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  1. fortune? or some rudimentary form of it? It would stand to reason that since that's how Renarin sees into the future, that it's how Truthwatchers see normally
  2. At first this feels like a coincidence, warlike cultures naturally tend to associate the highest portion of the afterlife with warriors. But thinking about it more, "tranquiline halls" sounds a lot like something that comes from Norse or Norse mythology.
  3. Found something relevant to the subject searching for something on Hoid's immortality (he heals through a spiritual process, making him heal differently to other individuals, right?) <spoilered for length, and only the very end is relevant> So I would think that your Spiritual Ideal would change based on your age (to grow older) so that this loophole didn't exist. Amen. We'll just have to Read and Find Out.
  4. After reading this thread I got the idea that the rhythms are a side-effect of investiture, with different intents of investiture forming on a scale (like electromagnetic radiation) and some sort of radiation is given off by each type. Singers can "tune into" the 'frequencies' of latent investiture (somewhat like the microwave background of the universe), while a Bronze Seeker would "tunes into" the frequencies given off by the usage of investiture by other Allomancers (or people using other forms of magic in the Cosmere). When the Listeners became connected to Odium they got a new host of songs because they used Odium's investiture more instead of Honor's, which is a whole new part of the spectrum (going back to my comparison to the Electromagnetic Spectrum; it's like going from visible light to being able to see ultraviolet as well). This could also answer why the shards could be split into more/less than 16 pieces, since those pieces were cut on arbitrary lines on the scale, so it would be easy to move the lines around to create more or less shards. Also, some WoBs I found relevant (spoilered for length):
  5. To me it makes the most sense that the Humans from Ashyn either a. spoke dawnchant or some variant or b. started speeking dawnchant when they emmigrated to Roshar since that is what the majority (singer) population spoke. Then after a number of desolations (after which society basically collapsed), and thousands of years all but the most isolated parts of Roshar held on to those same dawnate roots. As society collapsed again and again (and communication between areas practically disappeared for generations at a time), these places developed differing languages to each other. English for example has changed immensely in 1000 years, and that's without 90% of everyone dying out every few centuries. As for Vorin, it would make sense for the Hierocracy (and later the Sunmaker… Or any other Empire that came out of the region) to enforce a single language throughout their empires to help centralize their empires and make them more culturally hegemonous.
  6. I seem to recall First of the Sun having the most exquisite arrangement of Jungle-islands (where a lot of spices have historically been grown on earth), and the trade company that was setting up on Patji couldn't have afforded an ironclad purely off the Aviar trade. Also Nalthis probably has something good because of Endowment and her perpendicularity
  7. The longer you spend on 'danger zones' (such as threnody or Patji) the more SURVIVAL™ points you earn, and the farther you can progress through the Kelsier Bond
  8. damnation, I guess my theory is switched to Odium's investiture in the Fused rather than Odium itself. Though the other thing I somehow completely forgot to mention (and is half the reason I posted this), is that when 9 of the heralds stopped honoring the Oathpact, it would make sense that the required cognitive power would suck in some of Tarnavast's mind to fill the empty space (since his investiture in the pact would create a connection to him), and this could reason that he started to go insane (sort of like Leras).
  9. <Mistborn Spoilers> This (trapping a shard for a period of time) however, isn't a unique occurrence in the Cosmere. Honor used the Oathpact to limit Odium's influence on Roshar. What I'm proposing is that what Tarnavast did to Rayse is the same thing that Leras did to Ati, using cognitive force concentrated in a physical form to hold the power of a shard, however instead of using his own cognitive aspect, he used 10 Heralds instead. Every 1024 years the well of ascension would fill with investiture, what I'm saying is the sort of outlet to Ati's power, stopping the whole system from breaking by using the excess. Tarnavast however, didn't create such a system, and instead used humans (shored up with a little of his own power) to prevent Rayse from escaping his prison. Since humans work different to Shards however, the Heralds had to physically be at the site of the prison, and so could be broken by Odium (creating the Desolations).
