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  1. 17th shards christmas

    Just a nice little snowman...
  2. windrunner hasn't been on for months jsyk
  3. *enthralled noises*
  4. Ookla season starts normally stars tomorrow. 

    But I'm just gonna do it now. 

  5. Well, at least I got to see @Mage. He's really cool. Wish I could have met more of y'all though. 

    1. Ookla the Frog

      Ookla the Frog

      Wait... is this the sharder previously known as experience? If not, sorry,  oklaa season is very confusing lol :huh:

    2. Ookla the Enthralled

      Ookla the Enthralled

      Ya, you can check what people's old names are by clicking the icon to the right of their name

  6. Questions that either my brothers or myself asked: Q: For almost all the time we see Nightblood, he is shown as a 'he'. But for the short time that Lift interacts with Nightblood it is as a 'she'. Is this important or just up to the perception of the characters? A: It's up to the characters perception. Lift just sees Nightblood as female. And Nightblood doesn't care. Q: Are the ghostbloods on Roshar the same group as the Set on Scadrial? A: RAFO Q: If you were to ask yourself one non-rafo question, what would it be? A: Can I have a cookie? Yes.
  7. Yes it is! Good job.
  8. I like the book overall, but I don't know if I liked it more than the first two. I think the ending was very well done though.
  9. Not any of those. 1. This character is a leader 2. This character is female 3. This character has easy access to investiture 4. This character has access to surges
  10. No and no. 1. This character is a leader 2. This character is female 3. This character has easy access to investiture
  11. No to everyone 1. This character is a leader 2. This character is female
  12. so first day of minicon was really fun

    only thing is I didn't meet any sharders, which needs to change tommorow.


    I'm going to be wearing a grey sweater-like sweatshirt (as in the material looks like a sweater but it is a sweatshirt). I'm also going to be wearing a 'journey before destination' shirt, and my lanyard thing that they gave everyone has a sticker of doomslug on one side and the 17th shard logo on the other side.

    If you see me, plz come up and talk to me cause I want to meet people. 

    I'll also have a white and black backpack so ya.

    talk to me plz

    that's all

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    2. Ookla the Enthralled

      Ookla the Enthralled

      I'll make sure to say hi If I see you

    3. Mage


      I’ll have a grey fedora and a footlocker xc backpack

    4. Ookla the Short

      Ookla the Short

      I'm so sorry

      I though Vapor had registered but she hadn't

      so they ran out of free tickets, and there's no way we're each spending that much with everything that's going on

      But people I know might be welcome to visit