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  1. I'm debating whether to watch Shang Chi at all. I probably will because it's Marvel, but I'm kind of sick of people going on about how 'Marvel has an Asian lead in their movies now, so progressive!' Meanwhile, said Asian lead is... the guy whose powers are 'kung fu'. I know there's Colleen Wing, and May/Skye/Daisy from the TV side of things, but they've been doing their best to pretend the TV and movie side of things are completely unconnected up until Disney+. And Colleen isn't the title role of her show and the others are part of an ensemble cast and aren't defined by their martial arts abilities.
  2. Pretty sure there's memes on either this site or Cremposting on reddit about 'when you hear people discussing which white dude they think should play Dalinar'. I fall into that trap too sometimes (probably due to seeing Peter Jackson's LOTR at a young age), but I think I heard about the Asian/polynesian inspirations before I started Stormlight Archive and now my actors are set (although I still do imagine Vedens being closer to 'white').
  3. I'm nearly finished with LOK (S4E3) after rewatching ATLA. I get why people were upset about the whitewashing of the characters in the live action movie, but it kind of annoys me that the animated series did pretty much the exact same thing and people just gloss over it. I can count a total of two main characters in ATLA voiced by Asian actors, and even then when Mako (Iroh) died he was replaced by a white dude whose accent kind of makes me cringe. So far I feel like LOK suffers a little from not having a series-long arc like ATLA did, but I still really like it. I also like that the villains have their own understandable motivations beyond 'muahahaha EVIL'.
  4. Currently going through Peril on Gorgon DLC for the Outer Worlds.
  5. I can definitely see what you're getting at, but I agree that 'old' doesn't necessarily mean 'old relative to me', and that 'always' can be from Thaidakar's side. I mean, depending on context 'old mate' in Australia can be analogous to 'check out this loser'. It's kind of funny to think Kalak meant 'old mate Thaidakar always wanted my secret and now he won't leave me alone'. As for why Terris (Mistborn Spoilers)
  6. I've been rewatching ATLA in preparation for starting Korra, so spoilers for ATLA and maybe a couple of early spoilers for Korra (I'm up to ep 4) Elantris WOK WOR Oathbringer
  7. One of the projects I'm working on has a magic system based on metaphorical aspects of elements (water, fire, air, earth, wood and metal). Basically, I'm worried I might have made some of them too OP. Wood's associated aspect is Growth, and if you can imagine your desired effect in terms of Growth you can do whatever you want. I've imagined it being used for healing and resource regeneration among other things, but I'm worried it's too powerful. I've put the following limits into the magic system as a whole: Any effect requires great detail in the visualisation and intent of what you want to do (e.g. healing requires anatomical knowledge of what to grow, resource regeneration requires you to understand the structures of what you want to reproduce). The element you are using must be present (because wood is about growth, you need to be around living plants). The magic system at the beginning of the series does not allow any creation or control of the particular element in question. For example, Earth magic can't create or control earth or rock, but wood can grow it and air can move it. Later events remove this restriction, but that will also be the cause of some of the major conflict in the series. Very few people are able to naturally perform this magic, and while objects can be enchanted to allow non-magic users to use it, those objects can only pass on the specific effect that was enchanted (e.g. if something allows blue dye to be multiplied, it only works for the specific shade of blue that was visualised when it was created. Broader effects require much more complicated enchanting). Is this enough to not completely break the magic system? Alternatively, what other metaphorical aspects of wood can you suggest?
  8. Maybe it would be used to prevent Dalinar from being fully under the control of Odium if he ends up becoming a Fused. Perhaps he will be able to use the 'reincarnation and a single surge' powerset, but while he is not bound to Odium he still needs to kick someone out of their body. Dalinar as a spren zipping around everywhere might be fun. Alternatively it could be to 'fix' Nightblood's iffy understanding of how to destroy evil, but that seems a little too obvious.
  9. I can see him asking for some item that allows him to externally adjudicate good/evil, or perhaps just accepting without a bargain a sword which was designed to destroy evil under the impression that command was way less buggy than Nightblood ended up being.
  10. Can someone please explain why Silverlight is in Perth? I don't know how to search a single thread, and 274 pages is a bit much. I live there and I see no correlation except perhaps the isolation. I wouldn't say many of our universities were too well regarded in a national/international context except for certain courses, and it's arguable that many of them are going downhill before Covid hit and caused layoffs/course cuts. Also, why does Australia cop the disease based magic system?
  11. Maybe not all that extreme, but I feel like Skybreakers could use Division to turn rock into sand then Gravitation to make it 'fly', therefore creating sandstorms. Might not be too bad seeing they deal with highstorms every few days, but we know from the Everstorm they were very much relying on the storms coming regularly and from a specific direction.
  12. Thanks for that, it was doing my head in. Now I can go full Binging with Babish on this series. How do I search Arcanum? I've been having real trouble with trying to find a WOB on something without getting a bajillion results that don't relate to what I want. Also, is there a way I can confine searches to a specific forum on the Shard? I'll try to see if others have commented on a certain character and I get gazillions of hits from the roleplay forums or something.
  13. Well now I can't stop imagine unsheathed Nightblood as the 'Finish Him/Fatality' voice from Mortal Kombat.
  14. Possibly not vego/vegan friendly discussion We know most Rosharans call any bird a chicken, and they call knee-high ant-like things 'axehounds' despite having no dogs and therefore no hounds. Has it been established whether hogs (which presumably become what is referred to 'pork') and minks are what we would consider to be such? After looking up the Rosharan flora/fauna section of the Coppermind, it seems clear that hogs and minks are mammalian. I had some fun thinking of what invertebrates could be referred to as 'hog', but it did clear some things up. Partly this came about from imagining the food being served at feasts. I was wondering 'should I imagine a braised pork belly for this'? Could 'hog' refer to anything approaching human sized, or is it actually a pig? It'd be interesting if they just have cows and sheep wandering around but it's an alien enough world that we just don't notice. Similarly, are minks just the little weasel/ferret type animals we have? I find myself wondering if anything small (possibly predatory) like a house cat could be referred to as a mink. I find it funny to think that they do have small dogs but just don't call them that, although I'm sure Wit wouldn't have made those cracks about not recognising hounds if there were some running around. Maybe it would be like someone used to all canines being wolves being transported to our time and seeing a chihuahua or a pug for the first time.