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    When enourmous bugs sit in the entrace under real legos

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    Everything Brandon Sanderson, Piano, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Piano, Running(especially Cross Country, but also track), Piano, RP-ing, piano, saying yay, piano, writing, piano, board games, piano, 17th Shard, piano
  1. I know you won't see this for a while...

    And I know that I don't really know you all that well...

    But happy birthday!

  2. You won't see this for a while, friend, but I don't care.


  3. DARN IT!!!! HES ALREADY STORMING GONE!!! AAAAAAAAGHG! I am just now reading that he left on a mission. heh heh. whoops. 

    Happy Birthday anyway man!!! YOU DA BOMB!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! You'll have two years of happy birthday messages to go through when you get back :P

  5. Happy birthday! Have an awesome day!

  6. Happy birthday, Experience! :D

  7. I know you won't see this for a while but happy birthday anyway!

  8. well.

    I have 11 days until my mission. I won't be on the Shard for 2 years because I'll be dedicating my life to God. I really will miss you all. If you ever feel like talking, my email will be


    name reveal?


    you guys are all amazing

  9. Mostly cuz it would increase your post count lol
  10. The well thing on Sel?
  11. I really want to run one. Could do a rerun. Hmm, I think I'm too busy so I'll pass.
  12. I'm guessing there's something to do with the Siblings protection that goes to protect in the case of Urithiru
  13. Penguin