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  1. Full book spoilers (Some of these seem pretty obvious, but I made them myself and I don't remember seeing them in this thread)
  2. Pretty sure the Heralds get their abilities from the Honorblades. The 'unchained' part means they don't have a spren that they have to run things past, and can therefore do things unilaterally without being called out on the implications or have to abide by oaths. Considering that Ishar can literally go 'I'm the Radiant now', that's a pretty OP ability for someone with no checks on the power. Considering he's the patron of the 'pious' order of Radiants, it makes sense that an insane version of him would set himself up as a god-priest. As for why Tukar specifically, I'm not too sure, except perhaps trying to become that kind of religious leader in a Vorin society which already had the church try to take over might not go so well.
  3. I keep thinking of this (paraphrased) Zoidberg quote. "Things are rough right now, but you've still got Adolin Kholin." *points aggressively around the room. "You all still have Adolin Kholin!"
  4. For all we know, some groups of singers were obliterated. There's a difference between killing everyone of a particular culture and killing everyone of that species. After all, the humans did take over pretty much the entire Rosharan landmass. I think people are right that Radiants would put a stop to attempted genocide, at very least due to the Windrunners and their stupidly large numbers (as of Oathbringer the entirety of Bridge Four are squires to a single Radiant in Kaladin, and the ROW numbers have around five squires for each Windrunner who has bonded a Spren). As for post-BAM, Jasnah outright states that a slave species was more useful than a dead one.
  5. I tested the solo play option, and you might be right. The art definitely refers to major story events, but I'm not sure how much of the spoilerriffic nature is because I know exactly what events the art is depicting.
  6. This is for anyone who has played the Stormlight Archive board game. As the title says, does the game spoil the books? I think I have 3 or 4 friends who have read the books, and even then I'm not sure if they're totally up to date (fwiw I've read everything bar Dawnshard). From what the box says, it deals with the battle against Odium, which only really comes into its own with Oathbringer, but it also seems like it's about making an entirely new story within the world. I don't know if the Ideals make an appearance in the game, but for the most part they seem to be spoilers due to who says them and when rather than the contents themselves (Windrunners and Bondsmiths notwithstanding). I used to hang out with a group who played board games heaps but didn't read fantasy, and my DnD group are branching out into general board games but as far as I know only the DM has read the books (side note: my College of Swords Bard character is considering multiclassing into Hexblade Warlock, and I'd love a Nightblood expy for my patron). So I'm wondering how well I could introduce Stormlight/Cosmere noobs to the game.
  7. @Jasqueen The original list that inspired this including things like 'must not drink three quarts of red food colouring then scream during my urine test' and 'not allowed to let sock puppets take command of my post', so it's not meant to be serious at all. Which gives me an idea: 56) Sending my Awakened uniform in my place does not as doing my shift on guard duty. Even if each individual garment would technically increase the numbers of 'guardsmen'.
  8. Watching a Zoidberg compilation, and it gave me some ideas. Stormlight
  9. I don't mind the fact that there were so many, but I was a little miffed that the stories of so many Radiants bonding their spren just got glossed over.
  10. 'I will accept that some need to be protected, and that some need to be protected from.' Although tbh that seems like a lower level ideal, if Kaladin's 'kill all baddies/but who really are the baddies' transition is anything to go by.
  11. I thought it was fairly obvious that it was called the Rhythm of War because the two scholars who came up with it were on opposite sides of a war. As other people pointed out, you only have to look at Way of Kings to see that War is not inherently honourable and frankly I think it's really problematic to pretend that it is. I mean, people are going around saying Dalinar will ascend to become the Shard of War and I'm just thinking 'you do remember what happened the last time he was consumed by the idea of war, right?'
  12. I've put an idea I had into the ROW general thoughts forum, as I think the spoiler period is still going.
  13. There was a thread in the main Stormlight forum where people wrote up their ideas for how a movie trailer for each book would go. The spoiler period is still going on the main forum I think, so I thought I'd put an idea I had in this one. I tried not to give away too many major end-book spoilers. I chose a random year for the title, but I feel like 10th of October would be an appropriate date for a Stormlight Archive film (and it avoids the dd//mm/yy vs mm/dd/yy issue).
  14. I think an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer had something similar, and the other workers ended up disliking the super-strong person because they were paid by the hour, not by the job. I can imagine being able to sell the ability to do most things extremely efficiently would lead to an economy that focused on flat fees for completing a job as opposed to hourly wages. Seems like it would be geared more towards to customer than the worker.
  15. I don't see how saying readers need to respect the fact that an author is a human being is gaslighting. Readers can have opinions on what's been published, but to flat out accuse him of lying about why he's writing one thing as opposed to another and expect him to jump onto exactly what you want like a typewriting monkey is a bit much. Let's just appreciate the fact that he's released the fourth novel in a planned 10 book series (each of which have been as long or longer than the entire Lord of the Rings series), a novella in the same series, as well as his other publications. This as a university lecturer with three kids who regularly communicates with the fans. He might write quickly enough to seem as if he's a machine, but he isn't one.