  10. grief builds character!
  11. you are most likely right, I would however like to keep the option on the table The ease at which Odium extrapolates is outstanding, even if he is a god. I would say that the fact he sees everything so easily shows that the diagram, as well as its interpretation were created using the same source. And there are some other things in their conversation that seem sort of weird. For the first quote, if Odium was just interpreting the diagram, there wouldn't be a 'blind spot' in the interpretation. So Odium was most likely using Fortune to interpret them. (though this isn't exactly relevant) However, there is, a very small chance that Taravangrian could know how his conversation with Odium would go. There just isn't enough known about "the enemy" to tell what his reactions would be, or what he would do or how people could react to him... unless he had fortune. Though I guess that wouldn't be possible without Cultivations express intention, so... Mr. T would probably have to be a plant for this to be true. I believe he created an entire language to clearly explain his thoughts, one that was translated, and I also believe he had created a number of keys or codes or ciphers to accomplish the same goal. Also, what is the point of creating directions, if not for people to follow them? (and for that they need to be able to understand them) One way or another, Taravangrian's scholars translated most of the Diagram to be understandable, and Odium easy figured out what it meant using Fortune. It seems like a stretch that Cultivation thought that she could keep the Diagram out of Odium's hands, especially since the Diagram itself predicts that.
  12. While we don't know specifically that Mr. T wasn't using fortune... he most likely wasn't and was just extrapolating upon his current knowledge. Odium could see far more than Mr. T, but since we don't know the limits of the spiritual realm (and by extension, fortune), Mr. T could have seen things that Odium didn't, perhaps large-scale patterns in the peoples of Roshar, things that wouldn't appear in the spiritual realm but would be obvious to someone closely observing the Physical. It would make sense that Renairin would be a blind spot, look at what 2 Atium burners experience yeah that's one of the things I was thinking when I proposed this, for all we know it was cultivation's idea for Taravangrian to create false diagram, and she's been manipulating him to have these ideas. The ideas aren't mutually by any means
  13. quote from the coppermind: first and foremost it would be pretty easy to make it weightless (just adding 2 opposing lashes), but that won't be needed. second, the entire fortification (which isn't just a wall or a platform, most likely a combination of both so people can stand on it) would be falling for a few seconds to accelerate it in its entire length. This isn't something pulling from the middle, the force is coming from the entire length of the fort. We would use abrasion to make the bottom of the fort completely slick, no friction whatsoever. So once the fort is up to speed, extra weight won't slow it down since it will have no friction to the ground. So that means that extra people on one side or another will only matter during accelerations, when they are not falling forward. It would be so easy to use basic lashings to rotate it back, so long as its not spinning like 45 degrees in either direction, which, again, won't happen because as you pointed out, the fort is so much more massive than the people on top of it, so they proportionally weigh almost nothing compared to the structure (which is the thing accelerating here, since gravitation accelerates entire bodies evenly)
  14. My idea was that the Diagram 2.0 would come and the Diagram (the organization) would quickly change plans and begin something that Odium wouldn't expect, and it would be executed before Odium would be made aware, Odium only knew about the Diagram's (the organization) plans was because he was able to secure a copy, which in and of itself most likely took time, the Diagram (the organization) had been operating for years before the events of SA, and Odium only confronts Taravangrian in the end of Oathbringer, revealing that he probably didn't know about the deal (the one where Taravangrian would become king of the world to trick Odium) until then, and thus had only just secured the Diagram. What I'm trying to say is that this all hinges on a quick change in the Diagram's (the organization) actions throughout Roshar to tip the tide of the war before Odium knew what was happening, or before he could react accordingly. Also, quick note: if the Diagram lists a possible contingency for if Odium discovers it, then won't Odium know the contingency? If Odium discovers the Diagram then anything it contains is compromised and thus can be countered by Odium.
  15. The Idea is that we're always on the ground, but using Abrasion to slide while periodic lashings pull us along. So long as the lashing doesn't affect the people on the 'mobile fortification', they will have enough weight to push it into the ground