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  1. 17th shards christmas

    This was fun to make, haven't ever made anything like it before.
  2. I challenge!! (Unless I'm not allowed to, in which case I won't)
  3. 17th shards christmas

    Is this what your using for your ?
  4. 17th shards christmas

    Eight more days until signups close!!
  5. 17th shard christmas

    Gifts, for joy of others, bring, joy to you, a gift.
  6. 17th shards christmas

    When I think of Christlike love, I think of one of my friend's mom. She is always giving and kind, and whenever there is someone lonely she immediately goes and cheers them up. She also sees the best in everyone.
  7. 17th shards christmas

    Ok, I finished mine. Today's prompt is... Shadow. The emoji is . EDIT: Wow, that worked out perfectly. The new prompt on the new page.
  8. 17th shards christmas

    I'm almost done with my tree. I'll edit it into this post when I finish. If someone wants to post after me I can put the next prompt. Edit:
  9. I'm not sure if anyone has said this yet, but my guess is that Dalinar could become Odiums champion, then purposely lose. That way he protects the people, but becomes a fused for Odium and the bigger Cosmere battle.
  10. 17th shards christmas

    You aren't. An artist. Ya right.
  11. Ahhh! So cute!
  12. 17th shards christmas

    *SIGH* Fine. I'm almost-sorta-kinda-not-really done with mine. It depends on if I want to spend the next hour working on it to make it really good or not.
  13. 17th shards christmas

    You can't just leave us all hanging? What are they?
  14. 17th shards christmas

    @Ookla the Rōnin(Tesh) has some really cool ones here: