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  1. I thought the same thing. Or that he just wanted the attention of the title rather than commit to the role.
  2. Future Sight is inconsistent. Odium's admitted that he can't always see what will happen. That's stuff we'll have to find out, there's so much we don't know. The Stormfather theorised that they didn't know what they were getting into, so perhaps Honor might have left out the part of eternal torment at the hands of the ones they were imprisoning.
  3. Not necessarily, plate can be completely destroyed for good. It's possible they could have been recovered and then subsequentially annihilated. Not sure about shardblades though, they might be fine.
  4. Short answer, I doubt it. We know that two orders can have access to the same surge but use it differently. For example, Shallan and Renarin's use of Illumination is totally different(Physical vs Spiritual) however we're not sure if this is due to the corruption of Glys.
  5. Thanks for the sources Good spot.
  6. 56.2% bondsmith!
  7. Maybe each ideal just doubles as an oath and a form of personal growth. So no real need to have ten when you 'honor' honor and cultivation in each ideal.
  8. theory

    I do like the sound of this but last I checked spren are only native to Roshar, not Ashyn.
  9. I don't think it would be too far-fetched a direction for him to take. Plus paired with the knowledge of his mother's death at his father's actions and the brutal engagements with the Fused, I could see him turning into a slight anti hero.
  10. A strong part of me doesn't think this theory is accurate cos of stuff surrounding Jasnah. But I committed to it and I understand why a lot people think this detracts from the achievement but I don't see it that way. My theory does include Radiants still being able to summon and dispel armor at will as well as Honor and Cultivation's respective godmetals. I mean, if they didn't have so much attention from Shadesmar, they wouldn't be worthy right?
  11. It can arguably make the quality of the character better, but that isn't a rule. A lot of people say that the best villians are the ones that think their heroes, Hence why Thanos is one of everyone's favourite MCU charater.
  12. Just a small little tweak to what you put in your opening statement. I think that you're spot on with correspondence of males and females being with Honor and Cultivation respectively with the exception to Dustbringers and Willshapers. Cultivation's orders tend to focus more on growth of some kind, which is commonly manifested in scholarly pursuits, hence Willshapers and their innovation. Honor's orders tend to focus on oathkeeping, which is manifested in some directly physical and/or authority pursuit, hence Dustbringers and their guardianship.
  13. Fair enough Ah I'm aware of that possibility but I personally believe that that was a new ability from her Transportation Surge. As the surge is of Motion and Realmatic Transition as well as the fact that I can't think of a genuine reason with the information we have that she would dismiss plate in a battle against Voidbringers. I think she's just really close like Kaladin, Dalinar and Shallan are. We can agree to disagree with this one I think.
  14. I think your referring to Stormfather's observation of Dalinar resisting Odium rather than creating a perpendicularity. Whether the ability was a fluke or something readily available is still up in the air. Well we know plate is Radiant specific and my theory banks on needing the specific radiant to attract their spren and the bond is necessary and not their abilities. So that's also kinda why I don't think transferable plate could be passed down even if they wanted to nor what would the point be, unless the material they make it from is scarce. That was a big eff up on my part, I think I might have to do an amendment and propose a side theory that doesn't include a Bondsmith as I'm a bit more knowledgeable about the lore. If you've watched FMA, it's the part of transmutation that shapes matter. It's a pretty cool ability: That's a pretty accurate estimation and I'm possibly overthinking a few things but I feel like there's enough to make this theory work. Plus they're my current favourite order. Thank You. Your right, I got that confused. The quote was very ambiguous and you're possibly correct but could you perhaps elaborate on a scenario where there could be a Surgebinder in plate? The best I can think of are Skybreakers and while you said Willshapers didn't do anything in those books, that doesn't dismiss that they did at all. Not everything that happens in Stormlight is gonna be written. If not some random Willshaper then I think they just get Kalak to make their suits. As for Shallan, I don't really even wanna touch that tbh. I'm guessing that Lightweavers are one of the exceptions to the "Fourth Ideal = Plate" and when you consider that Shallan is even more inconsistent a character, there's no clear basis for me to form an proper opinion because if it was as clear cut as that, Brandon, wouldn't have done a RAFO.