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  1. Well, this is the last cycle. I now take the honor of quoting: "The final cycle is now over" - The GM (hopefully I ninja Elkanah in the process)
  2. Well, darn. Whichever of you is maf, good job. You won the game!
  3. I am very new to this game, and there is no way that I could have I would have been able to set him up.
  4. Granted. You can heal the any part of your body that is identical to the said fish. I wish to have 10 people give reputation for this post.
  5. But here's the thing, Kynadeth. If I was maf and I had a 50% chance of dying, then I would vote on you or Zillah so that if I survive then I win the game. It was just very unlucky that you didn't see Zillah vote until it was too late. And @Zillah, you are going to be the deciding vote so make sure to place yours.
  6. I would rather it have a higher chance of failure. What about 35% chance of failure?
  7. Also wondering, would it work to make it so that the maf can't win until they have unleashed the Nightmaw?
  8. Here is the new and improved version. I think I addressed all of the problems so far. First of the Sun MR: You are a group of adventurers on Patji who have traitors in your midst. The Traitorous Trappers need to equal the number of Trappers to win. The Trappers need to eliminate all of the Traitorous Trappers to win. Aviar(Roles): Healer: Your Aviar gives you the knowledge to heal all but the most deadly of wounds. (each night you can protect one person from death. You cannot protect yourself two nights in a row. If someone is attacked by a Nightmaw, then your protection fails.) Spy: Your Aviar gifts you with stealthiness letting you spy on the other Trappers. (Each night, you can check one person's alignment. Has 30% chance of giving wrong alignment)[Activates Traps] Good-looking: Your Aviar looks amazing and gives you the gift to look good as well.(If you are spied on, then you will appear as a Trapper. If your Aviar is spied on, then they appear as a Hidden Aviar) Hidden: Your Aviar hides your mind from predators. (If the Nightmaw attacks you, you don’t die) Messenger Your Aviar allows you to speak in somebody's mind for a short period of time. (During the night you can set up one PM with one other player. Must include GM(s). After night ends, you are not allowed to talk in the PM anymore)[Activates Traps] Aviar Killer You know that without their Aviar, the traitors will be greatly weakened. Your Aviar gives you the ability to trap Aviar(Each night you can choose to kill one players Aviar)[Activates Traps] Aviar Spy Your Aviar gives you the power to know other Aviar’s gifts. (Each night you can choose one person and you learn their Aviar's power)[Activates Traps] Experience: Supreme - 5% Master - 9% Apprentice - 13% Amatuer - 17% Events: Nightmaw attacks(Once per game, the Traitorous Trappers can unleash a Nightmaw instead of their night kill. The Nightmaw attack cannot be protected by the healer). Traps(If a person uses an Aviar power that Activates Traps then the percent of their experience is used. Whatever the percent is, whenever you encounter a trap you have that percent chance of dying. Mafia attack does not activate traps.) Healers can protect you from traps. Each time that you encounter a trap and survive, you become more experienced and your experience percent decreases by 1(to a minimum of 1). Order of actions: Traps Aviar Spy & spy Heal Maf kill & aviar kill & nightmaw attack Messenger Other Things: A tie lynch vote is randomly chosen No PM's allowed except with the messenger Players submit their role actions through their GM PM. Traps are something that are there at the beginning of the game. You don't place them. Whenever you use an action that encounters a trap, or a maf attacks, then you have your experience percent chance of dying. Changed rules: Scrapped the kill role. Changed Nightmaw Changed traps slightly Changed Spy Made Spy and Healer not alignment specific.
  9. Here are my roles. I hope their balanced. Jail-breaker: Each day, you can release one locked up player. This makes it so that they can take actions, make PM's, and count towards win cons. This action has a 20% chance of failure and 10% chance of being caught, causing the Jail-breaker to be locked up. Criminal: You have been to jail so many times that you are a leader among the inmates. When you are locked up, each other locked up person's lynch vote has a 40% chance of changing to the same as your vote.
  10. Kynadeth. This is what I believe happened. You saw that I was going to be lynched, so you chose to sacrifice Elandera. 30 minutes before the cycle ended Zillah put their vote on Elandera, tying the Lynch. You didn't see this until after the cycle ended, so you didn't change your sacrifice to Zillah. If Zillah was mafia, then they would have know what the votes were at the very end of the cycle and sacraficed you so that no matter who was lynched they would win. This makes me 99.99% sure that Zillah is the last town.
  11. I'm pretty sure that all four of us have roles. There are at least two Rulo's and one Seon Holder. I am guessing that there is still a soilder. My suggestion for them is to protect themselves because then they can for sure still be in the next cycle.
  12. Ok, I'm not sure who the mafia is. I'm going to change my vote to Elandera. That way it will be a random. This makes it so that if Elandera is the mafia, then there is a chance that they die.