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  1. I'll take a truth.
  2. I am available.
  3. Heck. Drahs Xperience is joining. I guess I won't use Shard though, as that is now confusing.
  4. Wow! This game was AMAZING! I had a lot of fun, thank's joe for running this game. I think that we were very lucky that our extortionist(mist) stayed alive during the end, and that's probably one of the only reasons we won. I'm kind annoyed that all those inactives came and voted on me, but I guess it was fine. Gtg now, so I'll have more thoughts later.
  5. Ummm. You guys want to maybe stop posting? Cause I'm sort of following you. And I think this thread, but that part doesn't matter.
  6. Oh ya, I forgot about that. @Megasif, are you planning on voting on someone? Actually, if you are planning on voting on me I would rather you didn't vote at all so that emi can go out as well.
  7. What I meant is that it seemed like they were trying to blend in with the crowd, and lynched me after other people had expressed suspicion on me, then took it off after others did. I think that a Ventyl lynch would give us a good amount of information. @Emi, can you confirm if you were roleblocked? If Ventyl flips village, then that will make karnage and/or emi look really bad, so it still gives us information. I think i'll try and go do some analysis, though I don't know if I'll be able to finish.
  8. I'm not really sure why you think that I have to be an elim because I'm a bodyguard, though it would work for that theory. If we decide to go with that theory, then I might not be the only option for a bodyguard. There are multiple inactive players that could also be bodyguards, or there could honestly be no bodyguard on the elim team. I still think that emi is likely to be an elim. If everyone is set on killing me, then I suggest going on a tie lynch with emi so that at least one elim can die. Or, if you guys want, we could do zillah or BR as well though they are inactive and I'm not as worried of them as the active players. Just some thoughts. I think i'll go through all of emi's posts right now and see if I still think they are elim after that.
  9. I'm going to go a place my vote on Karnage, as they have had the most elim feel to me of all the people that I have analysed so far. I'm going to do more analysing, and if I find someone who seems more suspicious, then I will change my vote. And time for some more analysis: Ventyl RP Pokes mist, basic analysis of rules NAI Takes vote off of mist, slight elim lean on ash Pokes emi NAI NAI NAI RP Talk about RP NAI NAI NAI NAI NAI Claims that if pyro and I (experience) died, they would go for most posts NAI RP RP Talk about RP NAI Says they aren’t good at making long analysis posts Says they would make their own analysis if there weren’t so many pages Votes on coda, then does an analysis for them and comes up with all NAI posts or elim NAI Thoughts on coda, Vote count Talk about vote count Elim read on coda Lists roles that can manipulate votes Talk about vote manip, NAI RP NAI Convincing drake to not vote on them, says they are suspicious of multiple people, doesn’t vote Huge analysis post of me (experience), and votes on me Reason for voting on me (experience) is because of all my posts Analysis araris posts, and thinks they aren’t elim More suspicious of drake then me (experience), and moves vote to them NAI Says they moved vote off of me (experience) because of PM interaction. Talk about RP NAI Talk about RP RP Mentions possibility of elim kandra I think that I'm going to take my vote off of Karnage, and put it onto Ventyl. I'm feeling elim lean for them, partly because they moved their lynch vote off of me. At the time they had placed it on me, they weren't one of the first (though they did do the huge analysis of my posts) to place one on me. Then when people started to move their votes off of me, they did so as well, claiming that they were more suspcious of drake then me anyway which they hadn't even expressed before. It just really seems like an elim trying to blend into the crowd of moving lynches. EDIT: Just for reference, I placed the vote on karnage before doing my analysis on ventyl.
  10. Ok, kinda expected winsting to claim, sorta surprised that it was matrim though. I'm not sure why you guys are voting on me? It sounds like both of your reasons are because orlok thought I was an elim, and you don't have any other reasons that I can see other then that. I honestly think that Emi has seemed like the most suspicious to me. Mega had been a little for me, but I'm doubting that an elim would have the gambling tycoon role. But, I guess this is joe's game so I have not idea. Emi has gone all over the place, and then their voting on DeTess just seemed unusual to me.
  11. Well, that didn't go very well. I guess we got rid of bleeder though. I have some thoughts, but I'll wait for matrim's storm to post more.
  12. YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EDIT: hi
  13. Oooh. So it looks like the kandra were very unlucky to die so early. So it seems like they only have one life? That also makes more sense. Time for more analysis: Lahilt NAI RP RP, votes on Silber Talk about RP RP NAI RP RP Says they think that the three votes on mist at the beginning were odd. Changed vote to ash NAI RP RP RP Says they think pyro’s village, neutral read on ash, then places vote on me (experience) Says they voted on me (experience) because of my patterns with getting money, Thinks we should do a large vote on one person so vote manipulation can’t stop it RP RP Asks for vote count. NAI Takes vote off of me (experience) because they think most people’s votes on me were just gut reads. RP RP RP Not much other then RP. There's a bit of changing around votes and voting on people without giving reasons, but they have given reasons after the fact and they are also a newer player so I'm giving them a little leeway. Honestly, I can't really get a read on them, probably because they are new and I don't know their playing style very well yet, and I could see their posts coming from either an elim or village, so I have a neutral read on them.
  14. Ok, xino was an elim. Time to go and read all their posts. Also, @StrikerEZ, why would the kandra give someone else the role when they die, because then they would just lose. Wouldn't they just try and stay alive as long as possible? Or is it that if the kandra is the last one standing, then all past kandra's win as well?
  15. That's crazy. None of my dogs would stay still long enough for that. What's your cats name?