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  1. I mean, half of Navani's arc in ROW is her seeing if she could without thinking if she should (or at very least, 'let's see if I can figure out how to kill Fused while also showing the Fused how to kill Radiant spren'). Combined with her 'we'll figure out how I'll overcome your main reason not to bond with me after you've bonded with me'attitude to the Sibling, I'd be surprised if she didn't end up doing or discovering something she shouldn't.
  2. How do you like to go about worldbuilding, and what are some different ways you like do it? Someone on the forums (can't remember who) said they wrote songs. I like the sound of that, and I'd like to focus on recipes and food for a bit in one piece I'm working on. For example, what ingedients are easily accessible and therefore considered upper/lower class. If the world doesn't have mammals or mammal analogues, say goodbye to anything dairy based. Also, cultural and geographical influences (e.g. spices, preservation techniques, dietary restrictions) or whether the magic system helps at all (control over fire would at very least make things easier, and there's the gag of Iceman instantly chilling your drinks).
  3. Now we can include Rhythm of War Spoilers: 73) When speaking with Adolin Kholin, I must be clear about which 'sword' I am referring to. 74) Must not draw the Shash brand back on Kaladin's head while he is sleeping. 75) Must not graffiti 'Big Sibling is watching you' on the walls of Urithiru. 76) Asking the Sibling for details on Dalinar and Navani's private life will be awkward for all involved, and they will all find out. 77) 'Don't spoil stories' is valid. History, on the other hand, doesn't have spoilers. 78) I should stop giving out the address of Kaladin's clinic to all the eligible noble ladies. 79) The Fourth Bridge is a marvel of fabrial engineering, and as such should not be used because I can't be bothered climbing a flight of stairs. 80) Windrunners don't have the time to keep catching me if I jump off a high platform, and have no idea what 'bungee jumping' is.
  4. Resurrecting my own thread to focus on the second question in my original post, as I've noticed some more similarities between my ideas and existing works. Are there any concepts/plots/archetypes that you consider to be impossible to separate from a particular work?
  5. I feel like a bunch of people who 'hate' Lirin would find themselves making many of the same choices if they were in the same position. Everyone wants to believe they'd be the badass flying around and beating up the bad guys, but a lot of us would end up being the ones trying to stop a bad situation getting worse. Also, Radiants seem to be functionally indestructible with enough Stormlight, so they have much better chance against the Fused and a Singer invasion than a squishy doctor in a backwoods village.
  6. @Eluvianii The mundanity thing was something I liked in Last of Us 2 (despite the fact I think it was fundamentally designed wrong). I literally have a save file purely so I can go back and play with the guitar. I find myself watching youtube clips of characters in various movies/tv shows just dancing around and having a good time, so the part about a local hangout resonates with me as well. @Spren of Kindness I do find a lot of fantasy authors and fans are like 'but I have to have gratuitous sexual abuse and violence, it's realistic!'. Meanwhile I'm thinking that they've put dragons and magic in there, why is abuse the cutoff point for realism? It's especially frustrating when it's a constructed world and people use the 'but the time period' excuse. I mean, if it's not set on our world, why should our history have any bearing on what happens in a world you've literally built from scratch?
  7. I hadn't thought of it that way, but I definitely see what you're getting at. I agree that she's deeply flawed and that some male characters have done similar things and are still beloved by fans. According to the tvtropes page for Byronic Heroes, such a character tends to have 'a distaste for social institutions and norms and is disrespectful of rank and privilege, though he often has said rank and privilege himself.' I think one of the reasons people dislike Shallan is her classism, and in the first three books she defnitely holds onto her nobility, works very hard to get married to another noble and is dismissive of darkeyes and in some cases just walks all over them and insults them. From memory in ROW she has exactly one scene where she isn't with either high ranking lighteyes or other Radiants (who pretty much skipped the queue in the caste system), so we can't really say whether she's gotten over her prejudice. I definitely don't like Shallan, but I understand why she'd do the things I dislike about her. I've been thinking about why I dislike her so much, and I think that a lack of consequences for her actions might be one of them. Steal a priceless magical item from Jasnah, at worst the third most powerful woman in Alethkar, while pretending to be her ward? Stays as her ward, and when she confesses the theft to Jasnah's family the response is 'well that was dumb lol'. Force Kaladin, a darkeyed soldier to give up his boots, making him walk barefoot on the rocky ground that tore her feet up? Gets told off once, and then it becomes a joke at her wedding which Kaladin totally forgives her for. Victim blame slave soldiers for their own slavery and trauma, three of whom are currently protecting her and flying her across countries? BF will swoop in and tell the mean former slave not to tell her off about it. Major ROW spoilers: To be fair, there are several characters who have gotten off way more lightly than they arguably should have. Dalinar and Adolin come to mind. I do agree that Shallan's Byronic traits as a woman might be a factor in why she is disliked, but they're definitely not the only ones.
