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  1. I think he wasn't the greatest, but could have been better with the proper training (e.g. Gavilar surviving and passing on the throne when he was older along with some sort of 'apprenticeship', Dalinar focusing on teaching him how to lead rather than simply protecting him, or just not having the living pile of turd mixed with crem that is Sadeas as adviser), and had be not been king of the 'prolonged war = good, diplomacy/quick war = bad' Alethi. TBH, it would have been interesting if Alethi competitiveness had extended to areas other than war. People trying to find the most peaceful solution could have its own drama; for example, convincing people that your rival is a warmonger, only you can provide true peace. I know Moash is a controversial topic, but I feel one of the reasons people hate him so much was because he cut Elhokar's maturation and redemption as a leader short.
  2. Apologies if this has been posted already, I didn't see anything when I used the search function. Supposedly this is the actual 'mood trailer' used to pitch Mistborn, where they edited existed movies together to show what a product could look like. I feel like they captured atium almost exactly. I am however a little skeptical about how they would adapt emotional allomancy into a visual medium.
  3. There were some vegetable wraps in the first Mistborn, and Kiin does a whole bunch of cooking in Elantris.
  4. A lot of these will the Stormlight related, because I'm currently re-reading. Also, I'm assuming this is a spoileriffic discussion but just in case:
  5. There's heaps of examples of non-subtle emotional allomancy. Pretty much any duralumin-boosted Riot or Sooth is the definition of unsubtle, and TLR is pretty quickly revealed to be using it on a mass scale in The Final Empire. Vin using it on Straff, and a certain character near the end of Alloy of Law using it are more examples (I'm not sure how much you've read).
  6. I like how Moash looks shady as anything even then. Also, I assumed the second from the bottom on the left hand side was Drehy, what with being a balding blonde.
  7. To paraphrase Syl, the last person you'd want to gain Radiant powers and a Shardblade is someone who has no checks and balances on that power. About the only restriction on Szeth was that he would kill only whoever he was told to and that he wouldn't give his Blade up, and look how that went.
  8. Considering this is a forum for fans of a book series, I'm pretty sure most guys wouldn't choose Vorinism. Given I have no religion or desire for one in real life I doubt I'd go for any of them, but I suppose the Path or the One if I was forced to do a hypothetical.
  9. As the title says, which medium to you think works best for which kind of story? I have several projects in various stages of writing/brainstorming. One is a superhero novel series set in the 'real world', and another novel/series is a little closer to the epic fantasy mould. I'm working on a graphic novel script which was partially inspired by Bioshock, and I think the emphasis on the architecture of the main cities means it needs a visual medium (or perhaps it could be an illustrated novel similar to the Stormlight Archive). Another idea which has gone to the backburner is a tv show which can be boiled down to Sanctuary/Primeval, if a Buffy-wannabe was going around trying to kill all the creatures they're trying to save. Obviously, different media have their own pros and cons. Literature gives more access to the internal workings of a character, but visual media are more immediate, and film/tv allows you to follow the characters movements and bring music into the equation. To use the Bioshock example, games also allow you to almost tell yourself the story.
  10. So what you're saying is, if Adolin revives Maya he's in for a road trip/fetch quest.
  11. Isn't there a whole thing about having a duty to refuse a blatantly illegal orders from superiors? I know our laws are not Roshar's, but we're already referring to Earth conventions of what an order is, and killing a drunk beggar (who let's be honest is not about to be confused with the Herald of Kings) seems like the kind of thing that a reasonable person would think is beyond the acceptable. As for Elhokar supposedly being able to fight back against Moash, I don't see how that's the case when he's carrying a child and quite obviously escaping rather than facing him in combat. It may not have legal standing, but I can certainly understand Adolin's response to someone who has attempted to kill both him and his father (not to mention actually has killed thousands of other soldiers in that attempt, but no-one seems to care about them) admitting that they intend to do so again. If pre-emptive self defense existed, this might be the textbook example. As for the whole 'how dare Moash salute Kaladin' thing, it seemed to me that it meant 'we are on opposite sides, but I respect you and the conviction you have' not the 'haha storm you now I'll twirl my moustache and cackle' that people think it is. As I've said before, I can accept Moash being redeemed (hell, I'd wager the only reason people don't hate Dalinar this much is because we met him after he was already midway through his redemption), but it needs to be more than the 'you had a bad childhood so any crimes you commit are instantly forgiven with a half-assed apology' that seems to be prevalent in fandom lately.
  12. So, a dad whose overprotectiveness is justified, but still 'disliking Kaladin' =/= 'everyone he likes is a Bondsmith
  13. As for your question about other unorthodox uses of magic, I like the idea of Skybreaker sandstorms/smokescreens (decay the surrounding rock into dust or sand, then use gravitation to fly them wherever you want).
  14. I can kind of see him being a Bondsmith, although he could also be a Windrunner who puts a lot of emphasis on leadership. I don't think the Stormfather liking him is definite proof he's a Bondsmith though, as his dislike of Kaladin seemed more along the lines of being Syl's overprotective dad and the general fear among spren that the Radiants will kill them en masse again. As for having Taravangian's boon/curse, that seems a little more of a stretch. Ruthlessness doesn't necessarily mean he's got the same inverse relationship between intelligence/empathy.
  15. I think you've said multiple times that Kaladin is not omnipotent, and that is absolutely true. However, one of the main points of his characterisation is that he feels he should be. He feels that he should be able to save everyone, and can't accept that he is not living up to the obligation he feels he is under. Also, I think the Windrunners do not have as purely a black and white notion of sides as you imply, and in any case it would be inaccurate to compare them to real life militaries. It's been a little while since I read Oathbringer, but from memory it's all but explicitly stated that Kaladin's time with the singers meant that he had trouble distinguishing between who to protect (i.e. which side to take). Admittedly, there's a difference between 'Roshar vs Odium' and 'singers vs humans', but he is still conflicted between who to protect. As for real world armed forces, the Windrunners are in an entirely different world and culture, even if you ignore the obvious fact that real world militaries aren't magically bound by oaths to protect/enforce law/whatever on pain of losing their superhuman powers. Plus, it just feels a little war-crimey to suggest that killing the enemy is 'desirable' in warfare. For what it's worth, I used to be super on board with the idea that the Fourth Ideal was to do with having to 'make a conscious decision to save some at the expense of others' (whether that is killing them or letting them die/fend for themselves, the latter of which ties into other theories of letting others make their own choices), but I'm warming to the idea that it is to do with protecting himself so he can protect others in the future (similar to how rescue personnel won't put themselves in a position where they will add to the people who need rescuing).