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  1. If someone could mark me as busy for now, that would be nice. I don't see myself being able to run a game for a while.
  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

    I just got back from the best two weeks of my life so far in peru!!!

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    2. Experience


      So I went for HEFY, which is this humanitarian group so there were 17 other kids that I didn't know at first that went in that group. We went to Cusco for a weekend and saw Machu Pichu while we were there. Then we went to Lima and built a school there for two weeks. We also went surfing one of the days and did a lot of shopping. But I already miss all of the others because we're so close after living together for two weeks.

    3. Condensation


      Oh, awesome! Yeah, I went on a humanitarian trip too, and I had a really great time.

      I loved Aguas Calientes.

    4. Tesh


      That is AWESOME! Cool!

      I'm hopefully going to be able to go to Peru next summer. :ph34r:

  3. I'll spectate. I wish I could play but I'm going camping without internet before the game will likely end.
  4. Ya, it would be kind of hard to rerun this for a while without people just thinking it's this game.
  5. Except its a secret role so they don't know that they survive.
  6. I think it was different partly because we are used to a different loki. This is not the loki that we've been following for a few years now. I think that it was a little slow and long, but I have high hopes for the rest of the show.
  7. Illwei was killed! They were a Forger and had the role of Forger. VC: Illwei(1): Matrim Matrim(1): Illwei The Members of the Heritage Faction have won! Player List: Thoughts: Ok, first off thanks everyone for playing and thanks @Araris Valerian for helping when my wifi decided to kill itself. You can see the hidden role in the rule doc below. So, there are definitely some things that I would change if this game were ever rerun. First, I would make it so that the elim has lynch immunity for the first day, so that they can't die on the first turn which almost actually happened. Second, when Illwei was converted she originally didn't gain the forger role, which I think needs to happen. We actually ended up doing this so that Illwei wouldn't need to survive 13 different lynches and have a 50/50 rng chance of death at the end (which turned out to happen anyway...). I think somethings that could be changed for that is have them gain the role if they are converted and the first elim dies before a certain number of turns, or if it's later they just gain the activations which would let them kill already stamped players. Docs: Rules (with hidden role and order of actions): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a0tPChwolmFxRfHBpQcs8FEjlKRa4aihp-q_dwyBqmI/edit Forgers doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IHC1sZ5sqt9JOSMzwe6NV1gDxAEa9Garzjf9mzrhihQ/edit Spec/Dead doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vi0-8oiQ9NqMcdO0ywehkMpObMLE6AhPoowalrM1BPE/edit
  8. Ya, I fell asleep 5 minutes before the game finished somehow. sigh. Game's over in case ya'll couldn't tell. :P.
  9. RP to be added. -- Archer was killed! They were a Member of the Heritage Faction. Liranil was killed! They were a Member of the Heritage Faction. Szeth was killed! They were a Member of the Heritage Faction. VC: Liranil(2): Illwei, Matrim Szeth(2): Archer, Liranil Player List:
  10. The turn is now over.
  11. No it's just me being dumb. Thanks
  12. RP to be added. -- The Kings_Way was killed! They were a Member of the Heritage Faction. VC: Kings_Way(3): Archer, Szeth, Liranil Summer(1): Kings_Way @SummerSomner has been replaced by @Matrim's Dice. Welcome! If the following players don't post this turn then they will be replaced. @Illwei Player List:
  13. Turn is over
  14. RP to be added. -- The Windrunner Supreme was killed! They were a Member of the Heritage Faction. VC: TWS(2): Kings_way, Archer This turn will end on June 9th at 10 pm PST If the following players don't post during this turn then they will be replaced. @SummerSomner, @Szeth_Pancakes, @Liranil Please, please, just post. The game is more fun when players actually interact. :P. Player List:
  15. Turns over.