  8. That's what I was getting at. I didn't know of any non-cisgender characters at all, so when I saw a 'he' from a character usually referred to as 'she' I thought 'maybe this is it'. I kind of agree that queer representation isn't exactly a focus, but BrandoSando seems to be attempting to make some minor improvements there. (Edit: Re: trans characters, I meant I didn't know of any at the time I was reading ROW without having read Dawnshard. Still haven't yet, but that bit got spoiled for me)
  9. Based almost solely on what may well be a typo and a misinterpreted internet comment (should be noted I'm a cisgender male): Formless is referred to as 'he' occasionally. Shallan is gender diverse (is this the term?)/otherwise not purely cisgender, and she is repressing it because of Vorinism's strict gender roles. It might also explain why in the earlier books she hangs so tightly to stuff like 'only women should read', acting scandalised that Tyn eats 'men's food' and the whole 'safehand' business. I legitimately thought this might be her big secret in ROW, partly because I'd read someone praising the Stormlight Archive for its representation of transgender people before I'd read ROW, and I didn't recall any trans characters (it probably referred to a character in Dawnshard though). BTW, I've used female pronouns as it appears that so far Shallan seems to identify as a woman, but if my tinfoil theory is correct that might change.
  10. I felt having gaming streamers as cameos made more sense than having famous actors, considering it's a movie about a video game. I didn't know any of them, but it made sense.
  11. What's something weirdly specific that you like? For me, it seems that I'll just throw my money at game developers who let me run around a somewhat abandoned city with guns and superpowers and discover what happened to it through letters or recordings. I've loved the Bioshock and Dishonored series, as well as the 2017 Prey and Control (if you count a space station or eldritch building as a city). It occurred to me that this is how a Mistborn game would probably end up, and I'm here for it. I also realised that I like scifi/fantasy because I can experience things I'll never see in real life (magic, aliens/prehistoric animals, superhuman abilities) but I'm also really interested in seeing how these fantastic elements affect how people do boring things like get to work in the morning or go through the daily grind of studying at school. I don't know why, but the idea of something like working a desk job when the filing cabinet might walk off when you need to get something out of it is really cool.
  12. Soon may the Dawnshot come With a vial of steel in a shot of rum One day when the bandits are done He'll take his leave and go
  13. I had to put my cat down today, and I feel I'll be listening to this one a few times when I feel brave enough Gotye - Bronte (Official Music Video) - YouTube And another Gotye song, because I feel he might be considered a one hit wonder outside Australia Gotye - Hearts A Mess (Official Music Video) - YouTube
  14. I'm rereading the series right now, and I noticed the covers don't really seem to correspond to the characters (judging by the 'first published in Great Britain in 2016' I have the UK version). For example, Dezia is the archer, yet the archer on the cover of Shadow of What Was Lost is a man. Possible spoilers:
  15. Infrastructure provides a lot of freedom by getting rid of things in your way (i.e. providing negative liberty). Roads and public transport allow freedom of movement, a roof over your head means some level of stability and not having to fight over which bit of dirt is less likely to be destroyed in a highstorm. Supposedly, both Truthwatchers and Elsecallers are considered to be 'scholarly'. There are a gazillion ways to be scholarly, even if it's just down to the Jurassic Park, science/humanities question of 'reasons why we could vs reasons why we should'.