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  1. Except Grandpa Smedry, it made everything harder for everyone.
  2. Welcome to the Shard! About what... Anyway, which cosmere books have you read?
  3. continued to eat them, this time with more speed and carelessness.
  4. Ha! Interference. I can't record anything at all because there's always at least one of my siblings screaming in the background. Those are really good. You said you have lots of recordings...
  5. I'm turning 17 in just over a month.
  6. After the fortieth time Everybody was killed they stopped.
  7. I probably shouldn't... Ah, what the heck. I'm playing. EDIT: Does a roleblock block all actions?
  8. My vote this round goes to @I Used To Be A Fish
  9. Welcome to the Shard! Mistborn or Feruchemist?
  10. I must prepare.
  11. Hi intimidating. *waves*
  12. Thank you @Zillah and @Devotary of Spontaneity for running this game! I was kinda hoping that I would be village on my first game back, but I actually had a lot of fun. @Vapor, @Kynedath, and @Illwei. I really enjoyed playing with you guys. And Illwei, Great Job and that narrow win! I really enjoyed coming up with troll notes with you and I think I'll really enjoy playing more games with you in the future. Good job @Matrim's Dice, for figuring us out. That's all for now.
  13. Can I join the council?
  14. As much as none. I do have a handy dandy Morse Code translator though.