hello! Fanart is always welcomed with open arms!
  13. Welcome! I remember having the same reaction after I read Elantris, which was after I had read Mistborn eras 1 and 2, the Reckoners, The Rithmatist, and Warbreaker. The fact that Sanderson continually works on improving his craft is one of the main reasons he is one of my favorite authors. I strongly admire lifelong learners. I listen to him on Writing Excuses talking about the mistakes he made in his early books and what he has learned, and all I can think is how absolutely incredible his career will continue to be if he never stops improving.
  14. Dude, that is so cool!
  15. Ahsoka Tano is by far my favorite character. Clone Wars might be ending, but this is not goodbye!