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  1. Resurrecting the thread for another question: I ordered the ebooks through the pre-order store, which according to the FAQs means I don't need to fill out that survey (got a bit of a fright there when I checked my emails). Do I need to do anything else to receive the ebooks?
  2. I thought she kind of fell into the subset of 'tough female characters who spend a chunk of the sequel worrying about her relationship with her boyfriend', which irritated me. Same with the Percy Jackson sequel series.
  3. As I think i understand how the Multiverse works (it bent my brain a little to be honest) @Eluvianii I definitely see what you mean about WandaVision.
  4. What did people think of the movie? I'll be honest, I felt it was being hyped on the power of its multiversal cameos (so many spoilers coming) That said, it was definitely an emotional ride, which is what art is all about.
  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone. The competition has a word count of 1500-5000 words, and seeing this piece is just over 1600 words I've definitely got room to expand it. It sounds like the story-within-a-story is OK, but the framing device needs work. I guess I was going for a slice of life type story, but I see what people mean about needing more of an arc. It looks like I didn't have anything to worry about with the song I'm definitely thinking of including this character in other works, perhaps as kind of an interlude character like in Stormlight Archive. This would probably be his final appearance, seeing as
  6. Well, if I can do it retrospectively for stuff I played: Prey (2017) a worthy comrade of the Bioshock games, and arguably did a better job of achieving some of its goals. I find myself wishing I could live in Rapture, Columbia or Talos 1, before I remember the horrible things that happen during the games and underpin the whole community from the start. The Dishonored series is great, and I would say it definitely did a better job of achieving the goals of the Last of Us Part 2. I think I first played Horizon Zero Dawn during early 2021, when Playstation gave it out for free. It cemented itself as one of my favourite games, and I've easily put over 100 hours into it (to be fair, a lot of that is repeatedly dying against bosses while under-equipped or searching for collectables). I love the lore and the writing, but the facial animation really needed work. I'd heard the Guerilla was a European developer and I thought the lips were out of sync etc because they were being dubbed into English, but I'm pretty sure it started as an English-language game, and the faces were incredibly wooden anyway. Fortunately, they worked towards fixing the issue in the DLC and sequel. More of a general thing, but is anyone else frustrated by the camerawork in a lot of modern internet-based TV? I first noticed it in the Witcher Season 1, where someone's eyes can be in focus but their hairline is blurry as hell.
  7. I'm not sure how they'll tie everything up in the final episode, seeing it's supposedly around 45 minutes and I've heard there isn't going to be a second season. How likely do people think it is that they're telling the truth about not requiring intimate knowledge of the wider MCU?
  8. This is a short story that I did a while ago and was considering entering into a competition. The comp has no theme stated. One of the requirements is that it is ‘original’. Obviously I’m not going to plagiarise stuff, but it was inspired by a song. If anyone notices which one it is, please let me know in case it is in fact too close for the rules. Maybe if you notice it put it in spoiler tags so I can see if a lot of people pick up on it? Otherwise, I'm not really looking for any particular feedback, just wanting to see what people think.
  9. Is there an opening for this week (25/4)? I've got a pretty short piece with a deadline at the end of next month
  10. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Sorry I'm responding late, work is hectic right now even without getting called to cover shifts all the time. I'll take on the critiques, but I do feel like some questions might be answered later on in the piece. Would people prefer to see it in 5k word installments, or to see the entire piece at once? That might help with structural issues people brought up. To refer to some recurring comments, M is dead in the opening (my thought was kind of like ASOIAF where the POV character in the intro dies), but MD is a minor recurring character. As for MD's outfit, I'm not really much of a fashion type, but I imagined her as attempting to blend in with corporate environments ('corporate kidnapper chic', I call it later) and there is a scene where the quartermaster for her organisation is trying to put her in impractical clothes.
  11. General fandom:
  12. Thoughts that came to me as I read through some of the thread. Some of these thoughts don't have a huge amount of evidence for them, to be fair: - While reading the passage I was willing to take it at face value that the Stormfather was real, and was truthfully trying to replace the Heralds. I was confused by the way it manifested as basically a humanoid heat shimmer, but I thought it might be due to the attempts to become a Herald rather than a Radiant. After thinking on it (Mistborn) - The 'Stormfather' does seem quite shocked that Gavilar would abandon his post. Perhaps he genuinely thought that Gavilar was able and willing to hold out, and after realising he wouldn't simply gave up on trying to make Oathpact 2.0. - Wasn't it fairly explicit in ROW that Ishar had some kind of magical capability before the Honorblades? I don't see why him having his blade makes a difference to whether he can get up to mischief. - Lying does seem like a mark in favour of Stormfaker, but could the real Stormfather just be bending the oath of truthfullness to keep an oath to prevent a desolation? He could be tricking Gavilar because he believes that no-one would willingly take on the torture involved in the Oathpact, but someone as noble as Gavilar is pretending to be might be willing to rise to the occasion. Especially as is noted in OB (I think it's that one) that the Stormfather loses much of his understanding of how people work when unbonded. - Saying (not promising, it's worth pointing out) he'll never trust another Kholin might well be the spren equivalent of a hungover promise to never drink again. Especially if my theory about Bondsmiths needing to bully their spren into a bond in order to show they have the fortitude to be equal partners with Godspren is true. Dalinar is changing in the years since Gavilar's death, and also shows his will by pressuring the Stormfather into a bond. The 'Stormfather' does hint that a demand is very close to what he needs to hear. - Ishar's insanity doesn't seem like the crucial theorycrafting point people are making it out to be. Can we take the word of a man who murders mages to stop the invasion of the enemies those mages fight, a woman who destroys anything representing her own image, a 'Herald of kings' turned drooling drunk, a nervous wreck and a mantra-quoting, borderline catatonic man mountain on who is sane? - Could the sliver of Honor that is within the Stormfather and the Stormfather himself not be as intertwined as first though? Could the former be impersonating the latter? - The seon touching Thaidakar's hood really doesn't seem very important. I took it as sort of a Cosmere hologram. I mean, when Darth Maul appears in Sidious' messages, no-one freaks out because Maul is in the room with them. - Overall, I feel that the similarities and inconsistencies can be explained by either the real Stormfather or the Stormfaker. The Stormfather acts differently than he did with Dalinar because he failed spectacularly with Gavilar, and if we take him at face value, there may well be differences in behaviour depending on if he is recruiting for Radiants or Heralds. He also has characteristics like a rumbling voice, and the flash at the end where he resembles his normal form. The Stormfaker would have to be a moron to not at least try to be like the real Stormfather, and he does appear to lie which might be out of character for a spren so tied to oaths.
  13. OK. I've never had ebooks before, so I wasn't sure what formats I would be able to use on my phone or laptop or something.
  14. I managed to blank completely on the kickstarter, was there any more update on whether these projects would be available in bookshops like his other works? All I could find was a solid 'maybe'. Edit: I found the late pledge link, does anyone know what the file format for the ebooks is? I like the idea of the physical books, but my bookshelves are overflowing as it is, and AU$400 feels a little pricey when shipping is factored in for 4 books.
  15. Yeah, I keep having to rescue submissions from my junk folder.