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  1. Ok, here we go. Ok... this just bumped you up on my elim-gut-read-meter. I mean, I don't necessarily want you to vote on me... but I'm not going to change my vote just because someone else threatens to vote on me. (also, the threat doesn't work as well when you don't vote on me ) Not sure how it's odd to choose to hold off on voting at start of d1 but ok... @Illwei, lets tag you so you actually see this. TUO seems sus-ish, but I'm going to keep my vote on tani for now.
  2. Fine, I could have had a gut feeling. I didn't tho. Also, are you referring to your gut feeling about me? Also also, that pun was totally intended.
  3. And.... I'm back. Ummm. 1. There is no possible way for me to have any gut feeling at that point. and 2. I don't really poke vote soo... Also. You basically just did the same thing as me but actually put a vote down. Really? Honestly, slight weird feeling for tani. I'll go look back at their posts after this. I would have said straight, but I guess it's already going south... Question. If you're more suspicious of those three, why did you vote on me? EDIT: Tani seems weird. Putting votes on themselves, then striker, then back to themselves. @Tani because this was edited in.
  4. mafia championship

    @Illwei I will bestow upon you this lucky tag.
  5. Not sure what that last part means(and I'm too lazy to paste it into translate) but thanks.
  6. From the album Animations

    I made this fun little animation. Enjoy! EDIT: hmm. not sure why its not looping correctly. oh well.
  7. If I voted it would have probably been detess or striker. They seem the most sus to me as of now.
  8. From the album tWoK Prelude

    Finally got around to making the rockbud. Here's a scene I made with a couple of them
  9. Sweet, only 10 replies so far. I guess I need to read the rules again, since it's been a whole week. No point in voting rn cause its all going to change so i just wont
  10. I guess I can finally play, cause I'll be done with all my ap tests. Sign me up as Zara.
  11. And you don't even mention it's your birthday in your su smh.

    1. Experience


      (happy birthday)

  12. Please just keep it. I want to be able to be here in 30 years when we reach 100000
  13. If any of you oldtimers remember Newan, I just found out that he's my uncle, so that's fun.
  14. Normally we talk about stuff.