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  1. This isn't as much of a theory as it is a notable connection, but here it goes: I always wondered why the Mists in Scadrial never went into people's homes at night, seemingly disappearing at a house's thresholds. But then, I noticed something interesting: At the end of Oathbringer, when the Everstorm passes over Urithiru, Odium speaks to Taravangian, telling him to "open the window" several times before being able to speak with him "in person" as he does with Venli. Why would a Shard, even one trapped in Braize, need someone as insignificant as Taravangian to open a window? That seems almost fey-like from what is basically a god, and it got me thinking: could this be linked to the Mists back in Scadrial? What do y'all think?
  2. After the Everstorm restores the Singers' Identity and Connection, they appear in different forms, although (aside from the Regals) they don't seem to have bonded voidspren, since they lack the red eyes. Have they taken the old forms? Why would Odium allow such freedom?
  3. We've talked about the best and worst moments of this here Cosmere, but where are the little gems? The polestones in the rough? For instance, in Oathbringer there's Guff, "The Guy Who Can't Cuss": Or, in Mistborn, there's all of Tindwyl's lessons on rulership; they form a beautiful thesis on leadership and kings that is seldom discussed here! So, what other little things has Brandon written that people should discuss more?
  4. Hm, you're right. How can I move boards?
  5. We've talked about our most and least favorite moments/characters/concepts in this series, but what about the polestones in the rough? Those moments that just make you smile even if they aren't crucial to the story? For me, there are two that stand out as not being appreciated enough: -First, in Oathbringer, we have Guff, The Guy Who Can't Cuss: It goes to show Brandon's mastery of worldbuilding that this sentence is as incogruous as a depressed windspren. -Second, this beautiful little detail when Kal swears the Third Ideal: That small chance in Syl's font did more to change how I pictured that scene than any amount of elegant prose. So, what do y'all think? What little moments should people talk about more?
  6. This makes a lot of sense, but there is one bit that may be more relevant than alluded to in the OP: color. And I'm not just talking about Red=Corruption; Sanderson has stated that color is fundamental to the Cosmere, so I'd be willing to bet it's gonna play a bigger role than it seems for now.
  7. So, at the end of HoA, Vin Ascends to face Ruin and kills Ati (Ruin's Vessel), dying in the process. Now, when Vin "threw her power" against Ruin they "collided and repelled each other", which resulted in the death of both Vessels. Notably, we know that neither Preservation nor Ruin were Splintered during this process, as Sazed Ascended shortly thereafter. That being said, what (cosmerologically speaking) happened when Vin "threw herself" against Ati? How can you kill a Vessel without Splintering them? Are all Shards opposed in such a way that mere "physical contact" damages their Vessels?