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  1. I think multiple people in the Creators Corner are working on some kind of video game. I'd like to see a Dishonored style Mistborn, with Copper letting you track Allomancers through walls. The general vibe of Dunwall and the Outsider powers do have some parallels to Mistborn.
  2. Apologies if this one has been done, I made a typo while writing Oathbringer and thought of something along these lines.
  3. Who says Harmony/Thaidakar didn't know? Gavilar's Terriswoman bailed because she was found out by another party, but I don't recall any specifics on who that other party was. I don't feel like there's any reason why she couldn't have just been good enough to slip off Scadrial and wasn't detected until later, and the other Terrisman was killed by Mraize, so it's not as if he had spent his entire time under the radar. We have the very famously non-pacifist non-hippies in Wax and Wayne, not to mention the psychos that Wax has dealt with Even if they were a monoculture, there would still be outliers. The multiple rings could be for a multi-faceted attribute like senses, or just to have backups. Besides, if I was a Ferring I might well wear decoy rings made of metals I couldn't use. 'Haha, I stole your goldmind!' *gets face bashed in by a Pewter Ferring*. This could also tie in with the Connection issue. Continuing with connection, First Era Stormlight is 15-ish years before Wax and Wayne, so there's plenty of time for them to have figured out Duralumin feruchemy (edit: may be misremembering bits with regards to the more spiritual feruchemy and how widespread it is, but I'm pretty sure the southerners were good enough to have unkeyed duraluminminds). As for fleeing off-world, I don't see why that means she can't be Scadrian born (or a generation or two removed). Besides, we know Gavilar was trying to bring about a Desolation for his own sinister/religious nutjob reasons. Why wouldn't he have procured the voidspren? Edit: @Bejardin1250 covered some things too.
  4. I think the point was about the magnitude of the threat. At the end of the day, a single kandra or twinborn is no match for a single Shard, let alone a combination of two. But Sazed can't do much against them because they are so insignificant compared to him. But if an outside threat invades, backed up by a Shard or two, then that is an even enough battle for the Shards to work together. He needs a 'sword' to work against mortal beings but when something in his weight class comes in he can cut loose. Although in terms of scale it would be more like two Pied Pipers setting their rats on each other while they duke it out themselves.
  5. Skybreaker: 'I will not join Odium.' Nale's Skybreakers: 'It's treason then.' I still think that Gravitation and Division will lead to weaponised sandstorms. Divide the rock into sand then use Gravitation to direct it.
  6. Why wouldn't the Feruchemists be from Scadrial? I understand the point about which Shard would take in refugees, but why do we need to assume that the Terris went bouncing around planets and not just assume that they came to Roshar from the planet they already lived on?
  7. I still feel like an aluminium bullet (not mispelled, I'm Australian) would provide a similar enough effect that it would be a waste of a metalmind. I could imagine steel/pewter/gold would help with escaping, tin could remove the need for a scope or alert them to threats, bronze/bendalloy/cadmium/zinc/electrum could help with stakeouts in certain circumstances and chromium would probably be invaluable for someone who makes a living on taking out a high-value target and getting away with it. Now I think of it, if they could figure out how to create an unkeyed metalmind that taps its attribute from whoever it touches, that would be a boon to an assassin. Stab or shoot someone with one of those goldminds, and they're never healing from that. I think this was more to emulate Wolverine in the Cosmere than anything properly canonical.
  8. I just had a flash of Szeth and the Freebird solo, inspired by the church scene from Kingsman. I suppose it could work for Vin and Kelsier's rampages too. One by Metallica reminds me of Kaladin's internal state, if not his physical one (although let's be honest he'd have ended up like the guy in the song without Stormlight healing). I like the interpretation of Nine Inch Nails' version being about a young man in the process of ruining his life and the Johnny Cash version being about an old man looking back on his life. Perhaps Moash at the start of Oathbringer for the former and Vasher, Taravangian or Dalinar for the latter? Kaladin fits well for the general vibe of the NIN version, but he lacks the 'I did it to myself' for me.
  9. 71) Not allowed to wear a moustache and glasses and insist I am actually 'Tiw'. 71b) This also applies to Dioh, Zapot, Suidim etc. 72) Awakening doesn't help sleep deprivation. Therefore, creating sentient caffeine will not end well.
  10. Good memes, but I feel the first and third could have done with the scene where Gollum is tied up (finding a screencap is a new quest altogether).
  11. Apologies if any of these have been done before General Sanderson/fantasy books Final Empire WOR OB General Stormlight
  12. With weapons there would be the obvious issue of losing access to your feruchemy if you're disarmed. Armour might work better, but if my history knowledge is correct people rarely wore armour straight against the skin. I'm pretty sure feruchemy requires physical contact, so it may not work too well in that case either. As for shooting a 'bulletmind', it seems like a poor tradeoff for just being harder for a Coinshot or Lurcher to manipulate. If you could alleviate those problems it might be cool. Now I'm imagining a 'onesiemind' and feruchemical Wolverine claws. That last one could actually approximate Wolverine if it weren't for gold being kind of soft.
  13. I was a little confused about the epilogue too. Having read this thread, I like the idea that Hoid was distracting Odium. I feel like it might be to help Design become 'Enlightened'. I seem to recall someone's theory that Renarin's futuresight is how the Enlightened Surge of Illumination is expressed, so he might be trying to see part of the future so he knows what he has to do in a location once his Fortune plonks him there. This might conflict with the theory that he became a Lightweaver to fill holes in his own Yolish Lightweaving. Alternatively, he could either have been satisfied with his original lightweaving all along and been planning Enlightenment all along, or could have just decided it wasn't as good as he thought and wanted to swap it out for futuresight. It may even be possible that Enlightened Lightweavers can use both forms of Lightweaving. After all, there may be something to the fact that Lightweavers are the only Radiants who share a name with a one of their magical practices (unless that's just Shallan being all 'I'm a Lightweaver therefore what I'm doing is Lightweaving). Edit: When I first read the epilogue, I thought Hoid had been trapped in a Groundhog Day time loop by Odium.
  14. And Nazis are just unheard of anywhere else, are they? Regardless, to me Nazis are obviously tied to racism, but also to extending that racism to genocide of 'undesirables' and general fascism. They were also anti-lgbt and sexist. I can understand the parallel between the Fused wanting to wipe out humans, but many ordinary Singers just want to live free and with their minds intact. I must have missed the human death camps that they set up. To bring it back to the original topic, I agree that Todd won't get killed off so soon. I could have been fine with a Moash redemption arc post-OB, but killing a friend to drive another to suicide crosses so many lines.
  15. There's the obligatory John Green recommendations (I liked Fault in Our Stars and Looking for Alaska). I liked 48 Shades of Brown by Nick Earls (I saw the movie version 48 Shades first). It's Australian though and I'm not sure how widely it's been published internationally, so you may have issues finding it depending where you live. BTW, it was released well before 50 Shades of Grey and is absolutely no relation. As for your other question I haven't read or seen the film for Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda, so I can't really say. The trailer looked decent, though.